Monday, August 15, 2011

Marxist Styled Indoctrination at Lemont Middle School

Lemont's Old Quarry Middle School

Posted below are the 2010 salaries for the administrators and teachers in the Lemont-Bromberek school district 113A.

The district operates Oakwood and River Valley schools and Old Quarry Middle School.

This district comes to our attention because, if the allegations made on WIND radio Sunday are true, its Old Quarry Middle school has been engaging in a vile form of leftist political indoctrination more reminiscent of a Soviet Lenninist education camp than a suburban Chicago Lemont school.

On Sunday's Champion News show, sponsored by Jack Roeser's Family Taxpayers Foundation, the guests were three kids who had independently formed a Junior Tea Party organization in Lemont.

One of them, an emigre from the former Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, reported that he was sent to the Old Quarry school's principal's office by a female social studies teacher there for the high crime of saying that he was a conservative who did not care for Obama and his ilk.

Apparently, in the view of the leftist ideologue, who is paid quite handsomely to teach at Old Quarry, this constituted a thought crime of such magnitude as to require disciplinary force.

Stories of left-wing indoctrination on college campuses are legion. The Philadelphia-based Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)files thousands of lawsuits annually against colleges and universities that engage in this manner of Orwellian thought control.

FIRE's civil rights lawyers almost always win.

But now it appears that the thought police have spread their tenacles down to even the middle school level

Maybe FIRE should take a look at the allegations of blatant civil rights violations at Lemont's Old Quarry Middle School.

Here, from the database of the Family Taxpayers Foundation, is what the taxpayers of Lemont and its environs are shelling out for left-wing teachers to bully and brainwash their kids:

