Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicago Sucks -- The Blog

I don't know how she found the Chicago Lampoon, or how I found her.

But there is a very cool, stay-at-home, mom in the Northern suburbs of Chicago, who has a very cool and funny blog page called, "Why I Think Chicago Sucks."

Here is the link:

She is a 40-something girl, with a good hard- working husband and more than a few kids.

She is originally from California and is only stuck in this god-forsaken frozen wasteland, due to her husband's job necessities.

She, like I, has had the good fortune to have lived in nicer climes and nicer places on the planet.

So we both agree -- Chicago sucks.

She is an obviously very nurturing and supportive mom -- since, as she gets various remarks from post-collegiate kids who are just fed up with Chicago --with everything from its crappy weather to its crappy Democrat machine politics to its onerous parking restrictions -- she patiently and supportively agrees and solaces them.

I am a native Chicagoan. Yet,unlike most of the mindless Chicago boosters, I have had the good fortune to have escaped this icy berg, for more than a decade.

I am a Cub Fan and a Bud Man.

One of my ancestors was a Hall of Fame Baseball pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

My first date in my life was to the Art Institute of Chicago with a really pretty and cool girl from Alvernia High School for Girls on the NW side of the city.

But while appreciating some of what this city has to offer -- I totally agree with Vanessa (aka DarcNess) when she recommends that:

Chicago Sucks!!


  1. Aww, I'm laughing and blushing at the same time! That's so funny and sweet. :) I don't know how much solace I provide, but I certainly do agree with most of what they have to say.

    This was a great article, thank you for posting it, and for the linky love too. :D

  2. Sorry, kiddo -- I didn't put the link in correctly yesterday -- a testimony to my technical ineptitude.

    But it is in there correctly today.

    But hey -- this is a writer's and reader's blog, not a goofy, cutty-pasty, MTV generation blog for attention deficit disordered types.

  3. So not the big! The URL was in there just fine, and I thank you. :)


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