Friday, February 15, 2013

Evanston Twp. High School is the "Jerusalem of Homosexuality": Witherspoon

Witherspoon implies that ETHS is
 "The Jerusalem of homosexuality"
During last week's snowstorm, some pranksters stomped the word "Fag" or "Faggots" in the snow at Evanston Township High School.

At least that is what we think the word was, but we can't know for sure because, in the leftist quasi-religious orthodoxy, the word - whatever it was - was too unspeakable to utter or print in doctrinaire, "progressive" Evanston.

The Daily Northwestern in its crack coverage of the event found the word too unspeakable to convey in print to its leftist-programmed readers, lest they be tainted by impure thoughts.

So they just reported that, "An anti-gay slur" was stomped in the snow. We're just presuming it was "Fags" or "Faggots." We figure it can't have been "Queers" because homosexuals themselves have embraced that term. They actually have a group that proudly calls itself "Queer Nation."

But it seems that mockery of homosexuals in Evanston has become a secular sacrilege -- kind of like taking the Lord's name in vain at a Mississippi Southern Baptist summer camp.

And judging from ETHS Superintendent, Eric Witherspoon's response, this boot-printed message in the snow is the crime of the century.

This overpaid educratic boob, who pulls down a cool quarter of a million bucks a year of the taxpayers' money, likened the prank to "painting a swastika on a synagogue," and said it "could warrant a hate crime investigation."

Witherspoon's Lovey-Dovey response
to pranksters who stomped "Fags" in snow
 He then urged his compliant little student sheep to go out into the snow and stomp out the word "love," which they obediently did.

Now this raises several logical problems.

If the act of stomping messages in the snow on ETHS grounds is a crime, which can be upgraded to a "hate crime" if it offends some privileged, protected class, why was the ETHS superintendent urging students to criminally stomp a nice, lovey-dovey message in the snow?

And if snow stomping is not a crime, how can it become a hate crime?

And if snow stomping a message deemed insulting to homosexuals at ETHS is like painting a swastika on a Jewish synagogue -- doesn't that mean that Evanston Township High School is a living symbol of homosexuality the same way that a synagogue is a living symbol of Judaism?

So apparently the insightful Superintendent Witherspoon views his educational fiefdom in Evanston as being a veritable monument to homosexuality.

Why is this? Did Witherspoon take a personal survey of the sexual inclinations of  his 3,155 students and find them to be preponderantly of the lavender inclination? Where did the manly Witherspoon conduct this survey - in the boys locker room?

Or perhaps Mr. Witherspoon  just got carried away with his near religious devotion to the leftist catechism of "diversity."

Perhaps Witherspoon is more interested in being a self-appointed,  Orwellian prosecutor of "thought crimes," -- which in the final analysis is what so-called "hate crimes" actually are.

Or perhaps the overpaid Mr. Witherspoon has no more a grasp of simple logic than an addle brained goose.

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