Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wheaton CUSD 200 Prosecutes 8th Graders for "Obscenity" - Teachers Salaries Listed

(Ed. Note: The complete list of names and salaries for all  teachers and administrators  at all of the schools in the Wheaton CUSD 200 appears at the end of this article.)

There's something kind of fishy about the recent report that Wheaton's Community School District 200 called in the cops to arrest two 14 year old boys for "harassment by electronic communication, transmitting an obscene message and obscenity."
Neophyte Schoolmarm Rachel Fieber-Bednar

First, it's odd that a grammar school principal should call in armed government agents to arrest kids who were not engaged in violent activity.

And second, it's very odd that the government prosecutor, one State's Attorney Robert Berlin wouldn't say what it was all about, because the kids are juveniles.

It's one thing to withhold their names -- but not reveal the particulars of what they are charged with?

He would only say that they weren't taking lewd photos of themselves or other students -- so called "sexting."

The new chief Edison school marm, a former school librarian in her first year as top Edison educrat, one Rachel Bednar, sent a note to parents alleging that some of her wards had posted "inappropriate images involving students and staff" on social media sites."

Bednar then wrote that she worked "diligently, with the authorities and appropriate disciplinary action was taken."

She didn't say that she worked diligently with the parents and the students themselves - just said she dropped a dime to the cops.

Could it be that neophyte Principal Fieber-Bednar didn't know how to handle the "Wheaton Facebook fiasco," herself, so she found it easier to just call in the cops and have the 8th grade kids taken off in irons to the Wheaton hoosegow?

And no one is talking. There's something very fishy about that. There's something very strange going on at CUSD 200's Edison Middle School and until the veil of secrecy is lifted, civil libertarians ought be quite concerned and quite vigilant.

Posted below are the latest available names and salaries for teachers and administrators of the 13 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 2 high schools of Wheaton Community Unit School District 200.

They were obtained via a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Family Taxpayers' Foundation.

Most of the salaries are for 9 months of work. For particulars on the individual government employee (years of employment, specialty, etc.), click on the individual's name and the data will appear:

CUSD 200 2012 Download data

Aagaard, Annie$42,300
Abdoo, Virginia$104,482
Abshire, Phillip$70,957
Adam, Sara$55,843
Adams, Heather$81,200
Adkins, Holly$82,487
Ahrenholz, Nancy$49,430
Alrich, Cristine$77,857
Alvis, Katherine$50,171
Amacher, Kathryn$81,850
Ambrosio, Trish$48,878
Anderson, Barbara$60,762
Anderson, Marc$85,028
Anderson, Peter$75,362
Anderson, Rachel$58,341
Anderson, Timothy$103,070

