Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now Its Payback Time For IL GOP Dream Act Sellout Senators

Flanked by members of the ICIRR illegal alien lobby
Gov. Quinn celebrates passage of "Dream Act"

On May 4th, the Illinois State Senate passed a bill to grant in-state tuition to the offspring of illegal aliens illicitly residing in Illinois.

Eleven Republican State Senators voted for the bill along with the Democrat majority.

With a mariachi band playing giddily at the state capitol, that august body voted 45-11 to pass the cutely monikered, "Dream Act," which also facilitated the setup of a scholarship fund for the illegals, which, for now, will be privately endowed.

The illegal alien lobby, ICIRR was ecstatic and with good reason. For two decades they have been pushing illegal alien amnesty, one drink at a time. So this was a full fledged boilermaker with 100 proof booze.

Veiled with high-sounding humanitarian concern "for the children," (it's always for the kiddies) it constituted yet another step toward legitimizing the half million illegals who snuck across our borders and squatted  within the confines of this particular state.
A mariachi band played giddily at the State Capitol

The bill would have waltzed through the Democrat dominated upper chamber without the encouragement of the RINO 11. But their apparent insulting dismissal of their middle class conservative voting base -- and their apparent unconcern for the citizen children of the middle class -- is more than a simple insult.

The "combine" GOP establishment should be told to kiss their dream of a GOP state Senate majority goodbye, because thoughtful citizens shouldn't consider even lifting a finger for these sellouts. These 11 pols cast their lot with the imagined  power of pro-illegal alien voter cohorts. I hope they get lots of liberal Latino votes, because I think -- some of them at least -- will need them.

Of the dirty eleven, nine are seeking re-election and will be on the ballot on March 12th. Some are in safe seats. Some are not. And some will face primary challenges.

Here's a rundown:

State Senator Pam Althoff 32nd district, McHenry County has announced that she is running for re-election. She not only voted for the de-facto amnesty grab, but sent out a news release saying what a great thing it was.

State Senator Larry Bomke Springfield area, 50th district has announced that he, having been gerrymandered out of his base, is not running. He is going back to his real estate business. Good Riddance! (And good luck in this RE market.)

State Senator Bill Brady, from the 44th district Springfield area, was the milquetoast GOP candidate for Governor last time who defied a nationwide anti-Democrat trend and lost to the clownish Pat Quinn. He has announced that he will be running for reelection.
Brain dead GOP combine clowns Dillard and Brady
were all for the illegal alien aid bill but Dillard
may have a primary fight

State Senator Kurt Dillard of the DuPage suburban 24th district has announced that he is running, but in his redrawn district he will likely face a primary challenge from State Rep Chris Nybo. Watch this one!

State Senator Dan Duffy 26th district Lake & McHenry Co. & Barrington announced he will be running.

State Senator Tom Johnson, of the 48th West suburban dist, was the 65 year old seat warmer, hand picked by the RINO party chairmen to fill Cong. Randy Hultgren's seat. He said he is not running. Good riddance!

State Senator Matt Murphy said he will be running for reelection to his Northwest suburban, 27th district seat. This is the fat-faced guy who is always making noises about his fiscal conservatism, but he's happy to turn a blind eye to the costs of educating (and feeding and giving hospital care)half a million 3rd world illegal alien settlers. Perhaps he should have noticed the fact that the ICIRR illegal alien lobby was one of the groups down in Springfield in February 2010 demanding an increase in the Illinois state income tax rates.State Senator Christine Radogno will be seeking reelection from her 41st dist West suburban seat which includes Burr Ridge, Darien, Downers Grove, Homer Glen, Indian Head Park, LaGrange, Lemont, Lisle, Naperville, Western Springs, Willowbrook & Woodridge.

She is the first ever female Republican State Senate minority leader. Kind of makes you want to re-think woman's suffrage, doesn't it?

If she can avoid domestic battery charges
 illegal alien fan Suzi Schmidt will run again

State Senator Ron Sandack of Downers Grove, was appointed to his seat and he was then thrown into the same district as Radogno. So he is now seeking the 81st district House seat. He'll likely have a primary challenge. Watch this one!!

State Senator Suzi Schmidt, she of domestic battery fame, has announced that she will seek reelection to her 31st district seat which includes Beach Park, Grayslake, Gurnee, Ingleside, Lindenhurst, Old Mill Creek, Round Lake, Third Lake, Wadsworth, Winthrop Harbor and Zion.

State Senator Dave Syverson, the perennial combine poster boy has said that he will be running in his Belvidere, DeKalb area rural district.

Keep an eye on these clowns. And remember how they spit in your face this past May 4th.


  1. Well, I know someone I won't be voting for in the next election! Sheesh! Typical RINOs! I would SO much rather see the vote fail with all of our guys standing on our side, than knowing how they all jumped to the other side just to be "victorious." Nothing like making the ship list even worse! This one will cost them.

  2. Looks as of today that Suzi Schmidt is going to be forced to step aside for another Republican candidate. 911 tapes of her beating up her husband and locking him out of the house on Christmas morning weren't exactly good PR for her. Good riddance!!


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