Friday, October 29, 2010

Bill Foster and Melissa Bean's Immigration Control Ratings: Pitiable, Pitiful

Melissa Bean and Bill Foster are the two Chicago-area Congressthings who slipped into office in traditionally Republican districts due to the flagrant ineptitude of their GOP predecessors.

Bean, who looks more and more like a butch, girls' High School P.E. teacher each year, has a career C for her votes on immigration control from the authoritative Numbers USA ratings.

She was uncharacteristically more conservative on immigration, this past year, getting a B -- obviously in anticipation of a serious GOP electoral challenge. She needed that to crank her career ratings up to a C, so you can imagine her previous years' votes.

Here is the Beaner's voting record.

She voted to include illegal aliens into the Obamacare socialized medicine scheme and to allow illegal aliens to vote in US union elections.

Bill Foster, who resembles a befuddled High School principal, got a C-minus.

He also voted to include illegals into Obama's free health care scheme. And despite making rhetorical noises about supporting border control, he refused to sign a discharge petition to allow consideration of a bill to seriously control the border -- a bill which his dominatrix, Nancy Pelosi, has ordered to be buried in committee.

Here is Milquetoast Bill's voting record.

These Democrat "moderate" poseurs aren't serious about borders, language and culture.

Just think how the immigration control percentages would skyrocket in these two districts, should Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren replace these two characters.


  1. I lived in Bean's area for a while. She drove me crazy. That crack about the gym teacher is funny! :D

    The other one that drives me crazy is Duckworth.

  2. It drives me crazy to think that this pedestrian hack,the Beaner, now represents the district once held by Phil Crane, who in his heyday, was an inspirational figure to conservatives in IL and beyond.

  3. This is so cool -- it looks like the Beaner lost -- and the milquetoast Foster lost --as we all expected -- but the Beaner's loss was somewhat unexpected and so cool that it happened. Way to go Joe Walsh!!! You did it in spite of the RINO GOP types who didn't give you a chance and didn't give you the time of day or any other tangible help.


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