Monday, April 23, 2012

Black Racists Attack White Kid In Oak Park While NU Nitwits Parse Words For PC

Last Friday, black thug Alton Hayes III and his black teen sidekick robbed and beat a white kid senseless in Oak Park because they were upset with the Trayvon Martin case. The two were exercising black racial revenge indiscriminately against any random "white boy," as they called their victim.

Alton Hayes III of Oak Park  charged with a felony
hate crime for  attack on a white man

At the very same moment, a dimwitted Northwestern University undergrad by the name of Dan Camponovo, who bears an uncanny resemblence to Flounder from the classic movie Animal House , was agonizing on the pages of the Daily Northwestern over the racism inherent in the term, "shady."

Flounder look-alike, Dan Camponovo
If you need further proof that the leftist academy has entirely lost its mind, just take a look at the imbecilic maunderings of this white boy Camponovo.

Young Camponovo was aghast when he overheard a person on the El refer to the area around White Sox park as a "shady neighborhood."

The sensitive NU lad somehow conjured up the notion that "shade" was somewhere in the misty past a pejorative term for negroes, hence in Camponovo's new PC world, we can no longer use the term shady without causing great offense.

I guess you can then add that to the term "niggardly." A Maryland teacher was fired for using that proper English word, derived from the Nordic, hnøggr, meaning stingy, during a discussion of school funding.

Proper English be damned, the PC catechism takes precedence!

Lithuanians on the Southwest side used to refer to blacks as "smokes." So I guess Camponovo and his co-religionists will now mount a crusade to purge our language of the use of smoke, smokey and smoke-filled room.

Heaven knows the psychic agony that use of such words could cause to tender African-American sensibilities.

At least as much as the physical agony suffered by an innocent white kid who was robbed and beaten within an inch of his life by two black racists -- egged on by the likes of malevolent knucklebrains like the Daily Northwestern's Camponovo.


  1. I have never been to Sox-35th, but then again I spend almost all of my time lying buried on the Atlantic Ocean floor. Is there shrimp there?

  2. i am a black man. and i agree with this article 100% for so-called "progressives", the truth hurts. Bridgeport is a shady neighborhood. so are Englewood, Austin, Humboldt Park, Auburn Gresham and Roseland.

  3. Thanks, Shaun. You know, I hung out with a black girl who had a Masters degree from the Garrett Seminary school at Northwestern University (didn't sleep with her although she was totally hot and I regret it to this day) and when she was offered a pastorate on the West side of Chicago, she turned it down because -- in her words -- "it was too dangerous."

    She preferred to live in the quietude, safety and comfort of Evanston, where she could assuage her conscience by blaming whitey for all the problems on the West side.

    Whatever happened to the strong black women and strong black men who would just go there, take the bull by the horns and work to improve the situation?

    I'm tired of being blamed for all this. If they don't care, why should I?

  4. Perhaps your black female friend that you thought was hot didn't not feel a social obligation to work in every black community just because they are black and she is black. You know what I mean? Comparatively, I always hear about the Appalachians being the poorest region in the country. When I was in grad school, my college had a fellowship that would even pay a portion of your tution if you went and worked with this community. A lot of my white peers said "no way Jose" to doing this, because it was in the middle of no where, and they felt that the culture was too different than theirs. Why do you think they wouldn't want to help their brothers and sisters?

    1. Fair enough point -- to a point -- but the analogy falls a bit flat. When was the last time you heard of white Americans preaching white racial solidarity? Stressing their shared "racial victimization"? Speaking of other whites as their "brothers and sisters"?Demanding that others step in and assume responsibility?

      I would guess never.

  5. You are right, except for the with groups who I assume we both agree racists (e.g. skinheads, kkk). Regardless I actually do not 100% believe in "Societal obligation". I feel like if you made it to college (which was the whole goal of the civil rights movement- social mobility), you should be able to do, or work with whoever you want. MJK jr. wanted Black kids to be whatever they wanted, even if that's a PHD in Russian Poetry. So, your friend decided Evanston is where she wants to preach. She's still helping people I guess, so no harm no foul right?

  6. Not so, as in the case of much of the rest of the "affirmative action" black elite, who often, with vastly inferior skills, were advanced beyond those of other racial groups because of the color of their skin.

    In fact this particular girl was always railing about "white male privilege," which is a racist slander on white men.

    Does that term -- so prevalent in the black racial victimization parlance -- apply to white males who arrived as immigrants 10 years ago from war-torn Bosnia?

    Should an essentially, functionally ignorant black woman who doesn't know on which continent Portugal is located, who never heard of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" be granted a Masters Degree at Northwestern University in preference over white male applicants for that same limited number of spots? And then is it morally right for her to go on to blame whites for all the problems of the black race -- yet refuse to go to trouble black neighborhoods and address them herself?

    I think not. And more than a few are getting quite sick of it.

    This will probably spell Obama's electoral doom, as race was not a cogent consideration for whites in '08, but will almost certainly be this time.

  7. I had a comment that should have been posted earlier that spoke about society having a cross-secitionality of privilege. Meaning, we all have privileges/disadvantages on the many facets of our identities. For example, I am black (costs/minuses), but I am a hetero male/ middle class,and graduate school educated. Those other parts of my identity also gives me costs and rewards. So, in a sense, we are all victims and oppressors. Think of a wealthy white male, who is gay.

  8. I personally dont think race is going to be much of a factor for people I know. Absolutely every one I know deeply loathes him, despises him. Black or white, we dont care. Being black doesnt mask the fact that he's a socialistic, arrogant, hypocritical SOB whose leadership has inspired the younger generation and blacks to disparage their country, and demand ever more generous government programs they figure someone-the bogeyman Tea Partiers, apparently-will pay for.

    Problem is, no one is happy about Romney, either. A halfway decent candidate could have kicked Obama to the curb...but I dont think Romney's going to pull it off.


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