Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Chicago Catholic DACA Weight-loss Plan for Fat Priests and Nuns

A rogue left-wing Chicago priest, by the name of  Gary Graf is fasting on behalf of DACA illegal aliens.

A hunger strike, this demagogue leftist cleric calls it (altho he's taking protein supplements, something we suspect St. Francis didn't do). And he has now been joined by a gaggle of other Roman Catholic priests and nuns (yes they still have some nuns.)
Fat Priest

It's a great leftist publicity stunt.

But we think it is a good idea.

Because a lot of these priests and nuns in Chicago are, frankly way too fat and sassy. And a week or month or two without solid food could only do them some good.

So on behalf of the vast number of positively obese Chicago priests and nuns - we endorse this effort.

In fact we think the anti-American citizen, and pro-illegal alien, Cardinal of Chicago, Blase Cupich - who frankly, always looks a bit pallid - should endorse it as the official Archdiocese of Chicago DACA weight loss diet for overweight clergy.

You see March 5th is the deadline for Congress to somehow codify into law, Obama's unconstitutional ukase which gave legal status to at least 1.8 million illegal aliens and their parents - and aunts and uncles and grandparents.

Only Congress can legally do this - but the constitutional separation of powers was never something to trouble Obama - with his "cellphone and pen."
Fat Nun

But now amnesty for DACA illegal aliens and their millions of relatives, must pass both Chambers of the United States Congress.

And without serious restraints on chain migration, a border wall, an end to the "diversity lottery" and requirement that fatcat employers stop hiring illegals (E-verify) - it almost certainly won't pass.

And the fat Chicago Catholic priests and nuns - if they're honest - will be consuming nothing more substantial than water for a long, long, time.

But think of all the pounds they'll shed on the Gary Graf, Archdiocese of Chicago DACA Weight Loss Program.

Maybe Oprah and Rosanne Barr and other fatties who support illegal immigrants will embrace it too.

President Trump's decision to revamp our broken immigration system could have the unintended consequence of great health benefits for the fat, left-wing, portion of our population!


  1. Meanwhile our favorite ghetto pastor, Father Phaker, is learning the intricacies or being the richest guy in his parish. His world has grown more complicated in the last year as his flock has come to the realization that sinister powers have been lavishing him with cash donations, which he keeps somewhere in the rectory. I'm sure there has been more than one attempt at learning the location of said stash. Watch your 6 padre.

  2. Many of the Francican friars at St Peters in the Loop are Social Justice Warriors(SJW).They had info on DACA at the back of the church after Mass today.BTW,a Lenten fast would serve several of those obese Padres very well.

  3. Yo, Jac Charlier (facilitator of the underpass art) is acting under cover of the Edgebrook Community Association to present yet another race based program at the Edgebrook Library on the 21st of this month. His fixation on race in the whitest neighborhood in Chicago sallies forth. His newest speaker is a journalist who's job it is to view and review everything within the framework of race. You can view particulars on their facebook page.


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