Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Amnesty Mike" Quigley is Illegal Alien's Best Gringo Amigo in IL

In the course of squeaking out a victory in the 12 person field of candidates vying to replace Congressman Rahm Emmanuel in 2009, Mike Quigley fashioned himself as the "moderate" in the race.

His campaign manager told me that his boy was the only candidate who could hold off the "radical" Jan Schakowsky clone, State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz.

Quigley also emphasized his independence from the absurd Todd Stroger while on the Cook County Board and his alliance with anti-machine reformer, Forrest Claypool.

His campaign crafted an image as the "reasonable" Democrat -- the voice of moderation.

It didn't take long for Mike Quigley to show his true colors as a rabid open-borders, amnesty enthusiast -- the illegal alien's best amigo in the Illinois Congressional delegation.

According to the Numbers USA report card on Congress, Quigley has managed to chalk up the worst record in the entire delegation on immigration control with a 0% rating -- dead last among the 21 member delegation.

For Chrissakes, even Little Luis Guttierez voted favorably toward immigration control 7% of the time.

--Quigley co-sponsored a bill to grant amnesty to illegal aliens under 35 who had come into the US at a young age.

--Quigley voted to give subsidized college education to illegal aliens.

--Quigley voted to include illegal aliens for free health care under the Obamacare scheme.

--Quigley voted against requiring federal contractors to verify that their employees were not illegal aliens.

"Amnesty Mike" likes to make much of his glory days as a college hockey player.
I think he may have gotten his head slammed into the boards once too often.


  1. Good grief, and he calls himself a moderate? How would he define a liberal Democrat? Sheesh!

  2. He seems to take the white Democrat sheep voters for granted and is playing up to the heavy Latino population in the Western part of his district. I hope he gets a Dem primary challenge next time, but I'm not sure that there is a true moderate left among the Chicago Democrats, so that may be a vain hope. And, of course, there is no Republican party to speak of in that district.

  3. Cong. Mike Quigley states on his official biography that he is a Roman Catholic but is pro-abortion. Does anyone know which Roman CAtholic parish church he attends?


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