Thursday, February 2, 2012

City Colleges of Chicago Adopt Cook County Jail Smoking Policy

No more smokes for this scholar

The Cook County jail banned smoking and the possession of tobacco by inmates back on August 1 2005 and the City Colleges of Chicago on this past January 12th belatedly followed their health conscious lead.

To squeals of glee from the comfortably salaried health police at Chicago's various megabucks cancer societies, lung associations as well as assorted other pecksniffs, do-gooders, buttinskies and nannies, something called the Chicago City Colleges District-wide Student Government Association voted in the ban.

One can only imagine who these SGA ass kissers and hall monitors were, but they can't be the brightest bulbs around -- after all -- they attend the Chicago City Colleges. And they certainly haven't the faintest conception of individual freedom or students rights.

So now it is a crime, in the eyes of the educational bureaucrats at Chicago City Colleges to so much as have a pack of Marlboros or a can of Skoal on one's person while on their premises -- just like at the Cook County jail, a venue whose hospitality has, no doubt, been enjoyed by more than a few of the City Collegians.

And, as of May 1st, some area public housing authorities will force their indigent residents to forgo tobacco use as well.

So, as of the March 1st effective date of the tobacco prohibition, a goodly number of the 120,000 scholars at Harold Washington, Olive Harvey, Kennedy-King, Richard J. Daley, Wilbur Wright and Malcolm X Colleges should feel right at home.

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