Tuesday, February 18, 2014

NU Prof. Peter Ludlow Sues Media: "I Did Not Rape That Unconscious Student in My Bed"

If a Catholic priest were alleged to have taken a young boy or girl out to an event -- say an art show -- taken the kid back to his apartment, gotten the underage youth so drunk as to pass out and awaken the next morning in bed with the priest's arms entwined around the youth -- what do you think would happen?

Northwestern Professor Peter Ludlow  (C)
Says He Didn't Rape a NU Female Student

And what do you think would happen if the Archdiocese ignored its own committee's recommendation that the priest be fired and simply let him move on to another gig in another part of the country?

That's what happened -- according to several lawsuits -- with regard to a Northwestern University Professor of Philosophy by the name of Peter Ludlow.

And yet leftist academia and news media have been deafeningly silent.

A female Northwestern student filed a lawsuit Monday against NU, claiming the University failed to act on her sexual assault complaint against Ludlow.

The student says Ludlow sexually assaulted her after the two attended a downtown Chicago art show in February 2012. The professor gave her (under 21 at the time) alcohol and refused several requests to take her back to Evanston. The student lost consciousness and woke up the next morning in his bed.

According to the lawsuit, NU’s Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention investigated the case and found Ludlow “engaged in unwelcome and inappropriate sexual advances,” including sleeping with his arms around the student on the night in question.

So the girl has now filed her federal lawsuit against Northwestern,

The suit says the University formed a committee to determine disciplinary action against Ludlow. The committee recommended NU fire him, but the suit alleges NU ignored the committee’s decision. Ludlow remains employed by the University, where he is teaching two 300-level philosophy classes this quarter.

Ahh, but Ludlow says he didn't actually rape the unconscious female student in his lair that night.

Something like --It depends on what your definition of "is" is.

So Northwestern Prof. Peter Ludlow is now, himself, suing three Chicago media companies, claiming their coverage of the girl's  lawsuit against Northwestern University was defamatory and portrayed him in a "false light before the public."

Ludlow is suing Sun-Times Media, LLC, Fox Television Stations, Inc., and Cumulus Broadcasting, LLC, asking for damages for the outlets’ false use of the word “rape” in their descriptions of the allegations against him. He filed the suit Friday morning in Cook County Circuit Court.

Ludlow,  a former student of the extreme left-wing radical, Noam Chomsky, has reportedly accepted an offer to head up the Center for Cognitive Science at Rutgers University in New Jersey next year.

And Rutgers apparently has no qualms whatever about welcoming Peter Ludlow into their university community -- in fact, they're practically wrapping their arms around him.


  1. Probably plenty of nappy heads for him to take advantage of him for grades at Rutgers.

    But seriously, who would leave Northwestern for Rutgers?

  2. It's beginning to sound like the NU admn. cut a deal w/ him to hush it up a bit and let him quietly get out of town to a new gig in NJ. NU now says it did cut his pay and deny him a funded seat in the Philosophy dept. and told him to stay away from the girl. They only released that info after her lawsuit.

    Rutgers is now saying that they weren't informed of any action against him by NU prior to offering him the head of their cognative studies center.


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