Andre, Yvonne
Angelillo, Laura$59,239
Appel, Marjorie$0
Aquino, Christopher$95,970
Arthurs, Christopher$49,008
Asgedom, Mehret$60,525
Athans, Linda$108,120
Athos, Melissa$103,095
Axelsen, Erin$63,766
Azeris, Donna$90,169
Bab, Amy$72,975
Babb, Joseph$42,195
Bacheller, Joshua$62,061
Back, Mary$84,715
Bacon, Aaron$126,122
Bailey, Janet$49,430
Bainter, Jason$71,000
Baker, Karen$88,925
Baker, Lucia$44,225
Baker, Ryan$70,114
Bakopoulos, Bill$69,928
Baldus-Strauss, Susan$99,890
Balow, Carol$70,035
Balzer, Andrew$80,549
Barbel, Andrea$57,063
Barry, Kathleen$49,468
Basista Ronaldson, Betty$98,509
Bass, Sara$57,420
Bassitt, Sara$67,147
Battersby, Ryan$27,171
Bauer, Patricia$18,495
Baumann, Laura$104,038
Beach, Barbara$58,593
Beatty, Meghan$64,314
Behnke, Kyra$33,513
Belanger, Ellen$88,552
Bell, Greta$82,638
Bell, Kristi$55,314
Bellanca, Laura$94,138
Bendis, David$133,276
Benedetti, Lindsay$62,330
Berger, Erin$30,978
Bergeson, Angela$108,120
Bernath, Marilyn$63,141
Bernth, Sheryl$58,897
Bero, Deanna$54,939
Berringer, Elizabeth$50,171
Berry, Melissa$82,751
Beshire, William$57,345
Beth, Jennifer$63,745
Bicker, Laurie$30,259
Biggs, Wendy$84,258
Bimschleger, Martha$72,200
Bird, Barbara$60,457
Biscan, Matthew$121,926
Bishop, Mara$50,271
Blacharczyk, Rebecca$110,562
Blackburn, Lori$81,749
Blair, Cynthia$88,925
Blazek, Robert$123,888
Blazier, Nicole$65,537
Blount, Alice$63,510
Blum, Jill$55,843
Boden, Valencia$68,762
Boehm, Eileen$55,813
Bogosian, Christopher$80,122
Bohlig, Cassandre$67,259
Bojkovski, Laura$65,727
Bonetto, Mary$103,170
Bonga, Darcie$22,610
Bonnamy, Joan$83,186
Bonnamy, Ryan$65,945
Bork, Chris$58,445
Bossier, Kathleen$133,275
Bosslet, Katie$66,654
Bostrom, Megan$33,938
Bottner, Roger$88,699
Bowen, Renee$93,774
Boyd, Preston$85,201
Bozek, Kimberly$38,480
Brackmann, David$76,774
Bradley, Deborah$71,111
Bradley, Nancy$58,445
Bradley, Paula$28,660
Braga, Maribeth$42,330
Brand, Karen$47,318
Braun, Julie$94,731
Brechon, Sharon$121,144
Bredow, Sarah$58,341
Bredrup, Jane$121,654
Brennan, James$68,989
Bresnahan, Mary$108,120
Bresnahan, Patrick$86,348
Briasco, Kathryn$64,610
Brischetto, Molly$59,174
Britton, Phillip$135,640
Brown, Anne$55,813
Brown, Katherine$65,487
Brown, Margaret$82,118
Brown, Shannon$69,071
Bruhn, Edlynne$111,270
Brylka, Timothy$74,164
Bucher, Debra$41,400
Budzikowski, Cynthia$70,427
Buher, Cynthia$93,452
Bullo, Jill$175,524
Burlace, John$79,576
Burnham, Traci$77,508
Burnside, Judith$94,243
Burrell, Richard$47,741
Burress, Jared$63,104
Bussman, Barbara$68,641
Butikofer, James$75,770
Butikofer, Jennifer$50,816
Byron, Marlene$70,918
Caballero, Patricia$82,487
Cadagin, Steven$96,467
Calabrese, Karen$82,048
Callahan, Timothy$126,122
Callegari, Janet$84,691
Callipari, Joseph$116,509
Campbell, Cynthia$108,120
Campise, Brandi$45,220
Campos, Lorie$121,926
Cann, Bryce$79,762
Cantore, Dawn$55,813
Caravello, Anthony$55,284
Carey, Christine$49,430
Carey, Elizabeth$70,302
Carlini, Raymond$97,537
Carlson, Mary$86,253
Carmody, Cynthia$103,903
Carmody, Elizabeth$34,003
Carney, Stacey$76,151
Carr, Jill$64,805
Carson, Victoria$57,685
Carter, Christine$93,432
Casper, Donald$78,207
Castillo, Gabriela$64,615
Castle, Cindy$48,550
Castro, Keagan$43,502
Cekay, Daniel$108,659
Cella, Helene$84,715
Cerny, Anne$55,813
Cerny, Daniel$84,715
Cerny, Robert$95,113
Chadwick-Decarlo, Melissa$103,020
Chambers, Rebecca$63,195
Chapin, Barbara$103,050
Chase, Elizabeth$74,005
Cheairs, Beverly$103,060
Cherry, Travis$48,948
Chiappini, Melissa$68,453
Cho, David$82,099
Chrisman, Gregory$77,563
Chromy, Jennifer$39,992
Chu, Grace$31,285
Cimino, Elaine$103,020
Clapp, Sandra$73,493
Clark, Katharine$56,013
Claud, Amy$63,220
Claud, James$70,016
Clausing, Carrie$87,374
Claypool, David$157,778
