Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kate Middleton's Chicago Days

Some time back I posted a piece on this blog about Queen Elizabeth's 1957 visit to Chicago. Since then, hardly a day goes by when some Anglophile from somewhere in the world doesn't end up on my blog after searching for "Queen Elizabeth & Chicago."

So it occured to me that with the enormous internet popularity of Kate Middleton, the very hot British babe who is going to marry the dorky eldest issue of the stormy relationship between Prince Charles and the late Lady Di, I'd better write something on her to cash in on her wild blogospheric popularity. Also it would give me an excuse for posting photos of her.

This being a blog with a Chicago theme, I thought it best to devote this post to a description and discussion of Kate Middleton's long and storied personal relationship with the city of Chicago.

I thought it would be useful to report on her many trips here and especially the time she spent (incognito) lolling on the Oak Street beach and (again incognito)sitting in the bleachers in Wrigley Field in order to chill out after a long afternoon of shopping (incognito) with her hot British girlfriends on the Magnificent Mile.

But alas, exhaustive research has revealed that the elegantly hot and seemingly air-headed future English Queen, unlike her future grandmother-in-law, Elizabeth, has never so much as set foot in Chicago.

So reluctantly, I must concede that I have no legitimate excuse for posting all kinds of photos of Kate Middleton on this Chicago oriented blog.


  1. LOLOL I was going to say I didn't recall her ever visiting here!

    You goof, doing that "everything is connected to Chicago" thing, aren't you? ;)

    I can't help but think that Prince William is the lucky one here. She's a lovely girl, and seems pretty confident and level headed. I wish them well. :)

  2. Some Anglican churchman in England was dismissed from his post for having been quoted as saying that two young people such as this, with such minimal intellectuality and being subjected to the never-ending glare of media attention have little chance of having a successful marriage.

    How much do you want to bet that he turns out being right?

  3. Ah. So, no free speech there in merry ol' England, huh?

    I'd say the odds are in his favor what with marriage stats being what they are now-a-days.


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