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Ronald Reagan's Time-Released Gifts: Helene Fischer

U.S. President Ronald Reagan
The lives of Ronald Reagan and Helene Fischer are inextricably intertwined, although it is doubtful that the beautiful young German pop-music star or her millions of European fans are at all aware of it.

In the Autumn of 1984 when Peter and Maria Fischer were attending to the birth of their baby girl in the bleak Siberian Soviet town of Krasnoyarsk they couldn't have imagined the fame and success that would one day befall her. They likely couldn't have even conceived that a landslide election then taking place in the far-off United States would have the effect of opening a world of opportunity and promise to their second born child.

For at the time of Helene Fischer's birth, President Ronald Reagan was wrapping up the campaign that would result in his overwhelming re-election in a 49 state landslide sweep, the greatest electoral rout in American history.

Helene Fischer
The little Fischer family lived in a Siberian "closed city" where residents were not allowed in or out without special state permission. This was, in no small part, to hide the massive and illegal secret Soviet ICBM radar installation at the Krasnoyarsk-26 facility.

The soil of this grim Soviet backwash was saturated in the blood of the hundreds of thousands who perished there, when it was a central point in the murderous Josef Stalin's GULAG system of concentration camps. It was the perfect place for working inmates to death with an average January temperature of 3 degrees F, which has been recorded as low as 63 degrees below zero.

No doubt, many from Helene Fischer's family of ethnic Germans perished in these hellish camps.

The German population in Russia reached 1.8 million at its height in the 1890s.

Then there was a systematic Soviet racial cleansing of these ethnic Germans, first by Lenin in his extermination of kulaks, (successful farmers) and then by Stalin, who characterized them all as 5th column enemies of the state (despite their presence in Russia since the time of Catherine the Great)and forcibly expelled them to labor camps in Siberia and Central Asia.

Helene Fischer as a girl
By 1945 the systemic purge had reduced the ethnic German population to 1 million and only 43% retained their ancestral language. Unlike the New York Times and their other liberal friends and apologists in the US, the Russian Communists weren't into "multiculturalism" and "diversity."

At the time of this little girl's birth, Ronald Reagan was entering the second Presidential term that would effectively bring about the end to the sick Russian communist system. His decisive and bold actions would ultimately, as he promised the British Parliament, relegate Soviet socialism "to the ash heap of human history."

Ronald Reagan was the only American President who had an abiding belief that the US could and would win the cold war over the Soviet communists. The mindset of his predecessors ran the gamut from Harry Truman's desire to "contain" communism to Jimmy Carter's desire to appease it. Ronald Reagan set out to beat it.

And beat it he did. By forging ahead with a massive US arms buildup and modernization program, he put untenable pressures on the Soviets to try and keep pace. With their inherently backwards socialist collectivized farms and state-owned industries, they simply couldn't. Former Soviet Premier Gorbachev has said as much.

On top of his drive to secure technological superiority over the Soviet war machine, Reagan unremittingly and unapologetically professed the superiority of the Western free-market way and the bankruptcy of socialism. He told a group of Evangelical Christians in Washington, that the USSR was an "Evil Empire." He called on Soviet Secretary General Gorbachev to "tear down this (Berlin) wall."

The pressures were too much for the bankrupt communist regimes of Eastern Europe and down the wall came.

The little Fischer family, taking advantage of the Reagan-induced end of communism, relocated to their ancestral homeland under the German "law of return," whereby ethnic Germans would be welcomed back from the international German diaspora.

The Fischers began to thrive in their new home in the Rhineland-Palitinate. Their stunningly beautiful daughter, Helene, whose birth corresponded with Ronald Reagan's ascendence, went on to study drama and music at the Frankfurt Stage & Musical School. She then made her professional debut on the stages of the State Theatre of Darmstadt and the National Theatre in Frankfurt.

On a whim, her mother Maria secretly recorded Helene singing six songs of the easy listening, volksmuzik genre and gave the CD to a recording executive.

Helene Fischer subsequently was signed to a recording contract and skyrocketed to the top of the pop or "Schlager" music charts throughout Central Europe and Scandanavia.

And her career is just beginning with her first attempts to crack the English-speaking markets in the US, UK, Canada and Australia now within sight.

And Helene Fischer owes it all to Ronald Reagan -- the greatest leader of the Western world in our lifetime -- who refused to conceed the inevitability of hundreds of millions of humans throughout the world being stripped of their basic dignity and the chance to fulfill their God-given potentialities by a medieval serfdom imposed on them by their socialist masters.

Helene Fischer is one of Ronald Reagan's time released gifts. And there are many more that can be seen here in the US and elsewhere and many more who will continue to emerge as once-hidden gems -- people who Ronald Reagan liberated.

These are the people, worldwide who have the greatest cause to celebrate this, the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth in Tampico, Illinois.

And Ronald Reagan would be proud of Helene Fischer and of all of them: his time-released gifts to the world.

Here is Helene Fischer singing a German language version of Ave Maria:

For more information about and more videos of Helene Fischer go to the Chicago Schlager Music Review.</


  1. This was beautiful! What a wonderful testament to freedom and the ideas that Reagan espoused.

  2. Thank you. I'm getting it translated into German and will re-post it then and link to some German sites.

  3. Excellent report on the right to freedom and respect. Helene Fischer is a beautiful example of the success of this historical endeavor. Thank you for this.

  4. Berndt Robert TöttermanMarch 28, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    Yes,we really own Ronald Reagan for the gift he did give us,freedom. I live in Finland and know a bit of how it is to live close to a big neighbour and I love Helene Fischer. Her music give me what I need to overcome each and every day. She is beautiful,she is sexy and above all,very talanted. Her voice is perfect for every kind of music and I wait (eagerly)that she one day will come to Finland.

    1. Right on! She is all of that and more! We've been following her from her first recording! I met her after her concert in Dusseldorf, May 20, 2011. What a genuine and beautiful person! And she LOVES her fans!

  5. Great singer. Great article, thanks.

  6. I am truly amazed that since having first appeared one and a half years ago, this article continues to attract hundreds of readers from throughout the world every day.

  7. What a wonderful personality and a great voice to go with it, she is on top of my entertainment list.

  8. Germany is lucky that losing the wars helped get rid of the upper classes, so they have politicians who work for the people. Such as promoting people to be proud of well paying jobs. While here in Britain we kept the upper classes, and Tories act in their interests as well as the corporations. Tories left us closely linked to the USA capitalist system which relies on everybody being in debt, which crashes every few years when many can't pay back the debts they're encouraged to have


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