Clifford, Mary$131,338
Cline, Rebecca$71,794
Clousing, Michelle$53,667
Clubb, Sheryl$103,020
Clum, Jennifer$62,964
Clum, Kathryn$43,292
Coan, Joshua$77,133
Cochrane, Daniel$72,440
Cocogliato, Marilyn$0
Coleman, Scott$89,687
Colletti, Margaret$67,280
Collins, Mary$47,717
Condon, John$89,475
Conley, Colleen$70,302
Connelly, Susan$95,920
Connolly, Mary$84,743
Connor, Pamela$98,534
Connor, Paul$82,738
Cook, Courtenay$93,402
Coover, Jennifer$62,089
Corbett Jr, Charles$80,548
Corbett, Diane$95,920
Corry, Lauren$23,319
Cortes-Benjamin, Mary$83,957
Cortesi, Joseph$59,916
Cox, Jennifer$78,913
Croci, Jacquelyn$81,749
Croll, Carole$47,368
Culcasi, Philip$84,299
Curato, Mary Pat$54,346
Curphey, Barbara$80,681
Dabelow, Carrie$77,961
Dady, Tia$63,245
Dahlquist, Faith$159,341
Daly, Jacqueline$88,925
Danforth, Mindy$95,920
Darnauer, Joan$89,283
Davis, Janet$44,285
Davis, Kelly$74,819
Davis, Mary$90,618
Davis, Mary$56,447
Davis, Rebecca$49,744
Davisson, Lois$35,593
de la Vega, Dana$61,564
De Marzo, Kathleen$140,308
Deady, Sara$30,229
DeBerge Roth, Katherine$34,381
DeCraene, Gretchen$53,930
Deetjen, June$88,552
Deinert, Erin$52,917
DeMarzo, David$68,611
Denton, Jamie$54,346
Dern, Laura$80,681
DeSalvo, Jeri$147,109
Devries, Janet$90,942
Di Sanza, John$81,342
Dibadj, Kathryn$24,928
Diedrich, Theresa$94,948
Dillon, Kimberly$57,063
DiMare, Joanne$74,149
Dini, Alicia$52,917
Diorio, Lisa$44,080
Doherty, Lisa$71,696
Doherty, Timothy$107,315
Dolgin, Jill$112,194
Donahue, Kevin$9,237
Donahue, Theresa$70,698
Donato, Joseph$103,020
Donovan, Stephanie$58,917
Downie, Chad$73,737
Downs, Micah$89,328
Doyle, Nichole$70,305
Duda, James$63,195
Duggan, Laura$55,731
Duncan, Carol$93,898
DuPree, Daniel$105,295
Durachta, John$51,926
Earnst, Deborah$78,407
Eaton, David$77,051
Eaton, Stephanie$71,292
Ebetsch, Debra$116,266
Edwards, Derick$124,765
Eichstaedt, Karen$82,487
Ekstrand, Katherine$63,480
Elftmann, Eric$69,163
Ellett, Alexia$80,565
Ellison, Scott$45,640
Elsesser, Kathryn$101,627
Emma, Cynthia$93,438
Eriser, Christine$100,991
Erwin, John$79,959
Espe, Karla$103,020
Evenson, Jaclyn$62,959
Fahrenbach, Marilee$69,830
Falck, Lori$64,957
Fank, Susanna$78,308
Fanselow, Darlene$59,058
Farley, William$170,887
Farrell, Courtney$55,813
Farrelly, Stephanie$126,122
Farrow, Julie$109,224
Fasshauer, Kenneth$106,740
Feeley, Lisa$78,247
Fehrman, Amy$26,426
Ferguson, Adam$94,286
Ferguson, John$82,408
Ferguson, Julann$124,116
Ferguson, Meghann$27,173
Ferguson, Ryan$76,771
Field, Jody$103,020
Filisko, Becky$70,302
Fischer, Annalise$103,595
Fisher, Elizabeth$101,020
Fisher, Matthew$121,926
Fitch, Heidi$124,725
Fitts, Daryl$114,146
Fitzenreider, Michelle$32,597
Fitzgerald, Christine$75,037
Fitzgerald, Renee$74,179
Foerstel, Lynn$86,612
Fograse, Laura$25,025
Foltz, Kelly$41,370
Fonk, Michael$93,397
Fontanarosa, Kristine$83,889
Forbes, Crystal$62,331
Formanski, Kevin$68,630
Foster, Matthew$84,716
Foster, Michele$45,220
Fox, Janet$0
Francik, Carl$59,938
Fraser, Valerie$88,552
Fridley, Andrea$72,605
Fritsch, Christine$60,909
Fustin, Brenda$93,578
Gabriele, Jonathan$103,020
Galassi, Heidi$67,091
Gallagher, Carol$77,994
Gan, Patrick$56,907
Gannon, Rachel$91,212
Garner, Sara$64,156
Gartke, Kristin$50,426
Garwood, Terri$78,207
Gassen, Joseph$65,132
Gatlin, Erin$79,640
Gatsakos, Christina$69,203
Gebhardt, Greg$90,149
Gebhardt, Jessica$70,668
Gebner, Patricia$48,580
Gelande, Barbara$69,096
Georganas, Maria$60,457
George, Luz$50,819
Giacolo, Kelly$96,680
Giammanco, Faviola$41,460
Gianfrancesco, Nina$34,640
Giannakopoulos, Kalina$57,583
Gianni, Kathy$101,534
Gibbons, Kelly$31,118
Gibson, Brenda$108,141
Gilbertsen, Christine$70,618
Gillespie, Nancy$71,554
Gillies, Brianna$41,370
Gilmore, Angela$66,172
Gimre, Tamara$46,238
