Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicago Tourists Mugged by Trayvon Wannabees - Jesse J. Says Run Like Rabbits

Another exciting weekend in Chicago as an elderly tourist and her teen daughter were swarmed by a flash mob of budding young Trayvon Martins while shopping on the Mag mile.
When confronted by feral young black thugs,
just run like rabbits: Jesse Jackson to whites

They had only been in town for 4 hours before being surrounded by the feral offspring of assorted South Side black baby mamas who then stold their I Phone.

One of the white victims, a 15 year old Florida girl, decided to stand her ground, however, and bear hugged one of the miscreants holding on to him until police arrived.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the young gentleman, no doubt a CPS honors student, hit her repeatedly in the head and snarled, "We didn't take your phone, you white bitch, leave us alone."

But surely since the offender was black and the victim white, crack Democrat States Attorney Anita Alverez would never press hate crimes charges for this, now would she?

Meanwhile, across town at the Daley Center, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who himself has sired an illegitimate creature with a baby mama, told a gaggle of perpetual victims of white racism and big Trayvon Martin fans that white people should flee like rabbits when faced with assaults like the above mentioned.

As Jackson so eloquently and logically put it, "Someone says you have the right to eliminate someone you disagree or don't like, we need to end the stand your ground law so it doesn't end us," he said.

Earlier this week Barack Obama called for a national discussion on race. The mulatto chief executive said that he, himself, had once been made to feel bad when followed by store security guards because of his race.

Happily, the gang of South side black teens who mugged the 51 year old woman tourist and her 15 year old daughter weren't made to feel bad by being watched closely by cops while looking for prey on North Michigan Avenue.

That, of course, would be racial profiling and that would make them feel unwelcome on Chicago's once Magnificent Mile.


  1. I am so tired of the "We din do nuffin" crowd.

    Last night, Monday July 29, when I went to the store at 11PM there were Trayvons wandering all over the place. Standing at the corner of State & Division I heard one call out to his white woman, "Yo bitch". I assume he was pimping her. I passed two more prostitutes on my way back home.

    I am tired. I shouldn't have to put up with this garbage going on in front of the Division Street permanent evening police presence. And I especially object because the government will give a tax credit to any corporation for hiring any of them .... but not me.

  2. A little update on this -- the Tribune reported on August 12 that 3 20-something girls from Cincinnati were accosted by a gang of black teenagers while riding on one of those 4 seater rental bikes on the Lakeshore path. Had I-phone stolen, one girl sexually accosted.

    Cops caught one of them -- he was from the South side. Libune reported attack simply as being by "a group of teenagers."



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