Monday, June 27, 2011

Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2011: Jan Schakowsky sans Her Rainbow Hot Pants

The Gay Pride crowd was very colorful

Yesterday I saw my first ever Chicago gay pride parade. I hadn't planned on going, but while cycling I just kind of stumbled into it. With Halsted and Broadway cordoned off and throngs of very colorful people streaming toward the street barricades, you really couldn't miss it.

And when I say colorful people, I'm not kidding.

Here's what I saw:

--- An apparent pizza enthusiast with his pizza order printed on his T-shirt. It said: "I'd like a large sausage."

--- A decidely un-military looking fat guy wearing Scottish camouflage kilts. Probably were army surplus from the Queen's Own Royal Scots Grenadiers, his apparent favourite military organization.
Camouflage kilts

--- Two avid lesbian members of the Wildlife Preservation movement showing their commitment to the cause with matching, "Beaver Patrol" T-shirts.

--- A rather large breasted girl with 2 body-painted arrows on her upper torso, one pointed at each of her melons along with the admonition: "Squeeze Me."

--- A 60-something gay male couple wearing only matching skin-tight  jockey shorts -- black with  rainbow waistbands -- apparently intended to share the contours of their sexagenarian buttocks' with the rest of us (EEEEEUUUUWWWW!!!)

--- An octagenarian Dawn Clark Netsch riding in an open car (EEEEEUUUUWWWW!!!)

I saw all this while planted at the corner of Cornelia & Broadway, near where someone had set up a University of Iowa alumni tent. One of the Hawkeyes there was a tall guy with chiseled movie-star good looks. He sported a black dago-T highlighted by a long strand of white pearls --  understated elegance, don't ya think?

Other things I noted:

--- The Chicago cops apparently give the gays a pass on open liquor consumption during the Pride parade. Everybody was drinking. Rahm's minions could have balanced the city budget in one swoop had they been issuing $50 tickets for this municipal infraction.

--- From Rahm and Pat Quinn down to water reclamation commissioners, a lot of Chicago pols rode in the event. There was not a single Republican -- after all there is not a single Republican elected official anywhere in Chicago.

--- Lefty Congresswoman, Jan Schakowsky's butt must be expanding uncontrollably or maybe the allegations of a lesbian tryst with a Turkish woman made her want to tone it down, but she didn't wear her customary gay rainbow hotpants this year, instead settling for a bulky blue and white dress. Her felon husband, Bob Creamer held down the rear of her large parade entourage by driving her sound truck.
Socialist Dem. Jan Schakowsky
never misses the Gay Pride parade

--- Liberal lakeshore State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chgo) played a campy cross-dresser, throwing out mardi gras beads from her open car in a multi-colored wedding gown, complete with veil

--- Liberal Dem States Attorney, Anita Alvarez came costumed as a policewoman dominatrix. But she seemed uncomfortable in the role, kind of shyly cowering near the back of her float. Her numerous assistant States Attorneys on the float seemed to more than compensate for her lack of enthusiasm.

--- Liberal Rogers Park Alderman, Joe Moore, was a no-show, but his campaign sound truck treated the throng to a rousing rendition of ABBA's "Dancing Queen."

--- For all the hoopla over the artistry of the gay community, I didn't see a single live musical act or marching band (one group marched around banging on drums) only canned music from machines.

--- There was a large contingent of gay unionized Chicago Public school teachers marching there and a very large contingent of Chicago public librarians.

The funniest line I heard while standing on the sidelines was when the Chicago Cubs trolley car rolled by and a guy near me said to his boyfriend, "Oh look --- gay Cubs fans." The boyfriend retorted: "No, the Cubs are gay."

With the Cubs playing .403 ball, 12 games behind in the NL Central, who can argue with that?


  1. The UIC Pep Band was there playing away!!! However, the were near the end and got re-routed on Clark street, which was really too bad.

  2. Well there's always that. But normally bands are main attractions for parades and get premium placement. Why was there an endless dreary procession of Chicago pols in the top spots?

  3. The Cubs are gay. ROFLMAO! Okay, that really was funny. :)

    Sounds like a, um, colorful time. Dig the camo kilt.

  4. Joe and Barbara Moore marched in the parade! I was with them marching behind Barb's banner as she is running for Water Reclamation District. How'd you miss us?!

  5. Sorry, I just saw the van and some people marching around it, and I know what Joe Moore looks like. He must have been off to the side shaking hands or something.

  6. Dago Tee is highly derogative. But of course Italians are not so touchy about these things unlike Gays and other minorities who would consider any derogative statement against them a hate crime.

  7. You're probably right. We all, Italians and non-Italians alike, used to call them dago-Ts in grammar school and I'm not enough of a fashion trendy to have been able to think of another word to describe them.


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