Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mather HS Little Lobbyists Will Fight Homelessness To The Last Drop of ---- YOUR BLOOD!

In one of the famous 3 Stooges shorts, when the Stooges are confronted by a gang of scary outlaws, Moe gives a pep talk to Curly telling him, "We're going to fight to the last drop of --your blood."

As reported last week by the online Lake Effect News, a group of Mather High School students in something called the honors law program, were whipped up into a frenzy of concern over the plight of Chicago's homeless when they entertained a sob-story speaker from the Alinsky-styled leftist Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

Concern for the less fortunate is a noble enough endeavor in this Christmas season, and I thought the Mather kids would announce that they would volunteer their time to, perhaps, clean up at a homeless shelter or maybe make sandwiches at a soup kitchen. How quaint of me to think so.

These sophisticates had much loftier notions.

They decided to show their deep personal compassion for the homeless by (I am not making this up) lobbying their State Representative for a 2% increase in the Illinois state income tax to help the homeless.

And so they did just that. They marched into the office of North side, Democrat State Rep. John D'Amico, told them of their deep love and empathy for the poor homeless wretches and demanded that he vote to wring out another 2% from the paychecks of working people in Illinois.

D'Amico gave the budding young Alinskys T-shirts, tote bags, a pat on the back and sent them on their way. He said he would not vote to increase taxes, a novel approach for a Democrat, to say the least.

No doubt, exhausted from this grueling foray into the world of compassionate advocacy, the members of the Mather HS Law Society then departed for their Winter Break, no doubt quite smug in the satisying thought that they had shown their deep care and concern.

But I hear that next semester this loving, kind-hearted troupe is going to tackle the problem of hunger -- by calling for a 3% increase in your income tax.

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