Thursday, August 18, 2011

Illegal Aliens Spawning Chicago Hit And Run Epidemic?

Illegal Alien Hit and Run Suspect

According to Jon Hilkevitch's August 15th report in the Chicago Tribune, Chicago isn't a very safe place to walk.

Over the period 2004-2009, 18,377 pedestrians were mowed down by cars here. And the report noted that about 2 hit-and-run crashes resulting in a pedestrian getting maimed or killed occur every day in Chicago

"Among the more troubling findings of the study commissioned by the Chicago Department of Transportation is that an average of two hit-and-run pedestrian crashes resulting in deaths or injuries take place each day in Chicago. Hit-and-runs account for 33 percent of vehicle-pedestrian collisions and 41 percent of those that are fatal, double the national average, officials said.

That's 5,534 hit-and-runs over the five-year stretch, causing 3,683 deaths and injuries, officials said."

That's a disturbing statistic: Chicago has twice the national average rate of hit-and-run incidents where pedestrians are maimed or killed.
Dennis McCann,
Killed by illegal alien driver 

But the ever-politically correct Mr. Hilkevitch and his Chicago Tribune bosses don't bother to ask why.

With half a million illegal aliens in the state and most in "sanctuary city," Chicago, it would be a fair speculation that they are the cause of the wildly above average rate of fatal hit-and-runs here.

The average sentient citizen is eminently cognizant of the victimization of the populace by illegal alien drivers, but of course, the Tribune wouldn't dare systematically look into the phenomenon for fear of what it might find.

But there is no shortage of salient examples.

For example:

--- Chicago Police Officer Michael Gordon lost his life in August 2004 to an illegal alien drunk driver. Officer Gordon was in the driver's seat of his squad car when it was struck by Luis Calle, a Guatemalan, whose blood alcohol level was 0.177, twice the legal limit.

--- Just this past June 10, William "Dennis" McCann, 66, a long-time Chicago insurance agent and graduate of Mendel High School was run down and killed in Logan Square by Saul Chavez, an illegal alien driving without a license and having 4x the legally allowable blood alcohol level.

In fact there is an entire on-line memorial to the American victims of illegal alien criminals -- many of the Americans having been killed by hit-and-run illegal alien drivers.

Everybody knows this is going on. But the Chicago Tribune won't even ask why illegal alien "sanctuary city" Chicago ranks so astronomically high in hit-and-run fatalities for pedestrians.

In its monumental lack of curiosity, the Tribune is engaged in a de facto coverup. In this its editors are nothing less than criminal abettors -- pimps, if you will.


  1. Good Lord! TWICE the national average?! I knew it was bad but I didn't realize it was that bad!

    Yes, the Trib starts to look almost negligent, these beings who insist that they are responsible for reporting the news, forcing their embedded selves into military front lines, revealing the whereabouts of a president who may be the target of a terrorist attack, they get pretty picky with their facts, don't they?

  2. The Tribune is hopeless. People AND conservative candidates should simply boycott it. It owns a spanish language newspaper so it has a $$$$ interest in more and more illegal aliens here. Funny, it doesn't mention its financial interest - for the sake of full disclosure - when reporting its lies and half-truths on immigration and cultural matters.

  3. Seems like when it comes to dealing with illegal aliens the government and media look the other way. Its obvious that the middle class taxpayers opinions regarding enforcement of immigration laws doesn't matter! To those above all that matters is money and votes, not what's right!!!


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