Friday, March 15, 2013

Glenview School District 34 to Parents: Buzz Off -- SD 34 Teachers' Salaries Listed

Whenever we hear reports of declining academic achievement, the immediate response of the unionized teachers is "It's not our fault - the parents need to get involved." or "We can't be educators, nursemaids and surrogate parents -- the parents need to get involved."

Glenn Farkas & Family: The Glenview SD 34
establishment told him to "Buzz Off"
Just Google the term "Parental involvement in schools" and hundreds of articles and even full blown studies come up -- many from the teachers unions themselves -- talking about the vital need for parental involvement in the schools.

Not so in Glenview Public School District 34.

The megabucks education establishment there is telling area parents: Just shut up and pay your taxes.

Were referring here to the absurd Machiavellian lengths that the Glenview District 34 school establishment went to keep one parent, Glenn Farkas, off the ballot when he put his name forward to serve on his childrens' school board there.

You see Farkas has two kids in the Glenview government schools and he wanted to get involved in their education by offering himself for the school board.

So he went about the laborious process of collecting signatures of area voters for the requisite nominating petitions and filing them at the prescribed time to qualify to be on the ballot for the April 26th election.

But the insiders of the District 34 education establishment were having none of that.

They didn't want their cozy school board gigs upset by the complications posed by an election. And just who is this upstart parent anyway?

So the incumbent SD 34 board members and their staff pulled every bit of Chicago-styled-ward-heeler chicanery they could muster to disqualify Farkas.

SD 34 School Bd. Political Boss and
svelte fashion plate, Martha O'Connell

First, one Martha O’Connell, the svelte fashion plate, chief political enforcer and President of the District 34 Caucus -- (the political party of the incumbent educrats) -- challenged the authenticity of the signatures Farkas submitted.

This consummate political hack even challenged the authenticity of the signature of Farkas' own wife.

The Cook County Clerk told O'Connell she was blowing smoke and ruled that Farkas' petitions were OK.

So then, Boss O'Connell said Farkas should be thrown off the ballot because his 11 pages of petitions weren't fastened with a paperclip.

Farkas said his papers were fastened with a paperclip. An office clerk whose salary is paid by SD 34's said there was no paperclip - as required by election law. Farkas said there was a paperclip when he gave it to SD 34's hireling.

So the dispute went to the SD 34 "Board of Elections" which consists of incumbent School Board members from the very Caucus that Farkas wants to run against -- School Board members Julie Schechtman and Sue Ellen Bohae Galligan --- as well as one of their paid employees -- Dawn Scaramuzza, School Board secretary.

That panel had all the objectivity of a Stalin-era Soviet Star Chamber.

Bd. Member Julie Schectman voted to
keep Farkas from running against her
own party's incumbent board members

And SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! -- The SD 34 kangaroo court declared Farkas’ candidacy was invalid -- because his petitions had no paperclip.

So now, concerned parent, Glenn Farkas, faces the far more daunting prospect of running as a write-in candidate. But to his great credit, he's going to take up the challenge and is now organizing for the April 26th election.

And make no mistake about it, that Glenview School District 34 is badly in need of new blood.

The District has 2 middle schools, Attea and Springarn and 6 others for the lower grades, Glen Grove. Henking, Hoffman, Lyon, Pleasant Ridge and Westbrook.

And the district is on the verge of going broke.

The current school board and its political "caucus" are in the thrall of the powerful teachers unions who are fighting any kind of meaningful spending cuts, tooth and nail.

And why wouldn't they? After all, they're in fat city at the taxpayers expense.

Here are some highlights of the SD 34 salaries which have resulted from the school board's cave-in to the teachers' union:

-- $88k for a grammar school art teacher (no starving artists here)
-- $90k and $96k for  social workers at Lyon's Elementary and Westbrook
--  $91k and $97k for kindergarten teachers
--  a cool $100k to teach French to 7th graders
--  gym teachers pulling down $104k and $102k (but the one at Pleasant Ridge has a PhD. -- just how does one go about getting a PhD in kickball?)
-- $78k for a grammar school drama teacher (Did they manage to snare Stanislavsky?)
-- $101k and  $80k to teach ESL to grammar school students
-- a $92k grammar school librarian

And of course, there is the usual array of six figure salaries for the administrators, tops being  the superintendent's $298k.

