Saturday, September 14, 2013

Famed Fluky's Goes Islamic - Hot Dog Joint Now a Mosque

The conversion of Western Avenue in West Rogers Park into Moslem row continues apace as the storied Fluky's fast food emporium has now been converted into an Islamic mosque.

For over 3 decades, Fluky's was to that far North side community what Superdawg is to the Northwest side or what Gene & Jude's is to the Southwest side - a venerable purveyor of high-quality fast food delicacies.
The former Fluky's is now an Islamic mosque

Legend has it that Fluky's in its original incarnation on Maxwell Street, just West of the Loop, was the originator of the Chicago-style Vienna hot dog - the so-called "garden on a bun."

Until 1998, Fluky's was owned by a Jewish fellow named Wexler, a descendant of the man who started the operation in 1929, who was a big contributor to the #1 illegal alien lobby organization in Chicago, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR).

Having thus done his bit for diversity, social justice and cheap foreign labor (of which he was an enthusiastic consumer)Wexler sold the joint and repaired to a quiet North Shore suburb where he is happily insulated from the social effects of diversity.
7419 N. Western: Home of the Burkha-wearing Bimbos

The Council on Islamic American Relations is a prime constituent of Wexler's pet ICIRR illegal alien pimps so the conversion of the legendary hot dog emporium to a mosque was really just a transaction amongst friends.

The old Fluky's site at 6821 N. Western Avenue has now been painted jihadist green by its new occupant, Jama' Masjid Faizan-e-Madinah.

This now becomes the 4th Islamic religious outfit to insinuate itself on the 9 block stretch of North Western Avenue between Pratt Avenue and Howard Street.

Just 2 blocks North there at 7020 Western is the BICC Bosnian Islamic Community Center, across the street from which at 7045 Western is the Ramat' E Alam Foundation.
The Bosnian Islamic hangout at 7020 N. Western Ave.

Four blocks North of there at 7419 Western is the Mahdevia Islamic Center of Chicago, where, before they bricked over the storefront glass, you used to be able to see rows of docile black-burkhad Islamic bimbos, quietly sitting on folding chairs taking in their black-bearded imam's pearls of wisdom.

Now all of this Jihadist settlement is occurring on the very border of Chicago's famed "Golden Ghetto," home to more than a dozen synogogues and scads of Lubavitch and other Orthodox Jewish cultists.

This creates a very interesting scenario, not at all dissimilar to the never dull, West Bank and Gaza strip of Palestine. Could Chicago soon be in store for comparable levels of never-ending excitement?


  1. You do know that you are describing the most ethnically diverse congressional district in the country, right? The days when minority housing meant you were renting to goyim ended about 40 years ago. Or, have you forgotten when the Jews were immigrants as well?

    Are you ever happy about anything?

    1. What in God's name does the diversity of the gerrymandered 9th Cong district have to do with anything? It runs from Kenilworth down to Boystown.

      It is quite ironic, however, that Jews have, overall, been big backers of uncontrolled immigration and the Islamic influx may be the cause of the marginalization of Jews as a political force. Say goodbye to US support for Israel after that.

      As for your query -- Puppies and walks on the beach make me happy.

  2. I saw an ad for AICUSA (AIC Chicago - American Islamic College) on a bus the other day. Their website appears to be down though.

  3. I'll take a hot dog, a side of fries, and two hostages. Oh, and hold the ketchup.

  4. It's a shame what's going on in the hood! I don't understand why it closed to begin with? It was always busy!
    Also the fact that it's a muzzie place now!
    Sucks!! Change we can do without!


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