Gingerich, Vilayphone$65,026
Glasser, Margaret$64,901
Goeb, Amy$65,395
Goff, Terry$49,543
Goodman, Brandie$57,507
Gordon, Heather$71,321
Gosling, Heather$65,687
Grace, Thomas$100,424
Graczyk, Denise$102,034
Graf, F$99,841
Graham, Diane$103,220
Graunke, Ruth$73,817
Gray, Jacqueline$43,988
Graziano, Kimberly$88,977
Greenlee, Lindy$117,944
Greenlee, Robert$127,653
Greiner, Jacquelynn$103,240
Grey, Robin$43,277
Griegoliet, Robert$57,605
Grisamore, Amy$77,508
Grodoski, Christopher$66,355
Grunner, Sarah$80,056
Gum, Kevin$69,071
Gunther, Beth$104,460
Gusick, Dawn$103,020
Gutsch, Juli-Ann$41,072
Haas, Joanne$106,418
Hadden, Samuel$80,064
Hall, Denise$71,554
Halverson, Ruby$58,604
Hammer, Margaret$74,623
Hancock, Katie$58,679
Hankes-Ixpata, Bridget$74,712
Hanselman, Rebecca$83,957
Hardin, Debra$61,916
Harkleroad, Dana$52,257
Harland, Michael$119,770
Harms, Kathleen$59,035
Harms, Michele$65,487
Harper, Barbara$103,020
Harper, Tod$82,458
Harrington, Dawn$103,045
Harrington, Julie$103,070
Harrington, Susan$45,220
Harris, Brian$219,371
Harrison-Hamel, Melissa$87,002
Harvey, Robert$88,499
Hasenjaeger, Cheryl$88,273
Hauke, William$99,425
Hayes, Danielle$27,899
Hazard-Hodges, Kathleen$71,936
Healy, Michael$121,926
Heatherington, Kelley$79,640
Heck, Cheryl$93,617
Heins, Christine$59,287
Heins, JoAnne$97,994
Helberg, Donald$102,022
Helberg, Kenneth$119,439
Hellman, John$87,982
Henderson, Jessica$55,117
Hendricksen, Jennifer$99,698
Hendrickson, Christopher$86,637
Henrikson, John$98,509
Henry, Maureen$82,744
Heppe, Janet$103,958
Herbert, Mary$117,944
Herdrich, Linda$98,040
Hernandez, Sarah$67,255
Hewick, Stacey$76,371
Hickman, Kyle$55,688
Hildebrand, Cynthia$87,448
Hiles, Jeanette$63,766
Hiltscher, Maritza$67,285
Hines, Adam$78,763
Hinz, Mary$90,942
Hladilek, Ronald$120,960
Hmelyar, Margaret$70,585
Hobson, Edythe$89,351
Hoffmann, Brian$69,815
Hoffmeyer, Michelle$74,230
Hoke, Sarah$64,560
Holland, Christine$63,154
Holland, Stephen$117,370
Holland, Tracy$89,351
Holwell, Brittani$20,685
Hooper, Russell$69,605
Hoskins, Barbara$58,604
Hottendorf, Jennifer$79,680
Houle, Anthony$126,204
Hrunek, Lauren$55,813
Huebner-Petring, Kelly$94,063
Hufnagle, Kammer$84,957
Huggins, Benjamin$79,684
Hughes, Kristin$82,884
Hull, Christina$33,797
Hull, Emily$41,370
Hultgren, Eric$74,367
Hume, Tina$51,569
Hunt, Melody$90,942
Hurtado, Rebekah$60,216
Iffert, Mary$95,062
Ingbretson, Allison$75,810
Ingersoll, Regina$111,650
Ingram, Mary$84,715
Inukai, Kathleen$20,831
Iverson, Lynn$103,020
Iype, Usha$86,287
Jacobs, Allison$52,917
Jacobs, Megan$56,223
Jacobsen, Sheila$42,300
Jaderholm, Megan$43,800
Jaeger, Catherine$66,694
Jahnke, Trisha$79,600
James, Mary$111,303
James, Roberta$94,328
Jameson, Christine$68,179
Janavich, Amy$62,089
Jancius, Blake$84,251
Janosek, Matthew$75,538
Jarzabkowski, Susan$60,457
Jenkins, Mary$82,181
Jensen, Erik$89,237
Jensen, Francesca$68,453
Jewell, Matthew$81,565
Jimenez, Lori$59,570
Johannesen, Jeanne$80,363
John, Carolyn$71,544
Johns, James$90,261
Johnson, Christopher$85,618
Johnson, Janet$114,607
Johnson, Kimberly$34,514
Johnson, Kristine$65,487
Johnson, Mayra$86,016
Jones, Cheryl$106,027
Jones, Todd$41,370
Jones, Virginia$90,802
Jovien, Paula$98,509
Juhl, Nicole$62,089
Kadera, William$75,417
Kaminski, Kristin$54,766
Kania, Katherine$40,449
Kanne, David$154,505
Kanne, Elizabeth$46,868
Kantarski, Carlotta$89,353
Kasperkiewicz, Karen$117,944
Kassel, Bruce$121,652
Kastrantas, Katina$45,640
Kath, Crystal$57,063
Kearney, Linda$103,386
Keeler, Jennifer$78,559
Keith, Kari$58,927
Keith, Sally$103,958
Kelleher, Megan$20,725
Kennard, Cynthia$83,957
Kern, Kimberly$103,020
Kero, Charles$88,826
Kerr, Mina$63,570
Kessler, Melissa$79,102
Keuer, Craig$75,477
Kidder, Sarah$48,028
Kielma, Linda$50,643
