Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Face of CNN Fake News in Chicago: Ryan Young

CNN has been outed as one of the most scurrilous quasi-news entities in the world.

Chicago's CNN Fake News Bozo, Ryan Young

They recently had to fire three of their so-called reporters for publishing a wildly and blatantly libelous and inaccurate report which suggested Russian ties to various conservative entities.

It came out to be total claptrap -- total lies.

The CNN fabrication was so transparently wrong - that even their own CNN hierarchy, corrupt as they have been, had to admit as much.

They are undergoing a total shakeup at CNN in Washington, DC right now - as whatever remaining credibility they may have had as presumed journalists, seems to have been shattered.

But, did you know that the Fake News kingpins, CNN, have a bureau right here in Chicago?

They have an office, located in Streeterville at 435 N Michigan Ave Ste 715.

The Chicago Fake News CNN Bureau Chief, is one African-American chap by the name of Ryan Young, who came to our town from Atlanta, Georgia - where he presumably did his fake news CNN fan-dance so well that he got a promotion to do the same here.

More than a few sentient observers in Washington, D.C have opined that CNN is, rather than a news organization, a corrupt political action group pandering to and propounding leftist ideology for America.

After all, CNN employee, former Democratic National Committee Chairman, Donna Brazile, sneaked debate questions to Hillary Clinton, before her debate with President Trump.

How creepy can you get?

Brazile was fired by CNN for this.

Just as three more CNN left-wing political operatives (disguised as reporters) were just fired for their Fake News Russian BS concoction.

Oh is this CNN is one foul operation.

And to think, they have some of their nitwits right here in our town!


  1. The Niles Public Library had CNN running non-stop on the TV in the vestibule where people wait for the bus. I complained and said that due to CNN's left-wing bias, they should alternate with FoxNews - one day for each. They took down CNN and now only show cooking shows there. At least that won't pollute the minds of the kids waiting for the bus, and some of them might learn to cook.

  2. Thought this would amuse you


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