Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chicago Catholics Should Boycott Collection Plate Over Racist Priest Pfleger

During the Victorian era in Great Britain, the Church of England was jokingly referred to as "The Tory Party at Prayer."

Racist Catholic Priest Pfleger fans
flames of black anti-white bigotry 

Today, in Chicago, the Catholic Church in Gresham, known as St. Sabina, could realistically be called, "The Black Panther Party at Prayer."

That is because that 11th ward Roman Catholic enclave labors under the absurd tutelage of the ecclesiatic egomaniac and overt anti-white racist, Fr. Michael Pfleger.

This liturgical lunkhead has been at it again.

Now, in the wake of the lawful acquittal of the Sanford, Florida community watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, for shooting a black miscreant in self defense, Pfleger weighs in to the Chicago Tribune calling the jury's action, "A travesty."

Of course, in so doing, Pfleger was helping to fan the flames of anti-white racial hatred that has led to scores of physical attacks on innocent white people across the country.

This is just the latest in the pipsqueak pastor's abuse of his status as an ordained Catholic priest.

In the past, he has used his pulpit to rail against the 2nd amendment to the US constitution -- actually threatening to kill a gun store owner.

He has gone on the leftist NPR to berate his Church and Cardinal.

He has turned his Catholic Church's pulpit over to the anti-American, anti-white bigot, Jeremiah Wright.

He has praised and defended the notorious black racist, white hating Jew-baiter, Louis Farrakhan.

Anti-whites Pfleger and Farrakhan

He has berated white parents for being legitimately concerned for their children's safety in black Chicago enclaves.

And most curiously, this celebate, unmarried Catholic cleric has legally adopted 2 black boys - again, in defiance of his Cardinal.

How the current Cardinal Francis George justifies this, in light of the Illinois Catholic Church's refusal to allow gay men and women to adopt children, truly defies comprehension.

The milquetoast Cardinal George has repeatedly refused to discipline this clown.

Perhaps white Chicago Catholics, who are the financial mainstay of his diocese should send his church a message by the simple expedient of boycotting the Sunday collection plate until the racist bigot Pfleger is sent packing.

Maybe then the eunich Chicago Catholic Cardinal will be forced to grow a pair.


  1. Reminds of the Sunday that his Eminence came to celebrate our Centennial. I greeted him and asked him to teach us the imprecatory prayers, to teach us to pray like he's got a
    'pair'. His jaw dropped and he was speechless. I just went on in to get ready for mass. No need to spoil the occasion.
    Psalm 69 seems to be about right but I was told this Sunday that those psalms are not included in our prayer books.

  2. Bishops are, for all practical purposes, politicians and George is a consummate pol.

    He seems always looking for "consensus."

    Too bad he's not more like PM Maggie Thatcher who said "I am not motivated by consensus, but rather conviction."

  3. When I first started reading I wondered if you were going to touch on this tasty tidbit:

    And most curiously, this celibate, unmarried Catholic cleric has legally adopted 2 black boys - again, in defiance of his Cardinal.

    Add this in:

    In 1997, Pfleger became the foster father to Jarvis Franklin, who was killed by stray gunfire on May 30, 1998.

    And yes America, Tayvon could have been Pfleger's foster son.

    What caught my eye in a image of Pfleger the other day was that he was wearing a RL Polo oxford cloth shirt. For someone who has taken a vow of poverty, $100+ shirts seem excessive when LLBean would suffice. Now it may have been a gift, but I doubt it because I don't trust him. I think he has something on somebody, and that it is the reason he was not dismissed long ago.

    Cardinal Francis George is a topic better left for another discussion.

    1. Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. I hadn't realized. I guess I was distracted by Pfleger's quasi Elvis-era ducktail hairdo and the fact that he speaks with a black ghetto accent these days. Strange dude, that.


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