Kienzle, Rebecca$27,949
Kilcoyne, Anne$82,487
King, Amy$58,510
King, Sheila$77,508
Kirschbaum, Sheralee$48,716
Kish, Joseph$99,890
Klafeta, Michael$78,720
Klage, Kathryn$101,040
Klein, Bette$59,764
Klein, Joanne$93,819
Klein, Roberta$76,366
Klemm, Edwin$63,791
Kleve, Andrea$49,568
Kline, Cassandra$42,479
Klopfenstein, Renee$24,715
Knapp-Andrews, Christiane$93,548
Knorring, Amy$103,020
Koelpin, Nina$121,304
Koenig, JoAnne$106,708
Koester, Scott$63,218
Kohlmann, Mark$126,122
Kolcz, Joan$115,069
Komarek, Mary$114,607
Kornak, Rosanne$78,207
Korntheuer, Daniel$85,993
Kosky, Michael$73,419
Kost, Deborah$56,059
Kotula, Heather$114,607
Kovarik, Amy$69,071
Kowal, Kimberly$90,942
Kozica, Donna$105,718
Kraft, Laurie$75,500
Kramer, Gail$64,351
Kramer, Sherlyn$52,124
Krause, Kathleen$42,358
Krauspe, Gordon$91,441
Krieg, Danielle$50,171
Krisch, Susan$54,661
Krischel, Amy$65,310
Kristensen, Carole$108,240
Kristensen, Todd$77,276
Kroehnke, Robert$102,436
Kroger, David$103,045
Kubilius, John$41,820
Kud, Sara$66,784
Kuntz, Christopher$117,451
Kuntz, Katie$64,659
Kuta, Renee$23,273
La Rowe, Barbara$117,368
Labelle, Marianne$41,370
LaFido, Amy$44,237
Laird, Eric$88,536
Lakstigala, Sharla$73,186
LaManna, Alison$69,101
Lambatos, James$73,561
Lamich, Kathleen$83,112
Lamoureux, Ann$80,682
Landek, Christine$61,574
Lang, Mary Beth$63,480
Langworthy, Kelly$73,419
Lappa, Mary Kaye$93,397
Larkin, Brian$71,715
Larkin, Raven$55,096
LaRocco, Sarah$62,089
Larson, Rowena$102,764
Lather, Jonah$51,109
Latimer, Maureen$80,576
Latta, Gloria$103,020
Lau, Raelyn$27,937
Lauffer, Kelly$30,229
Lawrence, Craig$80,547
Lawson, Deborah$75,550
Leckron, Chaz$58,298
Lederman, Leigh$49,430
Lee, Arthur$79,650
Lendy, Suzanne$57,320
Lesniak, Katherine$58,967
Liebenow, Catherine$37,412
Lilly, Scott$83,933
Lindsay, Sherri$90,942
Linhardt, Steven$98,604
Lipnisky, Krista$70,422
LoBue, Gail$62,071
Longenbaugh, Robert$85,275
Longo, Patricia$58,108
Loos, Nicole$59,356
Lopez, April$66,345
Lopez, Camilla$55,613
Lopushonsky, Jacqueline$78,482
Lotspeich, Hayley$93,423
Luckey, Gary$115,755
Lukowicz, Kelly$104,460
Lundquist, Philip$72,250
Lutz, Judith$119,093
Lyons, Elizabeth$57,320
Macabobby, Peter$68,386
MacDonald, Carmen$93,398
Mack, Rodney$134,203
MacKinnon, Nicole$65,434
MacLeod, Laura$35,151
Macy, Laurie$85,020
Madalinski, Deana$65,537
Maher, Julia$64,627
Maher, Lisa$52,003
Mahler, Alexis$44,050
Mahoney, Kelly$75,391
Maier, Mallory$41,370
Maiste, Carolyn$45,220
Maiste, Jaak$89,700
Maltese, Maria$35,092
Manigold, Rebecca$105,675
Manola, Lauren$58,267
Marconi, Tiffany$53,937
Markwell, Kelley$54,948
Marquez, Yolanda$84,487
Marren, Margaret$72,328
Marshall, Colleen$81,084
Martin, Jennifer$64,821
Martin, Susan$87,715
Martines, Cheryl$93,472
Martinez, Lorie$128,818
Martinka-Ryan, Susan$54,496
Marzullo, Matthew$128,270
Matson, Melissa$65,194
Matter, Diane$69,138
Mattison, Sandra$91,352
Maurer, Cathy$68,146
Maxstadt, Jean$82,919
May, Cynthia$67,255
Mayo, Stephen$127,945
Mazzone, Nicholas$58,815
Mc Cafferty, Mary$62,280
Mc Carthy, Kathryn$114,691
Mc Cartney, David$124,442
Mc Connaughey, Dee$79,959
Mc Evilly, Timothy$81,567
Mc Farland, Roberta$90,050
Mc Grath, Hilary$103,873
McAuslan, James$64,763
McCaleb, Jennifer$63,866
McCance, Denise$97,722
McCarthy, Marianne$52,669
McCarthy, Meredith$45,415
McCormick, Meredith$88,598
McDonald, Anne$67,315
McEwen, Mayanne$59,916
McIntyre, Elizabeth$35,420
McNamara, Megan$75,810
McPherson, Barbara$103,020
McQuaid, Daniel$89,332
Mcwilliams, Linda$33,840
Medendorp, Carol$122,897
Medwecky, Beatriz$93,398
Menza, Cynthia$93,958
Menzel, Pamela$109,646
Mercury, Lea$68,453
Meron, Amy$69,673
Messina, Donna$103,020
Meyer, Jennifer$86,261
Meyerholz, Sarah$45,220
Micheau, Timothy$73,511
