Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mt. Prospect SD 57 School Marms Threatened Strike: Teachers' Salaries Listed

Mount Prospect School District 57 says its 160 teachers educate 2,000 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade in that Northwest Chicago suburb.

That taxing body operates Westbrook, Fairview and Lions Park elementary schools and Lincoln Middle School.
Mt. Prospect School Marms
Shakedown For More Cash

These 160 government employees just threatened to go on strike arguing that they weren't pulling down as much cash as their fellow unionized counterparts in nearby suburbs.

But a glance at the actual salaries of these Mt. Prospect grammar school employees suggests that they weren't doing too badly at all.

In fact, they were doing quite well when you consider that most of them work only 9 months, have gold-plated pension and health care plans and got their degrees from the slums of academia -- schools of education.

Word now is that the SD 57 school board has reached an "agreement" on salary and pension issues. Given the strangle-holds that the powerful, leftist IEA unionists have on most school boards, that means that the board -- supposedly the taxpayer's advocate --has caved in to their demands.

Just take a look at the actual teachers and administrators salaries. They aren't at all paltry for grammar school marms. Here in the wintry throes of a seemingly never-ending economic recession, these militant government employees are doing a lot better than a lot of the taxpayers from whom, they once again, extorted more cash.

Printed below are the names and salaries of all the employees of Mt. Prospect SD 57. These salaries are the latest available and were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Family Taxpayers Foundation.

Among the highlights:

--  A Gym teacher pulling down $91k
--  A $90k Elementary school Spanish teacher
--  $87k for teaching reading to grammar school students
--  A $76k social worker

Click on the individual name to get more data on the particular Mount Prospect School District 57 government employee:

Mount Prospect SD 57 2012 -

Alms, Christopher$45,495
Arends, Christopher$40,708
Aumiller, Barbara$180,464
Bailey, Kelly$72,284
Banakis, Karen$79,162
Barkowitz, Marie$80,178
Becker, Laura$76,968
Beyer, Gerald$47,659
Biasco, Pamela$51,043
Black, Patrick$52,729
Black, Tobey$89,895
Boundy, Susan$69,620
Bovis, Dina$52,659
Brantman, Robin$90,918

