Monday, February 27, 2012

West Northfield SD 31 Annual Tax Hike Ploy: Teachers' Salaries Listed

Listed below are the names and 2011 salaries of the teachers and administrators of West Northfield School District 31.

You will note that despite the educational establishment's pleas of poverty, they were strangely able to give all their teachers nice hefty little pay hikes over the previous year (we posted last years' salaries here during the last tax hike contratemps - this years' are posted below, whereby you can note the increases.)
Although qualitatively teachers are undereducated -
schools of education attract the lowest SAT students

This is the little North suburban, Chicago area elementary school district whose education establishment seems to annually try to squeeze more cash out of its cash-strapped residents with tax hike referenda.

They keep getting swatted down by recession-beleaguered taxpayers who've had quite enough. By a 2 to 1 margin the people did that just this past year.

But here they go again!

On the March 20th primary ballot the education consortium is again asking their taxpayers to agree to fork over yet another $446 or so per homeowner a year in property taxes.

And this time the teachers are money laundering a portion of their fat salaries into a political action committee aimed at forcing thru the vote, so as to, in turn, safeguard those very salaries and gold plated pensions (lifetime pensions of 85% of their salaries for their top 3 earning years.)

As usual, the teachers are spinning gloom and doom scenarios if their tax grab fails again -- crumbling buildings, extracurricular activity cuts, bigger class sizes -- the usual.

Never, of course is there ever a murmur of the possibility of these unionized employees of the taxpayers taking actual cuts in their fat salaries -- as was commonplace for teachers during the earlier economic depression of the 1930s and is common today in unionized private sector firms facing economic hardships.

Obama calls it "shared sacrifice". The teachers' own union was abuzz with excitement over Obama's election, but want none of this "shared sacrifice" talk.

Last year we printed their 2010 salaries. Printed below, here, are the 2011 salaries for their 9 month gigs as elementary school teachers. No fat at all here, right?

As before these are provided courtesy of the Family Taxpayer's Foundation Teachers' salary database. You can get more in depth data on the length of service, education specialty etc. at the FTF site.

West Northfield SD 31 2011 - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ament, Arlene $103,261
Aydt, Alicia $61,544
Barbanente, Laura $55,779
Bass, Amanda $56,908
Baumann, Jackie $59,167
Bergman, Janette $90,068

Blair, Jessica $60,296

Bloss, Catherine $92,861
Boudreau, Mona $60,178
Braje, Barbara $94,461
Brisson, Nicole $59,583
Carvell, Case $44,427
Chiganos, Deanne $48,825
Chinitz, Lisa $70,400
Clark, Kathleen $56,908
Conway, Kay $94,068
Couvreur, Kelley $50,132
Damon, Jonathan $58,156
Delehanty, Paula $55,660
Diamond, Stacy $55,779
Dimopoulos, Demetria $31,063
Doyle, Sean $56,908
Dusilo, Christina $68,974
Frega, Martin $83,352
Gebert, Allison $71,241
Gooch, Trisha $54,650
Greenfield, Lisa $64,397
Greenspan, Rachel $44,427
Heller, Stephanie $45,437
Hill, Karen $94,068
Hulting, Mary Beth $74,620
Jenkins, Quincy $60,712
Jeon, Deborah $52,392
Kalant, Maria $135,507
Kalotihos, Kathy $59,523
Kim, Nancy $53,520
Klein, Lisa $55,779
Kolbuk, Christine $72,064
Kondela, David $68,974
Krieman, Kristina $67,323
Lang, Meredith $77,770
Lauter, Trina $64,397
LeBlanc, James $47,695
Leehy, Thomas $91,668
Levin, Rita $59,423
Levy, Kelli $67,494
Magnuson, Elizabeth $48,825
Maher, Elizabeth $91,261
Manos, Kathleen $59,167
Masiarz, Marilyn $96,061
Mazzetti, Julia $27,125
McNeela, Kathleen $73,735
Miller, Michael $82,312
Miner, Nikki $56,790
Moon, Suejin $58,038
Newman, Sandi $70,460
Nicholson, Alexandra $207,000
O'Connor, Julie $54,471
O'Reilly, Jill $51,262
Panopoulos, Joanne $110,832
Parrillo, Victoria $44,427
Perley, Barbara $88,175
Plotsky, Courtney $58,038
Pokora, Carlissa $53,520
Razes, Daniel $116,025
Reyes, Karen $60,296
Ricordati, Jane $82,312
Rohrer, Beth $100,061
Rudnik, Carol $74,976
Sackley, Michael $49,004
Sammarco, Gina $56,314
Seegers, Deborah $89,752
Shames, Lori $60,296
Shine, Gary $106,055
Shoemaker, Carolyn $55,779
Sprandel, Theresa $52,392
Stein, Sharon $65,847
Stodola, Heather $52,213
Suh, Joenn $61,009
Tamillo, Nancy $93,661
Terdich, Catherine $103,261
Tess, Kelly $55,779
Walk, Shay $48,825
Wasielewski, Michael $73,735
Watford, Jennifer $56,908
Weisberg, Sarah $59,048
Wolney, Pamela $67,323
Zeller, Marilyn $51,047

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