Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Co-ed Loyola Academy's Organized Criminal Activity

As an alumnus of Loyola Academy I was surprised, but not shocked at the recent disclosure that past LA President, Rev. Larry Reuter had engaged in sexual activity with an 18 year old man.

After all, we all knew that there were effeminate types amongst the teaching force there. But Larry never came across as one -- and certainly not a flamer like others that any grad might be able to mention.

But I was shocked to learn this past February, that after the North Shore Prep school went co-ed in '92, Loyola Academy has been engaged in criminal behavior of an organized kind. Criminal behavior that could be liable for prosecution under the federal anti-organized crime RICO statutes.

You see, I found out that my alma mater had not only been admitting illegal alien students, but had actually joined the notorious Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. It is the only school of any kind to have been listed as a constituent member of that illegal alien lobbying group.

According to the unctuous ICIRR Director, Joshua Hoyt, the posh prep school joined his group after it sought help in getting its illegal alien seniors into state colleges which required proof of legal US residence.

This put an opulent old North Shore institution (its tuition is now higher than that of many private colleges) in bed with such smarmy illegal alien apologists as La Raza, MALDEF and the left-wing Immigration Lawyers Association. It also put them in bed with Joshua Hoyt.

I'm far more concerned by that than by whether or not an aging Jesuit was in bed with an 18 year old 20 years ago.

In doing this, Loyola Academy decided to mock and disregard the laws of the United States of America. It deprived qualified American students of seats at its own exclusive school and at whichever colleges its illegals attended.

When asked about this, a spokeswoman for current Loyola Academy President, Pat McGrath, clammed up as tight as an Exxon PR man after an Alaskan oil spill.

Apparently the big-money Wilmette institution isn't overly proud of its associations with Hoyt Maybe it doesn't want its parents and alumni to know that, as a cash-paying member of the illegal alien lobby group, it has been advocating an increase in Illinois state income taxes, amnesty for illegals and inclusion of illegal aliens into all taxpayer financed social programs.

Loyola Academy, despite having a teaching staff comprised of non-Catholic, non-cleric, males and females, remains nominally at least, a Jesuit institution.

The Jesuits over history, have been thrown out of most countries in Europe and many in South America for conspiring to undermine the governments of their host nations.

This Jesuit institution, has similarly joined a conspiracy to undermine its host nation.

I say, forget Fr. Larry Reuter's youthful homosexual indiscretions with a consenting adult. But prosecute Loyola Academy and its fellow members of the Chicago illegal alien lobby under the RICO Act.

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  1. I didn't know that historically about Jesuits. Interesting.

    If all this is true, then absolutely I'd want them prosecuted. That's not right, them supporting illegal immigration like that. Any institution that completely disregards the Rule of Law in America, should be dismantled and it's leaders prosecuted.


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