Bruno, Ella
Bruntyn, Amy$45,672
Budreau, Mary$88,481
Burger, Joanne$60,068
Caldwell, Susan$50,435
Carlson, Kendall$37,589
Carpenter, Eileen$53,883
Chapman, Alice$65,155
Cobo, Bryant$37,519
Cole, David$65,355
Commare, Kari$52,768
Coscino, Angela$53,663
Courtney, Trina$76,183
Craven, Patricia$66,115
Crews, Lindsey$49,884
Cuellar, Jennifer$50,715
Cummings, Kathryn$64,460
De Kok, Amanda$62,254
Dean, Kathryn$49,306
Depa, Tina$70,039
Dolniak, Pamela$87,279
Dunlea, Kerry$63,652
Durkan, Una$50,435
Eliopoulos, Sharon$87,110
Elliott, Dana$59,163
Elzer, Stefanie$61,772
Falk, Dale$184,985
Fergus, Carly$65,413
Fox, Sandy$68,709
Freeding, Erin$58,274
Fudala, Gregory$93,288
Gayle, Julie$73,718
Goebbert, Kristine$54,145
Golik, Barbara$48,340
Gray, Carol$75,111
Gritzmacher, Kristine$122,287
Hanley, Tracy$54,251
Harris, Laura$74,408
Heider, Brandon$18,977
Hensel, Meredith$51,571
Hermanson, Jennifer$71,170
Hickey, Kristen$51,078
Hirsch, Julie$54,240
Hunt, Mary$72,501
Indelli, Christine$41,662
Ionas, Elaine$54,436
Jezuit, Julie$57,928
Jorgenson, Heidi$72,893
Joyce, Denise$54,579
Kaage, Kristen$47,772
Kalogeropoulos, Mary$103,225
Kennedy, Donna$49,013
Kennedy, Patricia$64,950
Kirby, Maureen$53,310
Kuhn, Lee$65,228
Le Boyer, Ann$57,146
Leeney, Julie$39,932
Likens, Jean$87,135
Lindgren, Jonas$61,135
Loeffler, Lisa$53,615
Logar, Michele$92,203
Mantzoros, Kristen$51,389
Many, Lori$81,774
Marker, Amy$57,678
Martin, Alexa$45,707
Mays, Andrew$51,788
McAllister, Katelynn$15,912
McCarthy, Margery$60,712
McGovern, Mark$57,639
Meilinger, Natalie$60,322
Melby, Ashley$45,508
Mescino, Katharine$26,073
Michalski, Heather$52,819
Miller, Kristine$50,794
Morris, Jean$45,146
Munemoto, Nancy$74,279
Murphy, Sara$71,047
Neubert, Susan$77,525
Noll, Karen$62,971
Novak, Colleen$86,011
Novak, Zoe$53,453
O'Donnell, Catherine$64,904
Pappanduros, Sandra$52,750
Pavlowski, Debbie$69,140
Prato, Joanne$58,781
Ralston, Jenna$40,991
Rapacz, Tracy$54,121
Redmon, Melissa$52,659
Reihart, Amanda$51,092
Roemer, Kelly$21,062
Romanello, Alison$40,033
Rose, Loretta$57,319
Rosen, Sheri$57,533
Ruggiero, Bart$51,047
Rush, Diana$36,204
Russell, Amy$60,740
Russell, Michelle$45,425
Ryan, Reginald$87,472
Ryno, Lisa$64,765
Sakoufakis, Tina$55,371
Sandstead, Karen$91,943
Schafer, Catherine$51,130
Schmitz, Roseann$68,003
Schubmehl, Cheryl$23,548
Shaffer, Steven$79,678
Sloma, Kimberly$62,517
Solimini, Aleksandra$45,483
St Denis, Jessica$37,682
Steen, Randy$113,988
Stevens, Rachel$43,793
Stineman, Kelly$49,066
Stoll, Kevin$37,619
Stortz, Kimberly$25,483
Story, Carolyn$83,661
Straczek, Elizabeth$38,633
Sundvall, Danielle$54,657
Thomas, Leslie$55,130
Thompson, Julie$40,974
Titze, Kirsten$45,425
Travis, Jeanne$55,028
Trzaska, Agata$50,093
Tyburski, Sara$48,508
Tyrcha, Cheryl$78,745
Valentini, Gail$63,611
Veglia, Kathryn$84,785
Venhousen, Melissa$40,447
Viken, Therese$61,080
Visser, Kimberly$55,011
Vowinkel, Julie$80,955
Waters-Walsh, Michelle$79,745
Winters, Kathryn$88,836
Woodrow, Susan$135,762
Zakula, Kristi$60,510
Zemaitis, Janice$62,161

That concludes the list of 2012 salaries of teachers and administrators in Mt. Prospect School District 57


  1. They get 85% of the average of their last 3 years salaries as a pension and they get free health care with that - for the rest of their lives. Also - they always pump up their salaries in the last 3 years to get more.

    1. Just talked to an Evanston cop who pays a lot more into his retirement plan than these teachers and will only ever collect 50% of his salary in pension. These teachers will get more like 80% -- they pay in a lot less -- and now they've driven the state onto the verge of bankruptcy.

      This school board should be tarred and feathered for selling out its property taxpayers like this.

  2. Anonymous author. You make the claim that these professionals received their education at "got their degrees from the slums of academia -- schools of education." I earned a Master's Degree from a prestigious school in Chicago majoring in Public Policy. I am not qualified to teach elementary school. Perhaps you can share with your qualifications to teach elementary aged children, possibly ones with learning disabilities?

    1. Actually, if you'd bothered to go to the link, you'd find that it was Prof. Walter Williams who made that claim, but anyone who's actually taken a course in a School of Education at any university will know that it is rife with grade inflation and populated by nitwits.

      As to your qualifications to teach school, I cannot say, but at Sidwell Friends, the elite school in Washington, DC where Barack and Michelle Obama send their precious darlings, they do not hire people with mere degrees in education. They hire people with advanced degrees in math to teach math, people with degrees in English to teach English, etc. -- what a concept!!

      Funny that big supporters of teachers' unions and the government education morass, like the Obamas, Jesse Jackson, the Al Gores, won't send their own kids to public schools. They know they stink and are beneath the demands of the Liberal elite classes.

    2. Don't forget Rahm - big fan of NEA when he was in Congress and when working for Obama. Now he sends his 3 kiddies to the ultra elite U of Chicago lab school. What's that cost? maybe $30 k a yr for grade school. And how many Chicago public school teachers send their own kids to privte and Catholic schools- I heard around half, so they need pay raises so they can afford private school tuition for their own kids. wht hypocrites.


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