Miedema, Kathryn$52,859
Mielke, Cynthia$88,955
Mielke, Gary$103,665
Mieure, Jan$107,605
Mikoda, Kelly$73,486
Miles, Colleen$85,273
Millard, Catharine$64,630
Miller, Elizabeth$44,540
Miller, Lynn$115,220
Minaghan, John$75,374
Minser, Maryanne$80,568
Mitchell, Richard$67,619
Mizanin, Kristen$52,555
Monaco, Lawrence$70,213
Monaghan, Jan$72,925
Monahan, Jo Ann$48,550
Moone, Jacklyn$54,376
Moore, Bridget$56,078
Moran, Deborah$117,944
Morehead, Elizabeth$109,081
Mores, Amy$82,494
Morez, Michelle$82,762
Morgan, Laura$63,561
Morton, Kristina$65,936
Moses, Sharri$55,813
Mowell, Michael$77,802
Mowell, Natalie$54,827
Muhitch, Ronald$145,018
Mulford, Marina$69,842
Mulholland, Jamelle$105,677
Mullin, Nancy$71,111
Muniz, Donna$72,852
Munson, Bruce$132,961
Munson, Julie$77,108
Murphy, Colin$46,363
Murphy, Ellen$61,686
Murray, Anne$37,781
Murray, Gayle$84,335
Murray, Keath$63,678
Murzyn, Denise$94,812
Musial, Victoria$62,089
Nazos, James$92,985
Neibch, Michelle$75,545
Nelson, Bonnie$70,618
Nelson, Jennifer$81,494
Ness, Christopher$76,914
Neuhaus, Alicia$38,025
Neuhaus, Michael$57,138
Newberry, Diana$55,284
Nicholson, Nancy$72,852
Nielsen, Daniel$109,498
Nielsen, Juliana$88,552
Noethe, Amee$60,348
Nooden, Amy$73,704
Noonan, Laura$55,563
Noonan, Linda$119,025
Norris, Jacqueline$85,571
Norris, Janine$57,320
Norris, Linda$98,509
Northrop, Christopher$112,820
Norton, Amy$87,471
Novak, Jeffrey$50,175
Novakowski, Jessica$31,307
Novakowski, Jr., Frank$79,058
Nowicki, Jillian$76,794
Noworyta, Jon$90,178
Nyenhuis, Elizabeth$65,224
O'Brien, Jennifer$51,385
O'Connell, Lorene$64,166
O'Connor, Patricia$82,999
O'Deay, Sean$56,751
O'Grady, Mary$87,365
O'Hara, Kathryn$39,069
O'Rourke, Ellen$103,140
O'Shea, Erin$57,930
Odom, Kathleen$98,534
Oleszek, Michael$110,953
Oliver, Robert$72,121
Olson, Camille$93,372
Olson, Sharon$90,877
Ordaz, Araceli$109,890
Oregon, Deidre$108,892
Orlow, Leslie$103,020
Ortega, Pablo$47,856
Ortinau, Lisa$65,487
Ortiz, Elizabeth$72,471
Ortiz, Erica$47,883
Owca, Sally$114,366
Oziemkowski, Julie$112,602
Pagel, Angela$93,372
Palombella, Megan$20,685
Panopoulos, Joanne$153,846
Parise, Taryn$55,973
Parisek, Bonnie$122,961
Parrilli, Lisa$58,341
Pasqualicchio, Elizabeth$31,598
Pasqualicchio, Suzanne$64,941
Passaglia, Sally$108,120
Patel-Coleman, Palak$79,700
Patterson, John$147,109
Paul, Kristin$78,354
Paulsen, Cynthia$122,912
Pawlak, Jeff$101,046
Pekkarinen, Amy$84,007
Pennisi, Angela$65,194
Pergande, Jason$55,464
Peterselli, Benjamin$68,586
Petmezas, Vickie$57,320
Petrilli, Krista$50,320
Phillips, Brian$109,233
Piccione, Ann$84,335
Picken, Wanda$91,696
Pierce, Stacie$103,045
Pierceall, Melissa$76,343
Pierropoulos, Stavroula$58,942
Pigoni, Angela$73,486
Pilkington, Jonathan$122,088
Pinnow, Aletha$57,063
Piro, Ronald$130,989
Poe, Jeanne$79,204
Poormon, Barbara$103,395
Potas, Sarita$61,901
Potter, Jeffrey$69,394
Prasse, Kate$72,200
Prather, Mary$67,307
Pribaz, Michael$83,447
Prince, Lauren$43,468
Prior, Lee$100,665
Prosek, Hayley$82,431
Provost, Carrie$118,395
Ptak, Megan$94,341
Puorto, Jamie$74,092
Quaid, Deborah$37,575
Quetua, Edilvergel$67,799
Rachford, Andrew$79,959
Rader, Eileen$88,782
Radford, Allan$103,725
Radford, Dawn$70,618
Rammer, Robert$159,341
Ramp, Jeryl$120,457
Raniere, Karen$71,771
Raso, Angela$81,225
Ratkovich, John$73,062
Rauen, Rebecca$66,758
rawski, Debra$66,476
Read, Helen$66,729
Realmuto, Kelly$61,118
Rebholz, Victoria$72,240
Recchia, Theresa$50,442
Reddick, Maureen$93,641
Rediehs, Johnna$79,650
Reeves, Rebecca$115,608
Reichenbach, Christine$37,310
Reicher, Nicholas$45,283
Reinert, Linda$104,510
Rexilius, Heidi$71,598
Rexilius, James$103,320
Rhinerson, Marla$25,111
Richard, Sarah$76,241
Rickelman, Lindsay$58,522
Rieth, Rebecca$77,857
Riley, Nicole$45,080
