Sunday, December 3, 2017

Jan Schakowsky, Heather Steans, State Rep. Lou Lang: Utter Hypocrites on Womens' Rights

Leftist Democrat Jan Schakowsky corralled her fellow ultra-liberal Democrat pols, State Rep. Lou Lang of Skokie and  State Sen. Heather Steans of the North side to sign on to speak at a late October Womens' Rights Conference at Niles West High School in Skokie.

The event, co-sponsored by a variety of left-oriented feminist groups (including "Illinois NOW" and "The League of Women Voters" as well as the usual left-wing hanger-on, "The Sierra Club") was unhappily scheduled before their dear colleague, State Senator, Ira Silverstein was forced to step down from his IL State Senate leadership post, after accusations that he sexually harassed a womens' rights lobbyist.

And it occurred before Congresswoman Schakowsky's dear liberal Democrat colleague, Congressman John Conyers was forced to step down from his House Judiciary Committee Chairmanship, in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual harassment of at least 4 of his female Congressional staffers.

And the Niles West Democrat feminist conclave occured before the ever-growing number of women's sexual harassment allegations surfaced regarding the creepy activities of Democrat Senate icon, Al Franken and the very, very creepy numerous sexual abuse (including rape) allegations against multi-million dollar Democrat money-man, Harvey Weinstein.

In fact, ardent pro-feminist, State Rep. Lou Lang is such good pals with his dear, flirty friend, Ira Silverstein, that Lang links with him, a fellow Democrat legislator and fellow Democrat Committeeman, on his website.

Lang tries to encourage readers to go to his fellow Democrat Committeeman, Sen. Ira Silverstein's Town Hall meetings so that they can partake of his words of wisdom (but don't let your wives and daughters get too close to him - or, God forbid, take a photo with him - he just might try to pull a Senator Al Franken grab-ass on them.)

See This:

Schakowsky and Lou Lang's flirty friend, Ira Silverstein
 - The Chicago Tribune wants him expelled from the St. Senate

So we hope the gullible attendees at the Schakowsky, Lang, Steans and NOW event at Niles West  High School, found these left-wing, purported analyses of the travails of women, to be enlightening.

Now it would be more enlightening to invite them back to explain their long-term political support and alliances with these egregious left-wing Democrat sexual predators.

Otherwise, one might be inclined to think Schakowsky, Lang, Steans and NOW to be rather deplorable leftist Democrat hypocrites.

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