Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hey NEIU: The Mexicans Scalped Indians and the Indians Owned Black Slaves

On the far North side of Chicago is a little known institution of higher learning called Northeastern Illinois University.

I use that term "institution of higher learning" advisedly because this place will admit anyone with a pulse, who somehow manages to squeak out a passing C average from any Chicago Public high school.

NEIU has a remedial reading program, designed to get its incoming students above an 8th grade reading level. It is a wildly popular program.

For some odd historical reason, this North side "high school with ashtrays", has had a long association with the Chicago Socialist Party. The little campus is always littered with those drab Socialist handbills decrying one or another bourgeoise American outrage against the downtrodden proletariat.

Fortunately most NEIU students lack the literacy levels to comprehend that drivel.

And the Social Science indoctination at this taxpayer supported school is wildly and uniformly left-wing.

Students are indoctrinated with a skewed view of history designed to leave the student subject with a belief system that goes:

People of Color = Good.
White Man = Bad.
American White Man = Very Bad

In the course of this indoctrination, enormous emphasis is put on the U.S - Indian Wars. They are characterized as an outright genocidal onslaught by white American men against the innocent, nature-loving red man.

This is used as a rationale to indict anything America does. It is also put forth as a rationale to support race-based job and education giveaways to blacks, Indians and Latinos and financial reparations for black descendents of slaves.

But in my casual beachside summer reading I came across several interesting historical facts.

1) Mexicans waged a cruel bloodthirsty war on the Native Americans of the Southwest, and

2) Some Indian tribes fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War, because they, themselves, were the owners of Black slaves.

Get a load of these excerpts from the 1966 Compact History of the Indian Wars, by historian John William Tebbel:

"In the Southwest, the Indians had a direct stake in the (Civil) war...since they, themselves were slaveholders who had brought their Negroes with them when they were displaced from their Alabama, Georgian and Florida homes." p. 198


"The Apaches had made their tribe so feared in Northern Mexico, that the provinces there stood ready to pay $100 for an Apache warrior's scalp, $50 for a woman's and $25 for a child's." p.192

So I ask the Blame American White Men First racialist crackpots on the NEIU faculty:

how are we going to work out the racial spoils system now?

Should the Latinos give up their affirmative action quota slots and pay reparations to the Native Americans?

Should the Native Americans give up their affirmative action quota slots and pay reparations to the blacks?

Oh things are getting so complicated in Obama's post-racial America!


  1. Yeah, those revisionists don't like to have it pointed out that melanin content has nothing to do with badness, goodness, or character in general.

    Indian (native) tribes warred with each other before we got here and became targets. They weren't all "dances with wolves" types. Many tribes were the terrorists of their day.


  2. And isn't everything just peachy in Africa now that the evil white colonialist voluntarily left? Let's see, Mandela's Black-ruled South Africa is now the rape capitol of the universe and Black Marxist Zimbabwe, which was the "breadbasket of Africa" under British Rhosesian rule, is now a beggar nation under its murderous black African rulers.

    But they dare not mention this in history or social science classes at America's culturally suicidal and overpriced universities.


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