Friday, April 20, 2012

ABC Shows Zimmerman Injuries - Chicago Tribune Continues Lynchmob Drumbeat

ABC News released photos of George Zimmerman's injuries
backing his claim that he was attacked by the black teen he shot

The Chicago Tribune is really getting to be a truly execrable newspaper. Hours after ABC News released exclusive photos of accused gunman, George Zimmerman's bloodied head, corroborating his statement that he was attacked by the black teen he shot, the Tribune continued its sensational coverage pandering to the black victimization crowd.

And just as leftist Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz, was calling the prosecution "immoral and stupid" and possibly illegal if the bloodied photos of Zimmerman were covered up, the Tribune posted a 1:17 pm update mentioning neither the ABC evidence nor Dershowitz's devastating comments.

I was only one among many who suspected that the lamestream media's hoopla and readiness to cheer on the black race hustlers' cries for "justice" was yet another media lynching of a white man (Zimmerman is white and Latino) in the same vein as the Duke University Lacrosse Team travesty and the Tawana Brawley fiasco.

Sure enough it's turning out that way -- a veritable Bonfire of the Vanities scenario.

The Chicago Tribune has been so blatantly remiss and dissembling in its coverage of the George Zimmerman case - fanning the fires of a rush to judgment - that it really doesn't deserve to be taken at all seriously any more.

 Isn't it time that the largely elderly, white, center-right demographic that still have the Chicago Tribune delivered to their doorsteps cancel their subscriptions en masse? Who will organize this?

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