Here from the Family Taxpayers' Foundation, which filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, are the names and latest available salaries of all employees of Glenview School District 34. You can get particulars, such as specialty and years of employment by clicking on the individual's name:

Employee Salaries - Glenview CCSD 34 - 2011 

Abram, Diane $62,966
Allen, Elizabeth $82,083
Alonzi, Mary Rose $58,019
Amaden, Karin $71,737
Anderko, Colleen $50,288
Andrews, Paulette $83,678
Armorer, Aliya $78,250
Aronow, Natalie $81,080
Asplund, Sara $24,774
Astorino, Elissa $88,052

Awe, Carol
Babcock, Kim $50,595
Baldwin, Mary Louise $78,250
Banas, Amy $34,888
Baumgartner, Kathryn $54,200
Beauregard, Leanne $53,790
Beck, Kathleen $85,273
Bellazzini, Kyle $38,827
Bentle, Julie $62,664
Bergmann, Laila $65,842
Berlin, Judith $94,565
Beyer, Sabina $71,533
Biegel, Stephanie $39,221
Bielenda, Andrew $37,651
Biller, Cecilia $56,703
Birsa, Beth $51,532
Bitonti, Antonette $40,555
Boczek, Julie $96,712
Bolotin, Linda $94,226
Booth, Lauren $38,610
Brass, Benjamin $53,522
Bratko, Kacie $44,351
Brinkman, Amy $44,901
Brockob, Dena $45,451
Brouilette, Monica $47,030
Brown, Ami $52,910
Brown, Linda $90,568
Brown, Melissa $93,224
Brown, Melissa $42,409
Brown, Nancy $95,477
Brown, Wendy $67,762
Buehler, Bonnie $106,248
Buzard, Barbara $67,406
Buzard, Scott $116,981
Campisano, Robyn $57,370
Caplan Pierce, Mara $62,587
Carey, Jenna $38,586
Carlson, Olga $51,481
Carlson, Rachael $58,789
Carson, Kathryn $44,517
Carter, Kathleen $79,016
Ceprnich, Natalie $52,886
Cerniak Lewis, Nicole $69,925
Choo, Jung $58,435
Christensen, Janet $88,793
Chrul, Michelle $49,430
Chun, Amy $43,555
Ciske, Danae $59,699
Ciurus Major, Genee $72,153
Clarke, Susan $78,250
Clifford, Pamela $115,707
Cohen, Patricia $85,631
Collins, Madeline $49,420
Collins, Mary $45,412
Collins, Philip $180,541
Considine, Kirsten $80,027
Corrigan, Margaret $104,866
Crane, Katrina $58,155
Crouse, Jessica $49,906
Cunard, Carol $98,929
Czerwionka, Kathleen $75,519
Daly, Stephanie $71,589
Daniels, Mark $94,967
Daudelin, Lindsay $54,504
Davidson, Rachel $89,821
Davitz, Helene $79,838
Dean, Rebecca $94,226
Deerfield, Tracey $40,359
Dempsey-Lien, Erin $57,822
Dernulc, Heather $30,979
Dhamer, Katherine $51,058
DiBiaso, Wendy $72,160
Diekman, Linda $55,366
Dobias, Susan $79,519
Doetsch, Caryl $96,794
Dorken, Kevin $129,109
Dorken, Linda $47,222
Dowden, Michael $54,286
Downey, Lisa $75,519
Duel, Suzanne $68,239
Dzianott, Marek $89,375
Ehresman, Andy $78,071
Eiseman, Samantha $62,909
Engel, Jill $218,907
Engle, Brian $128,268
Ergang, Allison $60,625
Evans, Melissa $75,949
Evans, Talia $58,567
Faermark, Deborah $79,841
Fecarotta, Michele $52,222
Felman, Jennifer $53,043
Field, Michael $86,079
Fifield, Emily $64,737
Fleming, Kathleen $77,299
France, Paul $37,651
Franks, Ronda $84,013
Fresen, Sharon $61,273
Friedman, Jennifer $26,003
Gean, Laura $87,535
Geist, Julie $27,643
Gerding, Clare $48,876
Ghorbani, Molly $40,092
Ginis, Emmanuel $42,850
Ginis, Eva $57,370
Glim, Zachary $45,675
Golaszewski, Sandra $41,204
Gordon, Joanne $47,831
Grammas, Dina $58,509
Greco, Amy $84,013
Greene, Allison $53,892
Grodecki, Kathryn $44,300
Groesch, Wendy $94,104
Grossman, Rachel $87,052
Grossman, Stacey $42,500
Guinan, Jillienne $68,308
Guzman, Jessica $41,802
Hall, Cherise $91,472
Hamel, Melinda $10,315
Hamilton, Kathleen $75,535
Hart, Kathleen $0
Hartnett, Mark $38,827
Hausman, Valerie $79,637
Heger, Stacey $49,332
Hegna, Kimberly $44,631
Heilwagen, Colleen $56,388
Henderson, Ellen $75,519
Hennessy, Megan $49,611
