Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cheese in the News: Controversies Abound

Barristers for Foamation Inc. threatened a lawsuit
over the use of their trademarked headgear
The busybody health-nut assault on the American gastronomy marches on unabated.

News now comes from North of the cheddar curtain that the iconic Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers cheesehead has been subject to a sacrilegious assault.

It seems that a group of health food buttinskys calling themselves the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, erected a billboard outside Green Bay's Lambeau Field illustrating the horrors of cheese consumption with a grim reaper attired in a cheesehead.

Barristers for Foamation, Inc., makers of the Wisconsin hi-fashion haberdashery, cried foul and forced the medical chicken-littles to airbrush out their trademarked headgear.

Still the medical flimflammers remain unrepentant, insisting that cheese consumption is a major source of most of what ails America. They rail against consumption of cheeseburgers, pizza, nachos and other cheese-laden death traps.
The health-nut MDs also rail against
cheeseburgers, pizza and nachos

The killjoy quacks have also come out against hot-dog consumption and we are eagerly awaiting their guilty verdict on Wisconsin's beloved bratwurst.

Our self-appointed First Food Nanny, the svelte, Michelle Obama, is reportedly watching the Wisconsin food fight with rapt attention.

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  1. The horrors of cheese consumption?! They said THAT? In WI?

    Well there you go, PROOF that the food nazis are insane.

    Four things you do NOT mess with in WI - The Pack, brats, beer, and cheese. To do so is a form of suicide! LOL


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