Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dying WGN Radio Resorts To Leftist Cheap Shot Artistry: Look Out WCPT

I was only listening to WGN Radio on a Sunday afternoon because WFMT was playing some aphonic modern Slavic stuff and the better AM stations were clogged with sports coverage. After the Wisconsin Badgers football season is over, I have no interest in that.

So now I find that WGN, which now touts a laughably low 23rd place rating on the December mobile Arbitron scores, seems to have decided to bolster its market share by shooting for some of the crumbs of listenership held by the Pravda-like, radical leftist, Air America remnant, WCPT.

They most recently did this last Sunday afternoon with some odd audial abomination called the “Alex and Amy Show.”

This features two WGN neophytes named Alex Quigley and Amy Guth.

Combined they boast no experience in serious public policy analysis, but that hasn't seemed to stop them from playing journalistic blowhards on WGN's megawattage.

Quigley is a person who has no business whatever of being in this position. According to renowned Chicago media critic, Robert Feder, his only recent on-air experience consists of having been a promotional shill for what Feder called, “The Tribune's infomercial for its blog network.”

Prior to this, Quigley was a wannabe.

At the University of Illinois, he was a wannabe jock who spent his time on campus as the ball boy and tee carrier for the punters and place kickers.

He may have spent time with the real jocks in the showers, as well – male bonding – you know.

And then he spent time as a wannabe Grease Man or Howard Stern, playing a blissfully ignorant, fat and happy, record-spinning, cool-dude, shock jock on various FM stations.

Now he has decided that he wants to become a serious commentator on matters of serious public polity.

WGN radio, in its ratings death throes seems to have said, “Why the hell not?”

So this jockish shower room towel snapper now has access to 32 states on the WGN radio airwaves each Sunday afternoon.

His general level of intellectual intake seems to extend no further than the 7.5 column inches of the daily AP copy in the Tribune's “RedEye.” giveaway newspaper for dummies. Or the e-mail talking points that he most assuredly gets from the Daily Kos and Move-On.Org hatemongers.

This would be a matter of no consequence, save for what this clown did last Sunday.

Less than 24 hours after the smoke from the gunpowder had cleared the air in Tuscon, AZ – after the murder of 6 fellow humans – this lamebrain, Alex Quigley was on the air blaming the tragic event on ….......... SARAH PALIN!!!!!


He was also blaming it on all conservative talk radio hosts and conservative elected officials and anyone else who may have ever expressed an opinion outside of the realm of that approved by leftist-liberal orthodoxy.

When I heard this I was shocked.

My response to the murders was, after all, what any natural and decent American felt. We were still grieving over these events.

Comrade Quigley was politicizing them.

And then in Orwellian style, he wantonly asserted that people who didn't agree with Obama had dangerously “politicized” the public discourse.

He began an on-air diatribe blaming the event on the “climate of hate” created by Sarah Palin and other conservatives – mostly radio personalities.

A dispassionate analysis of fact played no role here. Quigley blithely impugned the character of an entire class of Americans and implied their complicity in the acts of a crazed gunman. We learned, however, on Tuesday from friends of the gunman that he was either apolitical or leftist in orientation, never listened to conservative talk radio and certainly had no respect for the views of Ms. Palin.

But, Quigley, not one to worry his block head with trifles like facts, plowed right ahead with his talking point-induced, blood libel against Palin – who was probably out innocently shooting moose and peering at the coastline of Russia when the events in Arizona were going down

The previous Sunday, this quasi-educated clown, Quigley, displayed his cheap-shot radical-liberal inclinations by running an on-air multiple choice contest, for which he awarded Tribune Corporation subsidized prizes to the winners.

One of the questions mocked Governor Palin.

Another mocked conservative talk show hosts.

What is most disturbing is that this may represent a growing leftward trend in WGN radio policy.

With its ratings tanking to unprecedented lows, WGN veep Tom Langmyer has fired its lone libertarian-conservative voice, Jerry Agar, (a serious man who is an analyst for the Illinois Public Policy Institute), inserted the trite “Alex and Amy” in his old timeslot and appointed this knee-jerk lefty goofus, Quigley, as “assistant program director.”

One hopes that that this title is a function of a cheapskate radio organization handing out meaningless titles in lieu of cash.

It had better be.

And one other thing, Alex Quigley.

Mark Levin, a nationally syndicated talk show host on the # 1 Chicago AM station, WLS, and a former attorney in the Reagan Justice Department said that he will sue any radio talker who accuses him of being complicit in the Arizona murders ---just as you did last week with regard to Sarah Palin and conservatives in general.

Levin said that he will sue any such lefty talker and his parent organizations. He will depose them, not settle out of court and expose them for the frauds that they are.

So hey, smart guy, Quigley.

Just dare to cast the same foul aspersions on Levin as you did on Palin and other conservatives last week.

I'd love to see your big fat Illini ass squirming on the docket.

But you won't dare, will you, wannabe jock-boy?

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  1. This guy sounds like a total tool. Just like most of the rest of them.

    I think Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh should start jangling the court doors over this - it's just simply gone too far and these left-wing nutcases need to be taught a lesson about what happens when you go off half-cocked accusing people of things that aren't true.

    It's libel in print, it's slander in speech. I'd go for lawsuits in both.


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