Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Immigrants' Costs to Naperville Schools Reaches $2 Million

The education of the children of new immigrants costs the Naperville public school system, CUSD 203, a base of $2 million per school year based on an assessment of salaries paid to English as a second language (ESL) and bi-lingual education teachers.

Naperville schools employ 22 ESL and bi-lingual education teachers at salaries ranging from $41k to $110k per year for a total of $1,585,000.

With salary costs estimated to comprise 80 per cent of total educational expenses, the base estimate for educating recent immigrants in Naperville schools comes to $1,981,250.

In a May 6th letter from the Obama Administration's Department of Education, school districts have been discouraged from asking prospective enrollees as to the legality of their immigration status although it is not illegal for them to do so.


  1. So, what do you propose they do?

  2. If they're here illegally, they need to be sent back. To place this kind of burden on taxpayers, to force them to support criminals, is in itself criminal.

    And studies have shown that ESL doesn't really help. Students learn English faster when they aren't allowed to keep speaking their native language.

  3. First, schools should inquire as to the legality of the immigration status of enrollees and the data as to the numbers of illegals should be publicly released. The ACLU, the Obama admn. and the illegal alien lobby doesn't want this. Why are they afraid of transparency? Doesn't the public have a "right to know?"

    Second, a sane Justice department should challenge lower ct. rulings that currently require IL schools to educate illegals. It just serves as yet another magnet drawing illegals here and it's a very expensive magnet.

    Third, current plans for a "dream act" giving these illegals access to state supported schools, have to be scrubbed. It just compounds the problem and puts American kids at a great disadvantage in their own countries.

    No one wants to mention that these "dream act" illegals actually end up getting affirmative action preference over legitimate American citizens. That is sick.


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