Rindt, Theresa$88,552
Ringas, Karen$70,302
Ripke, Lindsay$60,616
Riss, Gail$70,936
Ritrovato, Linda$62,280
Rizzi, Suzette$87,027
Rock, Susan$85,096
Rodriguez, Julie$34,392
Roe, Nathan$84,526
Rojek, Linda$122,961
Roman, Laura$52,201
Romberg, Kerry$57,320
Rood, Karen$91,496
Rood, Kari$63,225
Rose, Elizabeth$30,118
Rosengren, Maura$53,667
Rosenthal, Becky$90,942
Rovik, Allan$56,667
Rowley, Pamela$50,201
Rubino, Karla$56,474
Rudd, Philip$63,042
Ruggiero, Cynthia$103,220
Ruiz, Carolina$41,420
Rumrey, Kimberly$90,101
Runne, Joan$107,920
Ruscitti, Elisabeth$89,392
Rushing, Douglas$87,145
Ryan, Kate$72,927
Ryan, Kathleen$47,845
Ryan, Margaret$67,295
Ryan, Pamela$63,766
Ryan, Robin$72,237
Ryder, Deborah$117,109
Saad, Karen$73,390
Sable, Margaret$46,467
Sackett, Tracey$66,654
Sainsbury, Aaron$59,916
Salinas, Anabel$59,876
Samuel, Lesley$66,754
Santos, Zina$74,508
Sapone, Daphne$76,612
Saporito, Tonya$54,376
Sarmiento, Angelica$84,691
Scarpino, Christine$63,195
Schaffer, Michelle$106,319
Scheffler, Matthew$41,395
Scheib, Cynthia$74,963
Scheidt, John$79,600
Schiefen, Jamie$86,223
Schiewitz, Kristin$43,252
Schleyer, Katherine$77,945
Schlick, Mary$86,872
Schmaltz, Deborah$35,032
Schmalz, Lisa$71,950
Schmidt, Constance$96,299
Schmidt, Kitsa$121,421
Schmit, Heather$62,089
Schmitz, Elizabeth$68,584
Schneider, Joanne$91,705
Schoessling, Daniel$100,686
Schomig III, John$87,369
Schoon, Carol$98,795
Schreier, William$108,359
Schubert, Julie$53,165
Schwartz, Amy$50,171
Schwartzhoff, Mary$68,453
Schwass, Elissa$77,638
Scimeca, Victor$101,691
Scioli, Tammy$66,800
Scott, Laura$57,320
Secker, Anita$67,310
Seidel, Catherine$55,853
Selleck, James$95,711
Sender, Melissa$56,751
Seum, Patricia$88,925
Severance, Kelley$49,621
Shackleton, Anne$108,615
Shamsuddin, Leila$50,171
Sharritt, James$68,787
Sheldon, Nancy$98,845
Shibley, Vicki$108,935
Shields, Nicole$47,278
Shirley, Nancy$16,781
Shultz, Julie$76,182
Siciak, Sharon$48,943
Sierakowski, Kristine$60,457
Silagi, Christopher$122,088
Simcox, Judith$121,144
Simpson, Elizabeth$74,352
Sitze, Christine$117,944
Skelly-Sternes, Kristine$82,487
Skibbe, Donna$75,094
Sklenicka, Tracie$65,487
Slater-Lanza, Carolyn$60,909
Slates, Stephen$65,487
Smith McCallum, Carol$93,314
Smith, Melanie$103,020
Smith, Michele$87,102
Snyder, Sherry$96,178
Sobotka, Angela$53,069
Somerfield, Danyelle$43,438
Sommerville, Sharen$86,642
Spence, Janet$78,207
Spera, Annamarie$58,907
Spontak, Mark$70,936
Spychala, Wayne$115,618
Squillo, Michael$113,570
Stabrawa, Natalie$58,704
Stacy, Erika$84,539
Stafford, Tricia$42,181
Stajduhar, Eric$60,929
Stamatoukos, Paraskevi$42,380
Stankevitz, James$108,545
Stankus, Mark$72,990
Stanton, Diane$103,083
Stariha, Thomas$103,045
Starinieri, Pamela$88,950
Steck, Lisa$58,887
Steed, Amy$79,959
Stellwagen, Matthew$101,074
Stevenson, Mary$87,257
Stewart, Emily$59,916
Stipp, Jason$154,506
Stoffels, Kristine$90,210
Stoll, Debra$124,765
Stollard, Lisa$93,592
Stone, Lynda$101,561
Stoneberg, Rachel$41,370
Stras, Thomas$65,487
Strayve, Kenneth$103,583
Stricker, Lindsey$68,453
Strickland, Lauren$69,986
Sulek, Thomas$81,613
Sullivan, Beth$148,266
Sullivan, Beth$74,189
Sullivan, Susan$54,496
Sulzman-Gorrity, Laura$67,891
Sunday, Mary$78,262
Sutton, Matt$60,130
Swanson, Kimberly$64,076
Swanson, Nancy$93,398
Sychowski, Laura$82,617
Sylwestrak, Alison$45,610
Symonds, Jamie$61,534
Szafran, Denise$86,642
Szorc, Robert$58,220
Szymanski, Daniel$83,893
Taddeucci, Suzanne$103,020
Tang, Arthur$82,700
Tanglis, Elizabeth$46,666
Tauber, Mona$34,387
Tavine, Jennifer$99,890
Tavine, Terry$56,976
Terada, Rachelle$67,280
Tertell, Linda$106,900
Theisen, Susan$88,703
Theodore, Kimberly$50,546
Thiele, Linda$70,643
Thill, Catherine$57,320
Thomas, Deborah$94,492
