Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chicago Sun Times "Writes Want They Want"

Most everyone in Chicago knows by now that the Chicago Sun Times is a mere shade of its former self. These days it runs more pages than some college newspapers -- barely enough paper to take care of a good sized bird cage.

Apparently it has also abandoned the idea of copy editing altogether.

Seen on the front page of today's "Sunday Show" section: a 24 point sub-headline on a story about the Sugarland, country and Western act. It read: "Duo's sound idea is to play want they want."

Apparently they just rely on spellcheck at the CST these days, which, of course, won't catch a glaring error like that -- and in a headline, no less.

The CST's prospects for survival are about as good as those of Nguyen Van Thieu's South Vietnamese regime in early 1975.

I am shedding as many tears about this as I did when Isvestia suffered a massive circulation drop after Premier Gorbachev's ouster.

And when the Sun-Times finally bites the dust, just where will Lynn Sweet be able to pawn off her shamelessly idolatrous puff pieces about her beloved boy Obama? Where will Mary Mitchell be able to peddle her racialist Afrocentric claptrap?

Maybe Barack will be able to find a White House PR spot as a payoff to his fawning devotee, Lynn. Maybe Rev. Jeremiah Wright needs a PR person and can put Mitchell on his "church" payroll.

In both cases, it would be a seamless transition.

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  1. I can't think of "the press" any more without thinking of yellow journalism. They are 180 degrees from what they should be. Sad, really. A lot of people are losing their livelihoods, with only themselves to blame.


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