Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Paul "Iscariot" Ryan Stumps in Chicago For Open Borders

A friend of mine who is a foreign correspondent for a major American daily put it as succinctly as only a non-American could.

The American socialist Left, he said, has been pushing 3rd world immigration because they want a big, ignorant lumpen proletariat as a lever for seizing and securing permanent power.

"Little Looey" Gutierrez and
Paul Iscariot Ryan yesterday in Chicago

The Left has known that for some time, but Politico just spelled it out by showing how the proposed Senate amnesty bill would solidify Democratic Party power.

So, just as it has in California, the 3rd worlders as American voters would effect the end of the Republican party as a viable force in US politics.

But after yesterday's foray into Chicago by Republican Paul Iscariot Ryan, I'm not so sure that is necessarily that bad a thing.

Yesterday, we were presented with the really ridiculous picture of alleged conservative, Congressman Paul Iscariot Ryan, standing arm in arm with lefty Chicago Congressman and big open-borders fan, "Little Looey" Luis Gutierrez while being blessed by a phalanx of lefty Roman Catholic Priests.

Now we know what the priests have to gain from the amnesty of many millions of Mexican illegals and their voluminous relatives not yet here.

They hanker for the tinkle of pesos and the sweet swish of Yanqui dollars falling into their collection plates.

They salivate at the prospect of having hordes of uneducated and semi-literate parishioners who would think they were a big deal with all their book learnin' and holy black robes and such.
Priests hanker for the sweet swish of Yanqui dollars in collection plates

And we have already discussed what Little Looey and his socialist cabal have to gain -- power -- lots of it -- unassailable and permanent.

But just what's in it for Paul Iscariot Ryan and the middle America he purportedly represents?

For one thing a dilution of their electoral voice into permanent minority status.

And with that, a diminution of their American citizenship into near meaninglessness.

Anne Coulter encapsulated it brilliantly the other day:

"Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration act so dramatically altered the kinds of immigrants America admits that, since 1969, about 85 percent of legal immigrants have come from the Third World. They bring Third World levels of poverty, fertility, illegitimacy and domestic violence with them. When they can't make it in America, they simply go on welfare and sometimes strike out at Americans.

During the three years from 2010 through 2012, immigrants have committed about a dozen mass murders in this country, not including the 9/11 attack.

The mass murderers were from Afghanistan, South Korea, Vietnam, Haiti, South Africa, Ethiopia and Mexico. None were from Canada or Western Europe."

Hey Paul Iscariot Ryan - what your selling, we're not buying.

As "Amnesty George" Bush arrogantly put it before his comparable illegal alien amnesty measure was shot down by the American people in 2007, "I'll see you at the bill signing."

That, of course never came.

So Paul Iscariot, "we'll see you at the bill signing."


  1. not agreeing or disagreeing at this point. I want to know where those statistics are - proof of what Ann Coulter said. I'd like to be able to push them into some bleeding heart faces. but they need to be legit facts.

    1. The best sources for statistics on virtually any aspect of the immigration invasion are the Social Contract Press (it has voluminous searchable archives)

      and Numbers USA --

      Believe me, Coulter isn't fabricating those stats -- they're generally far worse than most people can even imagine.

      Numbers USA has analyzed the Senate Amnesty bill and it appears that we would have 33 million more people here as a result -- all eligible for welfare benefits in most states as they would then be legally defined as "lawfully present" in the US and that's the legal standard for welfare eligibility most everywhere.

    2. Here are the facts that Coulter cites:

      Now either shut up or report back to us after you've gone out and given this info to "bleeding hearts."


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