Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Black Teens Shoot White Aussie "For Fun": Chicago Tribune Covers Up Race of Shooters

"Teens" Accused of murdering Aussie ballplayer "for fun"
Most everyone who reads the Drudge Report knows by now that 3 black teenagers in Oklahoma shot and killed a white Australian baseball player in cold blood yesterday on an Oklahoma jogging path.
The White Victim

Readers of the Chicago Tribune or its free throwaway adjunct, the Redeye, however would just know that "teens" shot a "jogger."

It's not that the Tribune has an aversion to reporting the race of shooters, however. Because on page 6 of today's Trib-owned Redeye, readers were told that yesterday's gunman at an Atlanta grade school was "a white male adult."

Of course, the leftist news media won't give the hate crime aspect of this black-on-white, outright murder the same gleeful emphasis they afforded the murky Trayvon Martin matter.

The outright anti-white bias of the Chicago Tribune and its censorious cover up of black-on-white criminal atrocities is beyond contemptuous at this point.

The members of the liberal news media have become enemies of the people.

Each and every one of them.

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  1. I don't know whether I have commented on this yet because Chrome and Opera have been crashing regularly for the past two weeks, so if I have please ignore this post.

    This is an international incident. That Obama has not been informed means he is just truly a "community organizer" or a liar.


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