Sunday, February 19, 2012

Suburbs Need More Blacks to Avoid Boredom: "Interfaith" Housing Outfit

Alinsky disciple, Schechter says more
blacks will combat suburban boredom

I've heard a lot of reasons put forth in defense of open housing and fair housing efforts, but Wilmette lefty "community organizer", Gail Schechter has come up with a true original.

She says that Chicago's Northern suburbs need more blacks because they will make the places "less boring."

In an op-ed from AOL's soon-to-be-defunct Evanston Patch, Schechter quotes an obscure ruling from an obscure New Jersey judge who said suburbs needed more minorities to avoid becoming "culturally dead, aside from being downright boring."

I really never thought of it that way, but maybe Miss Schechter and the Garden State magistrate have a point.

Schechter, the well-remunerated chief honcho of the Saul Alinsky-styled, "Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs," recently mounted an abortive campaign to get Winnetka to put in low-income housing. She argued that Winnetka has far too few blacks and cheaper housing in that upscale suburb would effect more blackness there.

But by an almost 3 to 1 margin, the residents there said: "nuts to that."

But just think how much more interesting Winnetka would be if it had the hefty black population quota that Schechter wants.
A Winnetka Globetrotters-styled team
would provide fun for the whole family

If boring Winnetka had the 11% black population that Miss Schechter deems necessary, the leafy suburb could start its own novelty basketball team along the lines of the Harlem Globetrotters.

They could call it the Winnetka Wizards and they could put on exhibition games where the agile black b-ballers would spin balls on their index fingers, do really wild and weird dribbling, slam dunk on every inside approach and generally run rings around the hapless, pasty-faced, all-white Lake Forest Generals.

That would certainly liven up an otherwise dreary Winnetka afternoon.

Or maybe, Miss Schecter envisions combating Winnetka ennui with something along the lines of the Jesse White Tumblers. They could call them the Bob Dold Balancers.

From Miss Schechter's newly enlarged black populations, the best black little kids could be enlisted to do handstands, tumble, run, jump and otherwise provide merriment to assembled throngs of heretofore bored Winnetkans.
A group like the Jesse White Tumblers would
provide merriment for bored Winnetkans

For the artier set, of which there is no shortage in Winnetka, newly North suburban-settled Afro artistes could be enlisted to put on performances of Porgy and Bess, The Wiz and readings of Maya Angelou's head-scratching cryptic verse.

The possibilities are endless.

Yes, perhaps Schechter and her ACORN-styled activists are right in advocating more blacks as a badly needed tonic for the boredom that plagues quiet, leafy, crime-free Winnetka.

In fact, in Schechter's ideal, race-quota driven world, Winnetkans and other suburbanites could find themselves with nary a dull moment --- ever.

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