Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ald. Joe Moore Proposes Arizonian Foie Gras Boycott

In the wake of the Chicago City Council's measure to boycott Arizona firms, Alderman Joe Moore (D-49th) has introduced a bill to turn up the heat on that hellish state by forcing Chicago firms to boycott Arizonian foie gras.

"In solidarity with the illegal aliens of our great sanctuary city, I propose a complete boycott on the importation of all and any foie gras from Arizona, " Moore said.

"Irrespective of what may transpire elsewhere, we must show the world that we are one city that genuinely cares for its illegal aliens and geese," Moore said.

The move was heralded by Alderman Tom Tunney (D-44th) who said, "The gay community is behind this bill 8,000 percent."

Alderman Berny Stone (D-50th)awoke from his customary slumber to say, "If it's good for the city's landlords, I'm all for it."

Jesse Jackson (D-United Nations) put the issue in moral terms saying, "This is indeed a civil rights issue. As our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ so clearly put it: 'That which you do unto the least of my geese, you do unto me.'"

Joshua Hoyt, director of the chief illegal alien lobby in Illinois, the Chicago Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, predicted widespread support for Moore's bill. "We must remember that no goose is illegal. Geese are people too," he said.

The bill is expected to pass the City Council by the usual 50-0 margin.


  1. My initial response is - this is from like The Onion, or something right? But then, it IS Chicago, so it's most likely true.

    Do they even have a foie gras farm in AZ?

    And if you're "in solidarity with illegals" wouldn't that make you unAmerican? Just sayin'. ;)

  2. Vanessa -- you have been looking at this goofy blog of mine long enough to know that about 1 out of every eight pieces of mine are blatant satire. But of course there is an element of painful -- and very funny truth to all satire. Ald. Joe Moore did introduce a foie gras ban to the Chicago City Council, which was a subjuect of national ridicule. He voted for the Arizona boycott last week. Berny Stone is 80 yrs. old and is always photographed, sleeping in the City Council Chambers and is the die-hard supporter of Landlord's priveleges. Tom Tunney is the gay Alderman, who sees all life thru a homosexual rights prism, Jesse Jackson is -- well -- Jesse Jackson.

    Is Chicago one weird place or what?

    But, yes, Ness, this was satire. Just like my piece a few months ago on the Cubs fans with long beards.

  3. I figured as much! LOL Truth does seem to be stranger than fiction here much of the time, so I figure it's almost never safe to assume anything about this place!


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