Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Are Dems Trolling For Republican Voters in The 50th Ward?

Republican voters in Chicago have become quite a hot commodity.

Who would have ever thought?

In the far North 50th ward aldermanic race, Democrats have been courting Republicans as if they were Sports Illustrated swimsuit models at a beachfront cabana bar.

Lets put this in perspective. In the 2000 primary election a grand total of 530 voters in the ward cast Republican ballots as opposed to 5,180 who voted Democrat. That's a little more than 1 in 10.

That's the sort of lopsided margin that you might expect in a vote for communist strongman Enver Hoxha's bid for re-election to the Albanian Presidency.

Let's face it, Republicans are, customarily, irrelevant to the political process in Chicago. Their last mayor was Big Bill Thompson, a crony of Al Capone in the 1920s.

So why, all of a sudden is everybody courting Republican voters in the 50th ward?

I am an independent conservative-libertarian and as such, usually have no choice but to vote in the Republican primaries in Illinois. Were I to live in a more rational polity, say South Carolina or even Tennessee, that would not necessarily be the case. But not so in the statist political wasteland of Barack Obama and Jan Schakowsky.

So I have found myself on Republican mailing lists.

As a result, it seems that as long as the assorted lefty Democrats running for 50th ward alderman are in a neck and neck struggle, I will never be lonely.

The efforts of Democrats to court me have descended to almost laughable levels of dissembling idiocy.

Greg Brewer, an extreme leftist acolyte of the Howard Dean and George Soros, Move-On dot org and DFA crowd recruited one Dan Miller,to coo in my ear and whisper sweet nothings.

"Dear Fellow Republican," he wrote, "Greg believes that everyone, even Republicans, libertarians and conservatives have a right to be heard -- that we have some solid ideas -- and he wants to hear them."

This from the "Republican," Dan Miller, who voted in Democrat primaries in 1994 and in a 3rd party primary in 1996.

And the politically androgynous Miller wrote this on behalf of Brewer, a guy who is in bed with a gaggle of clowns who overtly say on their website that they are committed to moving the Democrat party to the left so as to "fight for a culture of activism and rebuild policies and platforms for grassroots empowerment."


And then I get a letter from the ostensible "Republican" 41st ward alderman, Brian Doherty telling me that his good buddy, 50th ward Alderman Berny Stone is one of his allies in "combating tax increases and keeping government accountable to the people."

Odd that the letter didn't come from the 50th ward Republican committeeman, Rabbi Ken Hollander. Hollander got a county job from his neighbor and pal, Berny Stone, and subsequently allows Democrat boss Berny to appoint all the "Republican" election judges in the ward and promises to never run Republican candidates against Berny's machine Democrat slate.

Funny that Doherty, a graduate of the laughable North side "high-school-with-ashtrays," Northeastern Illinois University, is never seen at Republican functions and never so much as hints at his Republican affiliation except when trying to lend "bi-partisan" credence to his fellow Democrat cronies.

The bottom line is that I am a Burkean, Randian true believer in limited government.

I have no dog in this fight.

But I keep showing up on these Republican mailing lists.

So it seems as long as these inane pols are locked in a death-grip, neck and neck struggle for political survival, (to quote Bogey in Casablanca when speaking of his letters of transit,) "I'll never be lonely."

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  1. They're trolling because they sense the political winds changing and this is how they're trying to get out in front of it and keep any kind of change from happening. Polls showed that Daley would have lost had he run again, that's why he decided to retire now.


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