Henning, Sara $68,762
Henry, Penny $91,534
Herbst, Kerry $64,118
Hild, Lisa $81,080
Hill, Gerald $297,851
Hinton, Janet $105,946
Hinton, Lori $139,825
Hoch, Kristen $59,947
Hockman, Mary $100,487
Hoeft, Patrick $43,533
Hoey, Caroline $61,956
Hogendorp, Melissa $53,510
Holcomb, Mark $93,727
Holt-Turner, Ilene $87,635
Hopkins, Heather $166,033
Horban, Diane $99,688
Horn, Dana $47,831
Hove, Tara $54,006
Howard, Cameron $37,651
Hoyland, Mary $33,697
Huck, Allison $47,187
Hughes, Heather $53,234
Hugill, Krista $40,275
Humbert-Nathaus, Elisabeth $67,756
Iannotti, Laura $45,758
Isaacson, Samantha $61,985
Jansen, Dawn $56,090
Jasonowicz, Theresa $95,458
Jedlink, Judith $75,921
Jones, David $104,033
Jones, Robert $101,492
Juozaitis, Kristin $63,104
Kabat, Nancy $90,969
Kaiz, Jason $120,490
Kalkounos, Katey $71,590
Kalogeropoulos, Mary $62,096
Kaner, Holly $54,795
Keefe, Megan $61,780
Keller, Alison $51,038
Kelley, Sean $80,670
Kelley, Tracey $76,002
Kemper, Jacqueline $97,116
Kenneally, Geraldine $81,080
Kieronski, Jason $51,123
Kim, Joanne $84,013
Kimura, Teresa $92,318
Klassman, Brooke $40,755
Klein, Kari $40,092
Klever, Katrina $87,524
Koehler, Laura $67,111
Kolarik, Rebecca $41,232
Kolber, David $83,393
Kondiles, Dava $85,495
Konieczka, Kathryn $60,119
Korita, Dionne $91,664
Koszyk, Anita $91,674
Kraber, Brenda $104,033
Kreiseder, Jennifer $60,197
Krieser, Christine $50,847
Kronborg Mogil, Erika $50,173
Krueger, Alissa $41,305
Kubit, Heather $75,202
Kudia, Anthony $65,774
Kulmakorpi, Maarit $26,898
La Penna, Shannon $38,116
Lacivita, Kristine $59,619
Lagos, Christine $66,957
Lake, Christine $54,603
Lakin, Allison $39,304
Landsman, Marla $63,707
Lange, Elizabeth $38,858
Lapping, Karyn $75,519
Larenas, Stephanie $41,675
Larenas, Steven $67,073
Larson-Hoye, Lisa $78,250
Lattanzio, Doree $29,850
Layfer, Linda $90,568
Lebitsky, Dana $39,506
Leckenby, Katherine $58,654
Leftwich, Rebecca $38,116
Leinbach, Bruce $91,221
Leiran, Harmony $71,984
Leister, Pamela $68,072
Lepper, Jessica $43,702
Levin, Jennifer $56,392
Levin, Lyndsey $52,629
Liewehr, Julie $45,113
Lindeman, Jessica $55,293
Lindner, Rhonda $78,612
Lindquist, Jeanne $59,619
Liszka, Karen $50,173
Lobello, Megan $55,000
Lord, Kelly $55,648
Louis, Jennifer $40,846
Lubeck, Deborah $119,905
Lund, Jennifer $65,467
Lundgren, Elizabeth $52,166
Lundsberg, Julie $56,654
Mahoney, Clare $39,125
Mahony, Jean $88,209
Malatesta, Kenneth $62,625
Malnor, Caroline $35,720
Manchanda, Nandita $77,602
Mangurten, Jory $68,078
Marcotte, Lorianne $57,420
Margaritondo, Anne Marie $24,878
Margolis, Eva $50,017
Mariano, Dominic $78,250
Martens, Christina $35,597
Mathews, Gillian $55,876
Matzkin, Ellen $78,250
McCarthy, Margaret $96,871
Mcintyre, Sharon $84,041
Mensing, Allison $40,275
Meredith, Debra $47,199
Meredith, Taylor $52,629
Michaels, Katherin $43,497
Mies, Katie $39,063
Miller, Kristi $49,856
Minogue-Berichon, Eileen $78,250
Mitas, Anastasia $54,661
Monastero, Elena $52,457
Monroe, Alma $93,385
Moon, Katrina $59,395
Morris, Jeffrey $80,419
Morris, Kerry $44,794
Munn, Elizabeth $52,188
Musslewhite, Susan $57,370
Myland, Sarah $42,501
Nanus, Gwyn $81,080
Naulty, Elizabeth $87,052
Nazim-Matuzik, Barbara $79,457
Neal, Emily $68,050
Nekola, Laura $91,556
Nelson, Jennifer $62,721
Neudecker, Patricia $96,212
Neuman, Susan $67,756
Newmark, Judith $62,537
Nicholson, Michael $180,951
Nitz, Daryl $94,401
Noonan, Amy $88,351
Norberg, William $92,487
Nordini, Lisa $76,860
Norton, Brittanny $50,192
Novales, Monica $39,063
Nowicki, Katherine $49,332
Nudelman, Paul $78,250
O'Malley, Maureen $62,257
