Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After Gold Coast Mob Attacks MLB, ISRA Say Beware of Chicago

The public's ability to believe the mainstream Chicago news media and city government over the actual extent of the black youth mob violence on the North side has been shredded over the past week.

First frumpy-haired liberal Chicago Tribune columnist, Mary Schmich argued in a June 8th column that the paper had no obligation to tell us that the perpetrators were all blacks. She quoted a Tribune editor as saying that since he didn't think the crimes were racially motivated, the race of the perps was not newsworthy.

Then black, former CHA dweller Dawn Turner Trice seconded that in her Tribune column telling us that disclosing the racial identities of the thugs would make her son and his little black buddies feel bad when walking downtown en masse.

Then several Chicago Cops went on WLS radio saying that the city itself was covering up the extent of the black on white violence for fear of hurting downtown business.
Frumpy liberal Schmich

So who can you believe?

Several independent groups have no interest in PC spin and they are telling their members to be very careful in Chicago --- or just plain stay away.

Major League Baseball orally advised teams travelling to Chicago to beware of the breakdown in public order near their hotels.

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued a "Travel Advisory" warning its members to avoid Chicago.

Loyola University warned its students to be very careful after attacks at the Red Line el stop near their Water Tower campus.

The PAWS animal rescue group cancelled a lakefront event, fearing for the safety of participants.

And the Chicago Lampoon has issued a travel advisory to itself to avoid the Lakeshore bike path between Hollywood and the Loop this year.

After logging at least 500 miles on it last summer, this year I'm going to avoid it and use the North suburban Evanston to Lake Forest, Green Bay Trail bike path.

I hope I won't be  making Dawn Turner Trice's son and his band of little black buddies feel bad.


  1. Good Lord. This is bad. How can people keep pretending that things are so wonderful here?! I'll never understand.

  2. Chicago is the next Detroit. The CTA is no-go for most folks nowadays

  3. I forgot about the CTA. I have issues a travel advisory to myself to avoid the CTA trains. And I laugh every time one of the eco-nuts starts lecturing us on the need to use public transportation. Altho, come to think of it, they may have a point. If we are killed on the CTA it will reduce our carbon footprint to zero.

  4. BTW, the University of Chicago has also issued a warning.

  5. What difference does it make what race?? Most whites assume its black or Hispanic anyway. You have to beware most groups of kids.

  6. Objective journalism is supposed to report who, what where and when and let the reader decide what is important or not. Why do these media elites think it right to exclude some pertinent facts? They demand that police keep records of race to avoid "racial profiling."


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