Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chicago's Wackizany Republicans

More out of ancient habit than anything else, once in a blue moon I go to the Chicago and Cook County Republican websites to see what those clowns are up to now -- and they never disappoint.

Just to give you an idea as to how execrably useless and absurd Chicago's Republican activists are, I am reprinting below an exchange that occured in The Chicago Republican, the official site of the Chicago Republican Party, Eloise Gerson, Chairman.

The bizarre exchange of comments begins with a criticism of the blog piece's author and then devolves into absolute weirdness.

What is truly odd is that this exchange took place over a period of 10 months, when apparently these Republican dynamos had nothing better to command their energies.

Read it and weep:

written by gary karlin, April 15, 2011

Lila Pifer shouldn't even be interviewing anybody in the
gop after what she did to here former partner at njp
frank bennett rowder
written by Gary knows who I am, August 16, 2011

Great interview, Lila!

I had the misfortune of dating the above poster. Gary needs to get some help so he can have an accurate perception of reality. Seriously, he just kinda forgot he had a warrant for his arrest for contempt of court! I tried to help him after he allegedly got evicted from his apt - fed, clothed, bought him medicine - but it was all based on a lie. He even tried to con me into marrying him! He KNEW he had a warrant after convincing me that all was A-OK with the courts and was finally arrested for it on 8/8/11. How humiliating! No wonder he never even tried to get a job! An employer would have reported his whereabouts to the child support agency! He even lied about his birthday (most likely because he knows I do background checks on anyone I date). That's what I get for trying to help a so-called "friend." He can go play the "I'm a poor little victim" game someplace else!

written by Gary Karlin, December 17, 2011

Jennifer Brower will be sued for defamation of charactor. She married a NAZI, so she is one to talk, see here -
written by Anonomous, December 20, 2011

Wow. Jennifer Brower of Naperville, I think it best that you should have stayed on Xanax and Lithium for your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Going off your medication and creating wild stories like this and being involved with your ex-husband the Nazi (see here, you should be seeking therapy!

written by Jennifer Brower, January 25, 2012

LOL the “Conservative” Welfare King Baby Daddy owes his CHILD over $100K and dares to question my honor? Gary, who fed and clothed you, bought you medicine, and made sure that you weren't homeless in the winter while YOU were supposed to be looking for work? I did more for you than you ever did for your awesome daughter! She is a great person & deserves better!

It's amusing that the deadbeat dad dares to bring up MY divorce? You sound bitter like Marianne Gingrich does now that Newt doesn't support her anymore! Yeah, my ex-husband of a year turned out to be a loathsome National Socialist abusive mamzer piglet. So, I got a restraining order & divorced the bum. I also talked to the proper authorities and helped to ensure that no National Socialist group would thrive in the Chicago area. I turned a bad situation into a good one AND my daughter respects me for it. YOU, however, are the same deadbeat jailbird who refuses to live up to your responsibilities. How dare you call yourself Conservative when you refuse to work and rely on the government to support you! Gary, be a man, get a job and take care of your kid. You disgust me.
written by Gary Karlin, February 08, 2012

Jennifer Brower of Naperville, you misrepresented yourself as a Christian. You have not belonged to a CHRISTIAN CHURCH for several years. You belong to the Free Masons, an occult that worships all the worlds religions including Satanism. Not once did you ever sing or worship the Lord in church - a southern baptist church. You defend your LIBERAL sister and YOUR LIBERAL mother.

written by Gary Karlin, February 08, 2012

Jennifer Brower belongs to the Free Mason occult, the one that worships all world religion including Satanism and is pushing for the one world order. Not once did you ever worship Jesus in church. You are also a confirmed NAZI sympathizer and very sick in the head with your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It isn't right that you spread lies about a guy who dated you a few times and you are jaded that I rejected you!

This exchange is apparently ongoing and can be viewed in all its inanity at the Chicago Republican site.

Is it any wonder that this is an indisputably one-party Democrat town?


  1. Jennifer Brower of NapervilleFebruary 24, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    Yes, it is quite insane. Mr Karlin – who is a public figure - has been ostracized by all but a handful of untrustworthy individuals within the Republican party. It is a shame that he has chosen to be a deadbeat dad, quotes Bible verses one minute and uses foul language the next, has been arrested twice, and lives off the system. He is very angry because I am responsible for his arrest on 8/8/11; I no longer help him cover his day to day living needs; and, I told people just how manipulative and nasty he is.

    I don't need to comment further on Mr Karlin's mental issues as he proves my point in his ramblings. Most importantly, Mr Karlin needs to accept the responsibilities that come with being a grown man and a father. Until that happens, he deserves to be exposed for what he is and the Conservative community needs to be aware of him.

    1. Oh no -- don't tell me we're going to carry on the aforementioned exchange here.

      Oh well -- why not?

      Rebuttal Mr. Karlin?

  2. Jennifer Brower of NapervilleMarch 2, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    Chicago Lampoon - Hey, you're the one who copied this to your blog lol!

    The issue isn't that Mr Karlin is a foul mouthed narcissist who hates that I exposed him for what he is. The reason people should care about this situation is that he is a public figure pretending to be a Bible-beating Conservative. However, the reality is that he lives off the taxpayer, manipulates other Conservative women (I'm not the only one), refuses to work, and won't pay his child support.

    Our state cannot pay its bills. Why is it that deadbeat parents like Mr Karlin can receive public assistance when they owe back child support? Why should we support deadbeat parents like Mr Karlin when they refuse to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions? Mr Karlin and people like him should be forced to work and provide for their children.

  3. Some person, who I can only assume to be Mr. Karlin or one of his confederates wrote an anonymous comment to this post casting rather nasty and quite explicit aspersions on Ms. Brower.

    I cannot publish the comment as it is quite personal and totally anonymous. Mr. Karlin and/or his compadres are more than welcome to air their sentiments here, but not anonymously, please.

    Gutter sniping is a prerogative reserved exclusively for this blog's author.


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