Osborne, Anne $46,052
Osterhues, Elizabeth $27,430
Pagac, David $63,380
Pahati, Jennifer $60,715
Pallardy, Elizabeth $75,519
Parks, Allison $45,354
Partaker, Erin $61,791
Patitucci, Valentina $87,502
Patten, Abby $50,000
Pattengale, Kathleen $106,470
Paul, Robin $89,450
Perkins, Brooke $61,957
Pieczonka, Diana $51,179
Pleszkun, Elizabeth $84,254
Poehlmann, Debra $92,379
Pollard, Mary $52,146
Posner, Alex $97,784
Posner, Felicia $82,377
Potocnik, Kedra $61,957
Potter, Alisha Fran $28,837
Poulakos, Margarita $54,235
Poulakos, Pauline $67,756
Prawer, Melinda $67,756
Prinz, Hannah $42,183
Proehl, Ilona $66,327
Prutch, Aubrey $59,800
Pyle, Katherine $67,484
Quish, Nora $61,120
Raben, Susan $92,379
Rasof, Ellen $89,598
Ray, Marcy $57,430
Reatherford, Allison $85,500
Rehfeldt, Jason $88,583
Reihsmann, Kathryn $39,301
Rewers, Denise $54,482
Reynolds, Courtney $55,800
Rich, Brandon $89,883
Rich, Matthew $130,342
Richards, Sarah $61,957
Rinehart, Natalie $59,534
Riskin, Gary $88,214
Riskin, Shelley $98,677
Ristow, David $55,324
Robbins, Elizabeth $48,119
Roberts, Preston $68,118
Rodrigues, Verity $75,616
Rodriguez, Linda $44,300
Rodriguez, Oscar $52,056
Ronson, Jolene $101,993
Roseman, Rebecca $58,261
Rosenberg, Lindy $44,671
Rosenberg, Rose $40,384
Ross-Meridith, Nanette $85,419
Rottman, Frank $88,467
Roy, Andrew $64,818
Russell, Drew $38,866
Sainati, Deanna $90,568
Salkover, Sandra $79,477
Sarasin, Karen $82,490
Scanlan, Felecia $41,720
Schlesinger, Rachel $35,900
Schmidt, Andrea $53,715
Schmitt, Cortney $61,957
Schnarr, Gretchen $72,226
Schultz, Meghan $39,743
Schwartz, Elizabeth $96,111
Segiet, Debra $61,536
Serowka, Kristy $71,707
Shaw, Kimberly $94,226
Shein, Merle $65,478
Shellard, Deborah $58,596
Shiner, Dina $93,765
Shlensky, Alyssa $40,236
Shoub, Lauren $50,150
Shu, Yvonne $39,063
Shultz, Therese $92,379
Sidler, Kelly $39,167
Silva, Liliana $39,462
Skogsbakken, Kelly $55,205
Slocum, Mary $92,379
Smale, Lindsay $40,260
Smeltekop, Paula $84,013
Smith, Mary $94,120
Smith, Sarah $39,786
Smith-Peterson, Kathleen $96,111
Sneider, Susan $89,517
So, Audrey $69,144
So, Sue $51,179
Spina, Carly $45,776
Stewart, Wendy $40,555
Stockler, Ana $52,629
Stoga, Christopher $52,669
Stoltz, Edward $44,895
Strejc, Laura $57,370
Sukenik, Ivy $121,116
Sulak, Lisa $55,205
Swidler, Bradley $39,528
Takata, Barbara $59,249
Tangney, Jane $89,834
Tapia, Mary $71,533
Taylor, Leia $42,054
Teplinsky, Stacey $54,125
Terranova, Lisa $62,517
Thomas, Jessica $39,655
Thorne, Allyson $107,864
Tierney, Kristine $63,793
Tierney, Sharon $87,052
Toczycki, Anna $71,533
Topp, Debra $68,993
Tracz, Lori $92,379
Tripple, Julianne $40,898
Trsar, Rebecca $46,329
Tsoumas, Elizabeth $93,636
Tsuchiya, Madeleine $70,011
Turrell, Stephanie $44,769
Uhler, Lillian $59,095
Velie, Danielle $40,755
Vena, Helena $127,948
Vincenti, Robert $158,605
Vogel, Matthew $55,768
Von Boeckman, Megan $47,907
Vourvahis-Frake, Vasiliki $87,987
Walther, Mark $169,535
Ward, Emily $40,219
Warren, Cindy $52,629
Weale, Sarah $60,786
Weisbart, Victoria $75,519
Weiss O'Connor, Emily $67,888
Wellman, Kimberly $51,092
Welter, Julie $91,927
Wendt, Gary $51,791
West, Adrienne $51,823
Wetterman, Amanda $55,889
Williams, Janet $77,269
Wilson, Janine $54,897
Winter Auslander, Stacy $25,487
Witkowski, Marcela $20,001
Witte, Mary $72,718
Woell, James $135,854
Wojcik, Alicia $53,250
Wolfe, Patricia $87,172
Wu, Candice $54,204
Yacker, Judith $98,033
Yeook Kim, Maria $40,734
Zar, Stephanie $52,269
Zellmann, Scott $102,168
Zerull, Laura $43,150
Zettergren, Laura $55,205
Zimmer, Susan $76,652
Zolin, Susan $87,052


