Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chicago's Illegal Alien Lobby Getting Millions to Enroll Immigrants in Obamacare

The Chicago Lampoon has stumbled on a little-known State of Illinois grant notice which reveals that Chicago's chief lobby group for illegal aliens, The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and a number of ancillary immigrant lobby groups are getting millions of dollars in grants to enroll immigrants in the Obamacare socialized medicine scheme.

The feds are handing out big wads of your tax cash to hire "In-person counselors" and "Navigators" at $13 an hour to run around and sign up people for the Obamacare program. They've designated a gaggle of "Community Action Agencies" to hire the counselors and navigators.

Here's a list of the Chicago area immigrant groups and the amount of federal cash they'll be raking in:

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights -- $1,250,000.00
Illinois Migrant Council -- $385,000.00
Pilsen-Little Village Community Mental Health Center-- $650,000.00
El Hogar del Nino -- $225,000.00
Asian Health Coalition -- $115,897.33
Alivio Medical Center -- $66,560.00

Now ICIRR has been the chief pimp operation for illegal aliens in the Chicago area for the past 25 years.

They pushed through the "sanctuary city" and "sanctuary county" measures, whereby the cops and the Cook County jail can't cooperate with ICE to deport illegal alien suspects that they apprehend.

They pushed through the so-called "Dream Act," giving in-state college tuition to illegal aliens.

And they've been the rabble rousers behind all the noisy rallies of leftists demanding "rights" for the squatters who snuck into our country.

And now Obama & Co. have deputized them and are giving them cash to go out and sign up bodies for his medical scheme.

Obama and his allies, of course, have proposed another scheme to amnesty the 11 to 20 million illegal squatters here. They have assured us that the amnestied illegals won't be able to cash in on his free medical scheme for 8 years.

If you believe that, I have 2014 Cubs World Series tickets I can let you have -- cheap.

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