Friday, October 1, 2010

Children of New Immigrants Torment Gay Rutgers Student to Death

The big sensational news story this morning is about the gay student at Rutgers University who jumped to his death off the George Washington Bridge.

Tyler Clementi, a budding violinist, was surreptitiously taped by his roomate on webcam in a gay sexual encounter. The roomate, one Dharun Ravi (above left) in cahoots with a friend, one Molly Wei (above right) then broadcast the explicit images over the internet.

Truly a dirty trick, if there ever was one. Irrespective of what one might think about the nature of Clementi's acts, any decent libertarian-minded person will defend the right of consenting people to do what they will in the privacy of their own rooms.

What strikes me as odd, is the scarcity of photos of the alleged perpetrators, who have been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy.

If the dirty tricksters had been white male athletes or fraternity boys, the mainstream media would have been salivating and calling for a lynch mob. Just recall the outrageous media behavior during the phony rape allegations against the white male members of the Duke LaCrosse team.

But alas, the evildoers here were the children of recent immigrants -- in Ravi's case, from India and in Pei's, from China.

These are people of color. These are beloved "new Americans." In the media's playbook, they're supposed to be perpetual victims of white American treachery.

So when they turn out to be lower than pond scum, the media clams up. Photos of these Asian creeps are hard to find on the internet.

But as the savants at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights chant, "our diversity is our strength."


  1. You betcha if they'd been white the media would have gone insane with glee. As it is, I'm surprised it got any mention at all, since the "victim" was white.

    I use the term victim loosely, because he was really only the victim of a prank, not a hate crime or a homicide. Clearly he was a troubled young man, and that is always a sad thing. My heart goes out to his parents and family.

    As for the "perps," one can only hope they've learned a valuable lesson in how to treat others with respect. I kind of doubt it though - that's a lesson they should have learned when they were little, before they started pretending to be adults.

  2. Ever notice how when an illegal alien is a gifted student, yet can't get into a University due to a lack of a social security #, the media howls -- clearly identifies the gifted student as an immigrant -- and demands that immigration rules be bent.

    This recently happened at Harvard.

    Yet when a heinous act is committed by one of these "new Americans," the whole thing is hushed up.

    No wonder no one believes the mainstream media about most anything anymore. No wonder their circulations or viewerships or listenerships are plumetting.

    We are getting to the point of National Socialist Germany in the 30s and 40s or the Socialist states of Europe from the 20s to the 90s, when if people read or listen to the mainstream media at all, they have to take it allwith a grain of salt and look for little clues as to what really might have happened, as opposed to the biased propaganda that is actually written or uttered.

    Americans shouldn't have to function like this and something is gonna have to give.


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