  1. The K-12 implosion can't come soon enough. Wait till this district starts hitting the taxpayers up for more money in another year. That Referendum is coming folks!

  2. Just wait till the state legislature tosses the pension hot potato back over to the local school district's taxpayers.

  3. The number of inaccuracies in this article are astounding!! Farkas has created a fantasy to detract from the real issues- that he is not qualified to be on the board.

    1. I see you didn't bother to ennumerate the inaccuracies you allege.

      But hey -- here's an idea -- how about we let Mr. Farkas on the ballot and have a free and open debate on these and other issues relating to the management of SD 34?

      A contested election with parental input -- what a novel idea!

  4. I'm trying to think why the school board members would stoop to such pettiness. Maybe it's just a case of "power corrupts."

  5. The winner of the most completely moronic comment award is in. It goes to an anonymous writer, who wrote:

    "It seems to me, by virtue of the ability to be a write in candidate, that Mr. Vargas is indeed on the ballot..."

    Obviously a product of the fevered cerebral exertions of one of those low-SAT score holders of a meaningless Doctorate in Education.

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  7. I agree that it seems like this person got an unfair deal during the board election, but why not focus on that instead of dragging teachers/educators into this? Seems a bit ironic to bemoan petty behavior while demonstrating... petty behavior.

    While teachers in this district may make more than other teachers (on average), you should factor that with the results. District 34 / 225 schools are highly rated. (225 is rated #2 in the state / 34 is ~top 11% in state. While there are probably districts that do better with less spending, usually you get what you pay for.

    I could somewhat understand complaints about expenditures if the results weren't there; however, that is not the case in this district.

    If you still really feel that these educators are fleecing people, why not put down your keyboard and go fill out an application and get one of those high paying, easy work, district jobs? Maybe you'll realize that many of those people got to where they are through many years of hard work, continuing education, and dedication to their students.


Comments invited, however anonymous commentors had better deal directly with the issues raised and avoid ad hominem drivel. As for Teachers' Union seminar writers -- forget about it.