Saturday, February 22, 2014

Northwestern Sex Scandal Prof Was on "Double Secret Probation"

Excitement continues to swirl about the icy Evanston fields of Chicago's Big-Ten campus.

As we reported last week, an undergraduate female student just filed a federal lawsuit against Northwestern University over allegedly having been sexually assaulted by a Professor of Philosophy there.

In her filing, she asserted that the Prof., one Peter Ludlow, took her to an art show, got her drunk and invited her up to his lair. (How'd you like to come up and have a look at my Archimedes, little girl?)

While there, she says she passed out and woke up in bed with the amorous philosopher - his arms entwined about her innocent girlish frame.

Seems the Northwestern girl's chief complaint centers around the reaction of the Northwestern bureaucracy.

In her suit, she claimed that one Joan Slavin, Director of something called the Northwestern Sexual Harassment Prevention Office, told her that her complaint was valid and that the horny Didact has been duly disciplined.

But Ms. Slavin said she couldn't say precisely what sanctions had been levelled against Dr. Ludlow. Seems Northwestern wanted it hushed up and said it was a secret personnel matter.

Well, after exhaustive research, the Chicago Lampoon has discovered that Professor Peter Ludlow, was in fact, severely sanctioned for his amorous late evening faux pas.

Northwestern had, in fact, put him on "Double Secret Probation." (see video below):

Oh and by the way, if you're wondering why undergraduate tuition at Northwestern University has now reached an astronomical $60,000 a year, just consider that Northwestern now has a full blown bureaucratic entity -- with 2 employees and its own separate office -- devoted full time to combating the evils of sexual harassment.

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