Teacher Salary Database

Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A 2010 - Download data

Anderson, Cathleen $66,782
Anderson, Michelle $67,785
Antonoff, Susan $67,428
Balaty, Christine $60,229
Baptist, Judith $57,457
Beckwith, Robert $112,739
Berner, Wendy $53,643
Bingen, Sharon $59,985
Blazewski, Kristy $54,777
Bochenek, Jody $60,329
Boyce, Jean $64,830
Britton, Carrie $51,327
Brown, Natalie $48,231
Burkhardt, Margaret $58,357
Carmichael, Carrie $55,487
Caron, William $121,863
Casey, Patrick $54,073
Catalano, Cristina $50,329
Cernauskas, Karla $68,123
Christ, Renee $67,733
Chromcak, Scott $55,973
Ciciura, Denise $58,837
Clarin, Ryan $50,066
Clarke, Catharina $102,878
Collins, Janet $108,965
Consola, Maureen $61,806
Cortez, Cathy $63,974
Covert, Eileen $67,869
Cremins, Connie $55,836
Cunningham, Margaret $63,667
Czerniak, Odarka $55,483
D'Alessandro, Angela $58,135
Daly, Maureen $57,107
De Groot, Juanita $76,499
Deming, Ardythe $78,506
Dolan, Carolyn $68,933
Dorrance, Jean $75,404
Duffy, Daralyn $59,542
Duffy, Lenore $74,935
Dvorak, Michelle $63,508
Dyche, Nicole $41,372
Ehn, Megan $58,004
Ellinghaus, Katie $51,734
Ermitage, Jill $41,658
Esposito, Bridget $61,825
Feltz, Kimberly $56,739
Flanagan, Theresa $46,996
Gawlik, Dennis $99,519
Gherardi, Stacy $50,538
Gray, Susan $77,769
Gricus, Mary $135,352
Hately, Mary $62,924
Hayes, Julie $70,073
Hessert, Deborah $73,747
Hester, Melissa $44,913
Hilburger, Kristen $66,401
Hodge, Laura $60,493
Hoermann, Catherine $72,337
Hoheisel Petrelli, Holly $79,320
Holdman, Brian $71,160
Hollander, Jill $51,400
Hollander, Robert $41,950
Holzhauser, Sara $63,904
Howell, Beth $46,606
Hozjan, Linda $46,856
Janda, Katherine $54,336
Jaspers, Christina $45,984
Jehs, Jill $51,000
Jensen, Kristine $71,636
Jilek, Deborah $65,085
Jones, Rebecca $51,753
Kaveney, Nicole $52,987
Kelly-Owen, Erin $57,750
Kennedy, Dennis $82,116
Kievert, Sally $75,362
Kilinskis, Judith $47,144
Klukas, Jennifer $55,089
Knysak, Amanda $49,726
Kraatz, Peggy $89,195
Krauklis, Tammy $57,566
Kresso-Zielonka, Beata $59,078
Krotser, Paul $62,589
Krueger, Kathleen $78,711
Kwasneski, Carolyn $72,222
Kybartas, Lisa $54,069
Landgrave, Adrienne $59,925
Larson-Dranter, Ronda $89,132
Lingl, Julie $46,606
Litsogannis, Gayle $60,632
Lulek, Judith $67,759
Lynch, Debra $111,917
Lynch, Priscilla $50,415
Magyar, Tracy $47,129
Malnar, Nancy $52,990
Mankoff, Patricia $94,741
Manojlovic, Melissa $61,098
Maratea, Stephanie $57,069
Marx, Kenneth $99,685
McClafferty, Deborah $42,145
McCloskey, Corryn $52,774
McCusker, Christine $54,461
McKenna, Angela $58,545
McLoughlin, Brenda $57,935
McNaughton, Colleen $61,673
Means, Kathryn $50,749
Mehl, Kenneth $89,484
Mercer, Daryl $52,203
Meyer, Suzanne $54,550
Milazzo, Samantha $48,693
Mitchell, Joanne $56,156
Murgas, Kristin $60,419
Myers, Wendy $75,529
Nenn, David $68,298
Nevin, Michelle $66,626
Nievera, Brian $51,347
Nilsen, Katherine $58,127
Nilsson, Diana $78,617
Norwood, Lorraine $89,009
O'Rozco, Beverly $52,033
Olipra, Amy $53,118
Osmani, Shqipe $56,299
Pavilonis, Pamela $86,653
Perkins, Emily $54,011
Peterson-Masters, Geraldine $65,341
Phelan, Megan $50,749
Picciola, Cynthia $69,347
Picciola, Kristin $58,138
Pierce, Marcilene $100,346
Pitlik, Dana $75,894
Policht, Joanne $86,014
Rakoczy, Michelle $59,670
Raymond, Sonya $71,908
Regan, Julie-Kate $43,708
Reidy, Meghan $60,632
Reinke, Lorraine $56,702
Ricker, Timothy $194,366
Rickerson, Laura $64,837
Robinson, Shelley $50,593
Rodewald, Gina $109,862
Ruane, Susan $52,987
Ryan, Shawn $69,509
Salazar, Michelle $46,780
Saulys, Laurie $82,751
Schmit, Helen $50,208
Schutter, Eva $40,513
Scott, Susan $90,650
Seidelman, Lori $47,309
Sharko, Susan $49,913
Sifling, Donna $73,977
Simmons, Kristy $45,308
Simon, Tracy $69,339
Singer, Randi $55,792
Sisto, Joseph $42,012
Slager, Carrie $58,429
Slee, Catherine $106,161
Smith, Elizabeth $73,747
Sotiros, Antigoni $63,713
Stateman, Diane $81,110
Staudt, Mary $92,019
Steffan, Renee $51,703
Stewart, Samantha $46,308
Stiehr, Matthew $49,926
Talaga, Ryan $42,594
Tannheimer, Kathleen $47,093
Turyna, Tracy $40,992
Vander Heide, Stacey $47,969
Villasenor, Lori $49,185
Vladovich, Mary $69,361
Vorel, Kelli $64,894
Walker, Ann $76,782
Williams, Jack $72,085
Willis-Kantz, Anne $46,722
Wulczyn, Susan $114,005
Zaremski, Debra $69,523
Zarris, Stefanie $45,361
Zolecke, Anna Marie $56,655


  1. Wow! Did they say what the "disciplinary action" was? I hope his parents sue the heck out of that teacher and school.

    clearly, our schools aren't teaching critical thinking, despite their claims to the contrary. They barely teach the "3 R's" anymore!

  2. The textbooks are getting more and more left-wing, anti-American. Texas said nuts to them and special, more realistic texts had to be marketed for Texas and since it is such a large market they are available elsewhere now. Parents in Naperville just objected to the left-wing propagandistic nature of their kids social studies text, but were shot down by the school board -- probably teachers' union dominated.


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