Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kucinich Sues Congressional Cafeteria Over Stray Olive Pit

I spent quite a few years eating lunch almost daily in the Longworth House of Representatives cafeteria and never suffered anything more serious than occasional dispepsia or perhaps a bit of weight gain from its fatty Southern cooking.

I must have really dodged a bullet since news now comes that the ultra-liberal Democrat Congressman and former fringe Presidential candidate from Ohio, Dennis Kucinich recently suffered a major tragedy in that very place.

Seems he bit down on a sandwich and encountered an olive pit. This caused him great consternation and serious damages for which he is suing the Congressional cafeteria in the amount of $150,000.

Read all about it in this little Capitol Hill newspaper.

Being a liberal and quite in bed with the personal injury bar he surely had no problem whatever finding a friendly and hungry ambulance chaser to take up his cause.

And it seems this tragedy has so disfigured the Honorable gentleman from Ohio that his appearance now matches his long-time appellation: "Dennis The Menace."

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  1. The most expensive olive pit in history. And it's all our fault. Expense-wise anyway.


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