Monday, December 17, 2018

When the Chicago Democrats tried to Make Chicago a "Ronald Reagan Free Zone"

Well, with Barack Obama's former Chief-of-Staff, the smarmy - and soon to be deposed - Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel,  now declaring Chicago a "Trump Free Zone," isn't it time we took a look back at when the earlier Democrat party machine thugs declared Chicago a "Reagan Free Zone, " and had their Democrat party thugs try to run President Reagan out of Chicago?
President Ronald Reagan in Chicago

Just as Emanuel & Co. are trying to do so today to President Trump?

Yea, that really happened. and it was chronicled in  Jim Kuhn's excellent 2004 book, Ronald Reagan in Private, (Published by Penguin Group, New York, 2004.)
On  page 62, Kuhn reported, " A big battleground state for Reagan and Carter was Illinois, and I realized how big big-city politics was, when we reached Chicago in October.

"We planned a walking tour for Reagan in a Lithuanian community called Marquette Park. It was the perfect setting for Reagan to walk along a large, busy block on a closed street in the community and work a big crowd.

"Along that street were family shops, clothing stores, hardware stores, butcher stores -- and we determined that a store in the middle of the street, would work well as a backdrop store - from which Reagan could  address the crowd. He would also visit some of the other stores.

"But as the date for Reagan's stop came closer, some store owners became uneasy,.

"The owner of the shop, where he had suggested to set up his podium, in front of his shop, suggested that, maybe Reagan shouldn't speak in front of his store.
President Ronald Reagan at Wrigley Field

"We were puzzled. Clearly there was a significant problem here. We finally figured out what was going on. The legendary Chicago Democrat Machine, had picked up, full-steam. Ward bosses warned store owners that if they seemed too friendly toward Reagan, there would be "problems, in the future."

"They were warned that the next time it snowed, they would find more snow in front of their businesses, instead of seeing the existing snow removed. And they were told, if they were favorable to Reagan, trash removal, in the future, might be a problem for them."

Well, according to Kuhn's book, future President, Ronald Reagan came out to that street, anyway, and spoke - in a way that would not implicate any of the shop owners who were threatened by the Democrat Party Machine mobsters.

And future President, Ronald Reagan, carried that area heavily.

And the leftist- Rahm Emanuel mob thinks, today, that it can still today intimidate Trump voters in Chicago.

Good luck, with that one!

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