Friday, December 1, 2017

UW Obamaite Chancellor Rebecca Blank Defies Wisconsin Free Speech Law

Rebecca Blank is a long-time, left-wing, political hack who somehow squirmed her way into becoming Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin.
Left-Wing Political Hack - "Granny" Rebecca Blank

The elected members of the Wisconsin State Legislature, this past June, enacted a law ordering her to ensure constitutionally guaranteed free speech on that massive public institution.

They told her she had to take severe action - including expulsion - toward the mostly left-wing, sometimes Antifa, students, who had been violently disrupting the mostly conservative campus speakers, with whom those extreme multiculturalist leftists disagreed.

Last week Rebecca Blank effectively told the Wisconsin State peoples' Assembly to "Go to hell."

Rebecca Blank, in a recent interview with the left-wing, BADGER HERALD student newspaper (it was originally an intellectually-oriented conservative campus newspaper, backed by William F. Buckley, Jr. since hijacked by leftist neo-Marxists) grudgingly said she would enforce the State Legislature's Free Speech requirements at major gatherings.

But Blank, a die-hard left-wing Democrat, who had major political hack jobs in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama administrations said:

“What is allowed on Bascom Hill is not allowed in your dorm room. You have a right to protect your living room from someone coming in and spewing hate at you,” Blank said. “So, we tend to have much tighter restrictions on what can happen inside dormitories, for instance, than we do on what happens on Bascom Hill.”

So this, excruciatingly homely, 62 year old left-wing Clinton and Obama political hack, is now telling students at the 58,000 population Big-10, federally-subsidized, land grant university - that while she can't shut up conservative speakers on major campus venues - you'd better shut up in your dorm rooms and dorm cafeterias if you dare to say something that makes leftists feel "uncomfortable."

And she's doing it in direct violation of the spirit of the admonition given her by the peoples' representatives of Wisconsin - the very people who are paying her fat 6 figure salary.

And this neo-Leninist, Rebecca Blank, apparently has no concern for the University of Wisconsin logo and motto - "Numen Lumen" (in the name of light) and "The fearless process of winnowing and sifting for truth."

What an academic and political hack fraud, this Rebecca Blank! The free thought required of American institutions of higher learning means nothing to this academic yahoo.

It really is something for the Wisconsin State Assembly and Wisconsin State Senate to consider. They can restrict taxpayer funding to Ms. Blank's lefty enclave.

And so can, and should, President Trump.


  1. This article is going to all the GOP state legislative members who voted for this bill, and the Democrats who voted for it too.

    How stupid do the leftists think the people of Wisconsin are?

  2. The Wisconsin state legislative members, both Republican and Democrat, who voted for the free-speech campus bill will get a copy of this article and new sanctions should be placed on this Chancellor and maybe, she may be fired. She should be.


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