Friday, January 22, 2010

Cougar Controversy in IL GOP House Race

With the jobless rate hitting 11 per cent, with a widespread fear and loathing of the 9 month effort to craft a socialized medicine scheme and with Obama's approval rating hitting an historic low, the Republican candidates for Congress in the Illinois 12th Congressional District have decided to focus their energies and attention on the all important issue of COUGARS!!!

That's right, cougars -- as in middle aged women who lust after younger men.

The issue was raised by Republican candidate, Theresa Kormos (above right), an eminently somber-looking practical nurse who is from O'Fallon, IL and almost certainly wears sensible shoes

She has accused her opponent in the Republican primary, Tea-Party activist, Teri Davis Newman (above left) of being pro-cougar. She bases this worrisome charge on the fact that in 2008, Ms. Newman entered a competition to be the "Ask a Cougar," advice columnist for the River Front Times, a downstate alternative newspaper, which is much like the Chicago Reader in style and appearance.

Ms. Newman did not win the competition to become the Dear Abby of the downstate doyens of inter-generational dating, but Nurse Kormos said that Newman's pursuit of the job showed "extraordinarily bad judgement."

“I don’t want my potential Congressperson embracing the idea of being a cougar, and I hope the thousands of other people within the 12th Congressional District don’t either,” Nurse Kormos said. “I have been happily married for 30 years," she pointedly added.

"She has the personality of a wet sponge," Newman told a downstate newspaper. "The whole thing is crap-ola. A big bowl of crap-ola," she delicately added.

I have seen a photo of Nurse Kormos and I believe that she is telling the truth when she says she, herself, is no cougar. And she very definitely is no MILF, by any stretch of the imagination.

The two women are vying for the right to oppose 11 term incumbent Democrat Congressman Jerry Costello in what is usually a safe Democratic district which comprises the lower Southwest corner of the state, with East St. Louis and Carbondale as its largest cities.

So far, Costello has not weighed in on the cougar controversy.

Both women are self-described conservative pro-life candidates with Nurse Kormos touting her endorsement by the Illinois Federation for the Right to Life and Newman, a wedding planning consultant, endorsed by the IL Conservative Action Network.

The stunning GOP victory in the Massachusetts Senate race last week has reportedly struck fear into the hearts of a good number of Democrat House and Senate members.

The Dems, at least, can rest easy in the Illinois 12th -- once again, saved by the not-ready-for-prime-time Illinois Republicans.

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