Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skokie's "SCompton" Section 8 Ghettos

The pious pontificators at the Skokie Human Relations Commission can drone on and on all they want about the wonders of Skokie's newfound "diversity." And they can wallow in denial over the relationship between Section 8 federally subsidized low-income housing and Skokie's new crime wave.
A scene from one of the areas, just South of
 Downtown Skokie, that the kids call "SCompton"

But the kids seem to know better.

In the wake of our last article on the 2 violent muggings in Skokie, we've received a lot of correspondence and among the things we've learned are:

The other "SCompton" area is just East
of Skokie Blvd. between Oakton and Main
--Skokie kids refer to the areas just South of the Downtown Oakton business district and just East of Skokie Blvd. between Oakton and Main Sts. as "SCompton." A play on the words Skokie and Compton -- referring to the crime ridden, gang infested California city of that name.

--A Morton Grove policeman who lives near the Skokie border tells us that it is common knowledge in police circles that Skokie has an inordinate amount of Section 8 housing and that it has been fueling increased criminal activity there.

--A Fairview resident tells us that there has been a flurry of home robberies there in recent months yet not a word about it in the Skokie newspapers or from the Skokie police or village government.

And yet a Skokie Human Relations sycophant writes us demanding statistics proving a direct correlation between Skokie's subsidized housing and Skokie's increased crime.

The fact is that you would be hard pressed to find any agency or academic entity -- most of which are dominated by liberals -- to compile statistics that might prove embarrassing to their pet diversity initiatives.

But the kids and the cops are close to the ground.

They have their eyes open.

And they're not demanding abstruse statistical studies on the correlation between Skokie's Section 8 housing and Skokie's crime wave.


  1. You are 100% correct. In the last month alone in Skokie, there was a shooting in scompton, 4 seperate attacks of 5-15 black teenagers attacking white victims, and today, a couple of these clowns attacked a police officer in Scompton near Cleveland and Knox. I grew up there, and it's such a shame what has happened to such a wonderful suburb.

  2. I moved to Skokie from Russia in 1997 when It was a nice Jewish middle class neighborhood. It has turned to a ghetto, and its disgusting-makes me so mad to see all those hoodrats hanging out on the corner (quite literally) at 12am. VERY disheartening, I am sure the assholes from the committee don't live there.

    1. Well Triggs, if the Russian immigrants in Skokie didn't vote 95% liberal Democrat -- for people like Obama, Schakowsky and Van Dusen, maybe these liberal neighborhood destroying programs like Section 8 housing would have been stopped.

      The Russians voted for this crap along with all the other Skokie libs so I'm not crying too hard that they now have to live with the mess they made for themselves and for everyone else.

  3. We know people who grew up in Skokie and when they bicycle out west from the lake, go through Lincolnwood or Glenview just to avoid the crime in Skokie.

  4. Can we stop with blaming of liberals for everything? Obama is not responsible. If the weather changes to rain, its Obamas fault. If I beat my wife its Obamas fault. Every thing that isn't the way you want to be- it must be Obamas fault.
    If one of the Republican nominees gets the presidency, with their Sharia like Evangelical laws incorporated into Federal and local law and politics not to mention their planned obliteraion of the middle class, Medicrare and servitude to the 1 %. Their new motto is " Screw you, I got mine"

  5. This article is racist
    The comments are racist
    Your "facts" are largely anecdotal

    1. Well, good - if you really believe that, then just hang out at Oakton & Skokie Blvd - where a 56 yr. old white man was beaten to a pulp by black thugs while getting off a CTA bus in front of the Aldi - or just hang out at the ATM at the 7/11 at Main & Skokie Blvd. - where a white woman was knifed and robbed by blacks at the ATM there. Or just send your kids out onto Oakton St., where a gang thug was arrested fro shooting off his gun in broad daylight, near the Skokie Swift terminal there?

      Anecdotal? You are in denial. Skokie is now a very dangerous place. Didn't you just have a white girl murdered on Church St?


      That was all reported in the Chicago Tribune and Skokie Patch.

      Skokie is becoming a crime-ridden joke.

      You are a racist anti-white bigot. And I urge all white Skokie residents to sell ass soon as possible - while they can still get something for their properties-

      And if you want to think it's cool - just put your money where your mouth is -- and move into the new slum suburb.

      No one's stopping you!

    2. Racist my ass!!!! Tonight I was assaulted on the Skokie Swift train by 8 black children who got off the train on Oakton. They were throwing things at me, kicked me and spit at me and not one adult came to help me so I used my own unique spitting and kicking abilities and followed the idiots off the train. All of these BLACK kids were between the ages of 8 to about 15. They were very violent and one hit me on the head but not hard enough to where I was bleeding. The BLACK train conductor on the Skokie swift kept trying to call for security and police while the rotten children were still harassing me and it seemed like a full 10 minutes had gone by but no one came to help. If you think this article is so RACIST you try being victimized for a an hour or so and then you may want to retract your stupid statement. VIOLENCE is much more prominent around SECTION 8 neighborhoods and I grew up here as a child. I made the mistake of using the skokie swift at 8 this evening just to be harassed by spoiled project brats who really deserve to spend some quality time in a correction facility.

  6. Where the heck are these crimes taking place in Skokie exactly? Never heard anyone in my group of friends or anyone in my highschool in general talk about "SCompton". People would talk about Chiraq (Chicago) if anything. Everyone would always say Skokie is just as plain as can be. No gangbangers or thugs here, just dumb stoners and wanna-be thugs.


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