Thomas, Scott$104,520
Thompson, Rachel$50,286
Thompson, Shelley$110,428
Thornburg, Dianne$140,308
Thorse, Sheila$114,607
Thurm, Alison$66,395
Thurston, Brooke$75,500
Tibbitt, Margaret$122,951
Tillman, Margaret$109,020
Todd, Thomas$99,072
Tomek, Lisa$76,494
Toner, Ramona$89,027
Torres, Nicole$72,852
Towers, Susan$117,948
Tragasz, Noelle$56,563
Trepanier, Leila$87,002
Trujillo, Nelly Beatriz$103,223
Tsikouris, Vickki$63,072
Tsios, Natalia$79,788
Tucker, Sheryl$63,766
Tudor, Terrie$93,848
Turchioe, Cynthia$68,186
Turner, Jo$96,190
Turner, Katie$57,396
Turyna, Brian$126,122
Urbanski, Renee$38,989
Uthe, Denise$58,025
Valenti, Erica$79,725
Van Getson, Debra$71,042
Van Hout, Candice$57,320
Vandenbrook, Jill$97,812
Vandermeulen, Judith$114,825
VanDuerm, Mariapia$78,561
Vasko, Suzanne$31,750
Vasquez, Jacqueline$74,236
Venckus, James$111,650
Verdon, Sandra$65,407
Vernetti, Deborah$72,852
Vivian, James$79,305
Volkening, Sarah$62,089
Volle, Lisa$18,368
Voss, Lois$51,674
Voss, Thad$76,839
Waber, Rose$82,487
Wagner, Carol$41,406
Wagner, Kristin$54,376
Wagner, Lisa$73,777
Waldron, Liana$72,852
Walker, Christine$22,623
Walker, Dennis$130,588
Wall, Danielle$47,526
Warchol, Deanna$67,255
Ward, Valerie$54,496
Wardynski, Joel$98,707
Warnke, Susan$0
Warwick, James$89,080
Waters, Susan$103,725
Webb, Brian$57,063
Weber, Cynthia$58,258
Webster, Rae Ellen$49,430
Wecker, Jennifer$91,004
Weeks, Sharon$70,936
Wegscheid, Joanne$105,238
Weisheit, Krystn$76,260
Wellick, Karen$62,921
Welninski, Arlene$82,670
Wentland, Thomas$49,430
Westergaard, Elizabeth$59,442
Whelton, Julianne$73,884
White, Beth$96,564
Whitkanack, Kathleen$105,551
Whittaker, Susan$83,957
Wielgolewski, Donna$99,208
Wierschem, Holly$72,877
Wiesman, Jeffrey$90,942
Wiewiora, Brian$80,310
Wilhelm, Molly$51,568
Wilkening, Lisa$103,020
Wilkie, Judith$107,460
Willems, Debra$66,954
Williams III, Charles$89,719
Williams, Barbara$52,518
Williams, Janis$128,740
Williams, Jennifer$76,461
Williams, Jill$39,069
Williams, Kathryn$72,265
Williams, Kevin$126,760
Williams, Sarah$58,245
Williams, Shana$80,091
Williston, Cassi$72,525
Willuweit, Michael$79,411
Wilson, Gillian$76,839
Winkelmann, Kathleen$37,075
Wisdom, Linda$103,020
Witnik, Mary$67,779
Wittersheim, Kimberly$86,244
Wojdyla, Laura$94,523
Wojdyla, Michael$105,873
Wolf, Heather$28,660
Wolf, Kathryn$103,020
Wolf, Valerie$57,103
Wolfe, Jennifer$75,835
Wolze, Dana$51,526
Woodford, Christine$93,398
Worcester, Shannon$70,465
Wostratzky, Pamela$58,892
Yanda, Ann$22,996
York, Alisa$108,947
Young, Erin$32,744
Youngblood, Kelly$66,012
Zabel, Amy$94,765
Zace, Nicole$55,853
Zalud, Adrienne$108,302
Zamsky, Kimberly$46,840
Zeglin, Brian$63,338
Zimmer, Douglas$103,045
Zolnier, Melanie$86,215
Zuckerman, Jane$69,954

Those are the latest available names and salaries of the teachers and administrators of the Wheaton public schools, Wheaton CUSD 200. The list will be updated as more current information is released.


  1. Agreed. I remember when such behavior would result in detention and the dreaded phone call to the parents. Now even minors fall victim to the police state. She probably has stock in the prison system.

    1. And you have to wonder why she took all those child behavior etc. courses to get her Masters in education if all she really ends up being is a rent-a-cop who calls in the real cops at the slightest disturbance. Wheaton taxpayers could get that for a lot cheaper, like $15hr.

      I suspect the FB postings were making fun of Mrs. Bednar - and that she's a hyper-sensitive egomaniac who can't handle it -- or her highly paid job, for that matter.

    2. I was a student at the school at the time an I can tell you everything.


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