Thursday, May 27, 2010

Will Gun Grabber Anita Alvarez Shoot Down 80 Yr. Old African American Vet Gunslinger?

No One ever accused Chicago pols of exercising consistency, but I'm really wondering what Cook County States Attorney, Anita Alvarez is going to do about the 80 year old African American Korean War veteran who gunned down an intruder to his home.

The Humboldt Park man had and used a handgun in clear violation of Chicago law.

While Running for States Attorney in 2007, Alvarez said on the Jeff Berkowitz Public Affairs Forum, "I don't think anybody should own a gun, we're all safer without guns."

She also told Berkowitz during that December 16, 2007 interview, that gun law violators should be prosecuted as felons.

See the gun control portion of the interview here:

The Chicago Police, this morning announced that they would not press charges against the homeowner, whom they refused to identify, but in a Sun-Times interview, his son was identified as Butch Gant.

But Alvarez has before overruled Police Departments that she viewd as being insufficiently ardent in their pursuit of her leftist agenda.

When Evanston Police charged several white teenaged boys with simple assualt in a CTA incident several months back, she overruled them and pursued felony hate crimes charges against the youths, since their victim was homosexual.

Alvarez, ever the committed liberal, has said before that blacks are disproportionately taken to account by the criminal justice system.

If she tosses aside her clearly stated committment to enforce gun control laws in this case, will it be attributed to Alvarez's desire to even the racial score?

The previous State's Attorney, Dick Devine, brought charges against a white suburbanite, Hale Demar, for using a handgun to defend his Wilmette Home from an intruder in 2003.

The case was strikingly similar.

Will only black homeowners get a pass from the Cook County State's Attorney when they defy onerous gun bans?


  1. Alderman Mell has been rather open about the size of his home arsenal, most of which one would think wouldn't be covered by the crazy alderman are allowed to pack heat rule. Alvarez, far as I've ever heard, hasn't made a move to punish Mell. At the end of the day, she's a Chicago politician and that means the craving for office and power overrides everything else. Prosecuting an 80 year old hero isn't going to help at the polls.

  2. Banning weapons as a concept has always been a means of imposing will on others. The constitutional right to keep and bear arms is the teeth by which all the other liberties can bite back with. There is no greater personal sanctity than ones own home, yet it is somehow legitimized that you must flee the fruits of your labors? In a world where self efficacy is withering away, should we not see a veteran taking responsibility for the safety of himself and his family to preserve his liberty from another man to be anything less heroic than the service to his country? His example is what is to be followed. It is appalling some socialist states attorney who finds her agenda to be more important than liberty.

  3. Oh I love it when they get hung up on the horns of a dilemma! Which pillar to stand on? The anti-gun one, or the racism one? Can't have both! LOL Good luck with that one, Ms Alvarez!

  4. Note how when Berkowitz asked her about specific scenarios in which gun ownership might serve to protect a citizen, she dismissed it, saying "well, these are specific situations."

    Well now you have a specific situation in which a gun may have saved a homeowners life in Chicago. But it was against Chicago's unconstitutional law.

    So what will you do, prosecutor Alvarez?


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