Friday, September 9, 2011

Amnesty For Jailed Illegals in Fantasyland Cook County

Amnesty author "Chuy" Garcia at ICIRR rally

The illegal alien lobbyists of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) were positively abuzz will glee over the Cook County Board's Wednesday vote to grant de facto amnesty to Chicago's border jumpers.

By a 10-5 vote, that august body decreed that illegal aliens currently residing in the Cook County hoosegow should be set free to prowl Chicago's streets. This rather than turn them over to the deportation-obsessed storm troopers of the ICE.

Board members and the ever-gullible Chicago news media were under the impression that the amnesty would only apply to illegal aliens being held for misdemeanors.But within 24 hours of the diktat, the nation's second largest county was turning illegal alien felons out onto the streets.

The author of the law, Southwest side Democrat Commissioner, Jesus "Chuy" Garcia and his pals at ICIRR appeared jointly to laud the benevolent development.

After all, what's a felony or two by some of Chicago's storm-tossed huddled masses, just yearning to be free and to do jobs the flaccid Americano just won't do?

Cynics will wonder what will transpire when one of the furloughed illegal alien miscreants ends up pulling a Willie Horton a few weeks after release.
Willie Horton

Willie, you will recall, was the fellow furloughed from jail by Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis, who while free went on a rape and murder spree.

But while that would be a cause for distress elsewhere, here in fantasyland, multiculturalist PC Chicago it would be no problemo.

You see, the Chicago news media, ever-true to its multiculturalist credo, seldom reports the race or immigration status of such persons when it might be an embarassment to the overall self-esteem of the preferred, protected race or ethnic group.

The editor of the Chicago Tribune has said that this "report-no-evil" is the enlightened policy of his forward thinking journal.

So if one of the released illegal aliens, who should have been deported, goes on a rapacious, murderous crime spree, we simply won't know about it.

Problem solved.


  1. Illegal alien lobbyists - there's so much that's so wrong with that.

    This is insane. There's no other way to describe it.

  2. The public employees unions are all members of this pro-illegal alien outfit.I guess they figure that with a bigger lumpenproletariat dependent on government goodies, they will have more voters for their fat salaries and pensions.


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