Thursday, September 12, 2013

Skokie's Government-Loving East Prairie School Outlaws Fun

Last week we told the tale of the inane goings-on at Skokie's East Prairie School, wherein a blithering idiot of a school marm was indoctrinating little 4th graders in the wonders of an all-consuming, nanny state government.
East Prairie's Govt=Family Propaganda Piece

We printed the questionnaire that the pedagogical pudding head gave the kids. It equated government to a benevolent family. Some parents took umbrage with this teacher's statist indoctrination and it made national news.

We also printed all the salaries of the overpaid unionized teachers and and administrators at that Skokie District 73 government establishment. You can see that by going here:

Our crack Chicago Lampoon photojournalists went out to Skokie's East Prairie School to get some local color and they found that the place not only is extolling the virtues of the Gulag-state, but it actually looks a bit like a Gulag.

They found a school yard, fenced in with aesthetically disastrous, but highly effective 8 foot fences. They also found a sign outlawing basically every fun thing that a kid might want to do.
East Prairie School's No-No list

Explicitly outlawed at East Prairie School are bicycling, roller blading, skateboarding, roller skating and scootering (sic).

There is also an ominous warning sign that you are in a "Safe School Zone" and will get the book thrown at you for gun possession, drug sales or recruiting any of the 6 to 12 year old Skokie kids into your gang.

Fun place this, huh?

They forgot to explicitly outlaw running, jumping, laughing,jump-roping, hop-scotch and pick-up softball games. As these are spontaneously fun things kids do without government supervision, the East Prairie School nanny staters will want to run right out and get a sign maker to rectify this oversight.

When she was indoctrinating the kids on the joys of the "government family", the 4th grade school marm neglected to say if this family would be paternal or maternal in orientation.

Paternal, like Adolf Hitler's Fatherland?

Or maternal, Like Josef Stalin's Mother Russia?

One gets the distinct impression that Skokie School District 73 and East Prairie School have not heard the last of this.

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