Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Ill-Educated Public School Teachers

Prof. Walter Williams

This past Monday, George Mason University Professor, Walter Williams told WLS talk hosts Wolf and Proft that our public high school teachers are generally, the most intellectually challenged, least accomplished, essentially stupid students turned out by our nation's colleges.

The renowned African-American Professor of Economics at 9:55 into the interview said:

"Schools of Education are the slums of academia.

"If you look at SAT scores, the students with the lowest SAT scores become education majors. The professors in the Schools of Education are the least academically respected faculty on the college campuses.

"Students who do graduate with a degree in the College of Education, if they go on to take the LSAT to get into law school or the GRE to get into professional school or the MCATs to get into medical school score the lowest of any students in these graduate exams.

"It just shows there's not a lot of academic quality among people who are educationists."

The Chicago Lampoon has published more than a dozen complete lists of teachers with their salaries from area schools this past year and will do so again in the coming academic year.

The publication of the, usually very bloated, salaries of these unionized government workers usually provokes a wave of outraged comments from the taxpayers who subsidize their above average incomes.

It has also provoked a gaggle of teachers' union apologists from the education establishments to post comments justifying the big salaries.

And one of the most common apologias is that the teaching salarymen very often have advanced degrees. Usually Masters degrees from some school of education.

Which advanced degrees according to Professor Williams, in real academic terms, aren't worth a warm pool of spit.